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12/14 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • SOD interviews Jason Thompson about showing the imperfect and vulnerable sides of Patrick Drake
  • Patrick Drake is "nice" in Soapnet's Naughty or Nice list

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 12/15 - W, F
Wednesday, December 17 - Patrick and Robin prepare for their first Christmas with Emma.
Friday, December 19 - Robin is thrilled that both Anna and Robert will be at her wedding. Patrick asks Matt to be his best man.
week of 12/22 - M, T, W
Monday, December 22 - Robert turns down Robin's request to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, saying that Mac is the one who really deserves the honor. After a talk with Mac, however, Robert has a change of heart and agrees to do as Robin asks. Anna is moved when Robin asks her to serve as her Matron of Honor. Robin, Patrick, Emma, Robert, Anna and Mac all happily gather for Christmas dinner.
Tuesday, December 23 - Robin's greatest wish is realized when she's the one who's able to calm Emma.
Wednesday, December 24 - Maxie can't shake her fear that something is going to go wrong on Robin and Patrick's wedding day. Robert and Anna are overwhelmed by the fact that their little girl is getting married. The guests assemble at the church for Robin and Patrick's wedding ceremony.

Per Karen Harris - correction to 12/12 post: I'm on my way to the GH Holiday party, but I got a google alert from your site -- something about a New Years Eve show with love scenes for P & R. I did write New Years, but unless they added something later, Patrick and Robin were not in that show -- I believe they were unavailable (and had just come off of shooting their big wedding stuff). It's still very romantic ;) but no Scrubs.
ABC Hotsheet - for the week of 12/15/08: Robert and Anna return! Good news! Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane are back to see their little girl off to get married. Robert announces he's in remission from his cancer, and meets his granddaughter for the first time.
Soap Opera Source: Robin is thrilled to hear her mother and father will be in attendance at her wedding. Patrick asks Matt to stand up for him. Week of 12/22 When Robert returns home, he and Luke take a walk down memory lane. At the hospital Christmas party, Robin's Christmas wish comes true. Robin and Patrick's wedding day has arrived
CGS: 12/26 Episode: "Maxie's Fears"
Maxie can't shake her fear that something will go wrong on Patrick and Robin's wedding day;

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source and source):
So, was the drop about the traditional wedding and reception etc, about Scrubs legit that we know of?
And I want Liz at Robin's wedding so I hope she is there.

I dropped it and it's legit and Liz is not at the wedding. Sorry.
Can you say who is there? Is it just famliy?
Pretty much. Off hand I don't know of anyone else besides the family and Sonny. Actually Robin and Sonny share a warm moment.

Do you know if the drop about Patrick going to visit Liz to get her to come out of the house is true? Thanks
It's not at all true.

Do you know if Scrubs are on at all the first week of Jan?
Yes they are. The newlyweds make their first appearance back at work.

Ok...Scrubs aren't getting a wedding night or love scene or onscreen honeymoon...are they getting a new house at least?
Yes, they get a house.

QTC can you share anything good on the Scrubs wedding?
I'm a sucker for Sonny/Robin interaction, I'm looking forward to that. Also, curious to see how Patrick/Sonny scene plays out, I think it could be nice.

Not Karmic, but if you have info, please share for the rest of us scrubbies?
My source told me no love scene. Sorry.
Do you have any news on the wedding you can share?
All my source said was very sweet vows.
When you have anymore info on that (hospital crisis), can you drop?
I was told that everyone is involved and that what Guza was talking about with how it plays out is real time but more like '24' style than the MC which went backwards.

Got anything on the Quartermaines, Matt, Jax, Kate, Nik, Nadine, Maxie, Scrubs or Alexis?
~ Scrubbie
Matt and Patrick swap past Christmas stories.

Matt spends Christmas with his new brother.
Scorpios reunite

Recent information posted relative to the chain of command is accurate. However, Iger has been known to reach down the chain to address concerns, particularly something that is broadcast. Several examples include issues on The View and General Hospital in recent years.
Thanks F.A.F. -- would one be the HIV exposure issue around Scrubs baby conception?
FAF: I hope Iger was reaching down to smack GH for the lack of informed consent with HIV considering three million people received the wrong HIV information.
However, follow through is not necessarily the strongest within the organization. The assumption is it was addressed publicly.
Have a good Friday!

From GGCB:
Any word yet on what cast cuts are going to be made?
Or will they wait until after Christmas to drop the axe?

As of right now they have the budget worked out so they don't have to cut anyone.
I believe there's a couple of actors who are leaving voluntarily soon.
That will help.
And they've made some cuts in a few other areas in order to save jobs.
*pats sofa* Got any names? Any hints?
No, can't do that.
And, I guess I should add that this is the 'official word' on the subject of job cuts.
A week before the Christmas massacre of 2003, two of the four actors that were fired had actually been assured of bigger, better storylines in 2004.
So, keep that in mind, but right now, officially, everyone has been told they can breathe a little easier.
so, there's nothing to be reassured of there.
Hard to say.
Official word went down that they believe they have budget worked out.
No cast cuts will be necessary.
Don't worry.
So I think the cast, some of the less important members of the cast at any case, are feeling a wee bit better about the whole thing.
BUT, I'm just pointing out what happened in 2003 because of this nasty little habit I have for trying to tell the whole story.
You said that Scrubs should be getting a present. Is that still so?
Did I say Scrubs are getting a present or Scrubs fans are getting a present.
Because I actually meant Scrubs fans are getting a present, although, I guess it works with Scrubs as well.
I thought you said Jason and Kimberly would be getting a present.
OK that works too.
I guess its fair to say that J/K; Scrubs and fans are getting a present.
I just thought I said the fans were getting a present.
But I guess I just forgot what I said.
I've been known to do that.
Either way, its all cool.
Does anyone remember what Guza said about WHEN the hospital crisis will start?
Don't know what Guza said but, based on the outlines, that should be the pre-dominant story through most of January.
Is NLG leaving?

OK, let me just answer this question right now.
I believe the question is
The answer is
20 nos and 2 yeses.
Does that help?
I said in one of my first posts of the evening that I was not going to give any information about who is leaving.
I can't.
So I'm just making jokes about the questions now.
I'm not going to give any answers, or really even any clues, in regards to this.
GGCB I just got here so if you answered this already I am sorry, can you tell me if Scrubs are still golden/platnum?
Oh, yeah.
When I first started posting on this board, I used to drop little things here and thre just to see what kind of response I would get.
I never got anything that indicated to me that anyone had any real backstage knowledge.
I think there are quite a few people who have advanced access to breakdowns and unfortunately that can't be controlled.
But backstage stuff, access to outlines, etc.
I haven't seen any evidence to indicate that exists here.
Well, don't let yourself be played with.
Here it is.
If you work in Frons' office, you do see the outlines.
You also see the UnR's.
You never see the breakdowns.
You never see the scripts.
If some backstage shenanigans take place that are serious enough to make it to the main office you'll hear about that, but you really don't know like who gets along with who, or who is friends with who, or anything like that.
If you work onset, you know what is taped today and what will be taped tomorrow.
You probably know more backstage gossip.
You very likely don't have any long-term information.
If you work in make-up, wardrobe, something like that, you know what the actors tell you, and you know what's playing on your monitor.
Occasionally, you might get a heads-up about upcoming storyline requiring special clothing.
But mostly you know gossip. Very little storyline.
And if you work for the writers, unless you are a writer, you know how to use the copy machine, sharpen pencils, load ink into the printers, and use the fax.

From an extra who was at the taping of the wedding, via the M&M board:
The wedding guests include Patrick, Matt, Edward, Epiphany, Spinelli, Luke, Robin, Mac, Maxi, kelly, Lainey, Robert, Anna, Father Coates
Yes, Matt is the best man. The wedding is like a christmas wedding. it's very beautiful. They both gave their speech at the wedding and Robin's speech was very sweet and funny. Something like how they met and she didn't really like him at the beginning blah blah. They both cried. Then there's the party, everyone danced, then we cut a huge beautiful wedding cake and at the very end all of us threw some seeds of some sort at them as they ran towards the elevator to leave the party.

insider what does patrick do that gets him in over his head? TIA
He does a favor for Sonny and gets caught in a lie by Robin.
also a clarification was made to the patrick one, they said he doesn't lie to robin but to pip. This spoiler seemed to change midway through the drop and wasn't clear.

Alexis Davis: Patient is comatose .. but not dead. Frustration is clearly being felt and either they make a move or she will. She loves her job but let's just say she gets word of some future job security, they either put up or shut up. Fronsie has put some people on notice. Guza wants to mend some fences. I don't know of any major pending storylines. But if they continue on this route expect something.

I won't beat around the bush, someone making it clear that they are leaving no matter what added on to the fact that a planned storyline was tossed aside has led to a pairing getting the shaft. And again I'll state patient is comatose, not dead. Some are having mixed feelings about the decision made about how they are leaving this pairing. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw some back and forth going on here. Truth be told from what I hear some tug of war game playing has been going on.
Expect Sam, Nikolas, LuLu, Johnny, Claudia, Sonny, Olivia, Kate, Carly, Nadine , and Jason to be the main characters for a bit.
Secondly would be Lucky, Robin, Patrick, Matt, Ric, Maxie, Spinelli, and Liz

Luke and Robert re-live old times, much to the ammusement of their children.

insider those characters will have a big role during the hospital crisis?
or it will be Jasam saving the day?

I've been told heavy emphasis on hospital staff. I haven't heard of Jasam saving the day.
Anything on SCRUBS. TIA.
I can't bet information on Scrubs. Last I heard was the baby blues storyline but that was very vague.
the hospital crisis is another virus or the mob is involved?
The timelines I have just don't seem right to me so I won't throw out what I've been told. I don't want to give anyone the wrong direction.
Are they really gonna do something with a time adjustment like in 24 or will it be more like Desperate Housewives? TIA!

If they are then the timelines I have are very off and I'm glad I didn't drop anything. Neither would fit in with the information I have
When is the hospital crisis supposed to start? What kicks it off?
I've heard two scenarios, neither of which ring true for mem because the timelines don't seem right. I think TPTB are trying to keep it under wraps. So I won't say what either are.

Wednesday December 17: Patrick and Robin plan their first family Christmas together.


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