Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jason Thompson on Stardish Radio

You can listen to the archived broadcast yourself, follow this link, and it starts at minute 35:00

Soapdish recap:

JT says he has always been around kids. It's fun to enjoy the babies in the scene and just forget you are filming. 26 day old babies. they have trusting parents.

Fan thanks him for NS. Canadian fan. Asking about NS3.

JT asking from where in canada lol. JT doesn't know. 

He talked to frons. he said it went well but no network is promising anything. him and Kim are down for it. They really enjoyed it. He hasn't heard any grumblings either way. JT says that he wished more watched since NS 1 did better, but he knows they enjoyed NS2 more and he says it was well received by fans. But if they do go out, he is glad they enjoyed it.

Interviewer asks about ratings for NS.

JT says he knows they hated the first NS. but he says that in hindsight if it got them to where they are now, it's great. suggests going back to watch. It's something they needed to do to get where they are. But liked NS2 better.

HE really does enjoy working with Kim and everyone on the show. Comment about talking with jill recently about scrubs and how he was telling her that he was happy with scrubs and how the progressed and how they have been together for 3 years on a soap and things are good. They are in a good place!!

Caller has question about Matt and Pat and more scenes

Jason Cook's been great to work with. The story with Robin and the baby is front and center but there will be Matt stuff coming up along with the hospital stuff. JT says that there is alot to explore there.

Phone call with Noah for the wedding but he is not there.

Robin's parent's there. But he has Matt.

Caller asks for Matt and emma bonding

JT says yeah. he is a big part of the wedding so there will be some scenes.

He also said that next week they are starting to film into January.


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