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12/22 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • 3 GH Christmas past episodes (1996, 1998, 2004) will be playing on Soapnet on Christmas from 8-11pm
  • Night Shift 2's Executive producer Lisa de Cazotte is rumored to be going to AMC as executive producer or second in command.
  • Kimberly McCullough and other ABC daytime stars say what is on their wishlist

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 12/22 - M, T, W  (spoiler pics)
Monday, December 22 - Robert turns down Robin's request to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, saying that Mac is the one who really deserves the honor. After a talk with Mac, however, Robert has a change of heart and agrees to do as Robin asks. Anna is moved when Robin asks her to serve as her Matron of Honor. Robin, Patrick, Emma, Robert, Anna and Mac all happily gather for Christmas dinner.
Tuesday, December 23 - Robin's greatest wish is realized when she's the one who's able to calm Emma.
Wednesday, December 24 - Maxie can't shake her fear that something is going to go wrong on Robin and Patrick's wedding day. Robert and Anna are overwhelmed by the fact that their little girl is getting married. The guests assemble at the church for Robin and Patrick's wedding ceremony.

Soapzone spoilers:
Baby Emma bawls, but this time, Robin manages to calm her down, which eases that post-partum depression a lot.
Robert Scorpio declines Robin’s invitation to be by her side when she goes down the aisle to marry Patrick. Robert believes that honor should go to Mac, who has never let her down.
Mac takes Robert aside and gives him permission to be by Robin’s side, as he’s her rightful dad, right or wrong.
Robert takes back the privilege of being by Robin’s side when she gets married to Patrick, much to her happiness.
Robin has her mom, Anna, to accompany her as the matron of honor.
Patrick and Robin, with Emma, Anna, Mac and Robert, enjoy a Christmas meal together.
Robert and Luke take a moment to go over the glory days of their swashbuckling youth.
By the time Robin and Patrick are set to pledge their troth, Robert and Anna are reeling at how fast their child has grown.
Week of December 22nd
12/22 Robert, Anna and Mac share a very merry Christmas dinner with Robin, Patrick and baby.
12/23 A mother-daughter bonding moment occurs when Robin successfully soothes Emma.
12/24 Repeat
12/25 No GH
12/26 Its a Wedding! Maxie is downright paranoid about Robin's wedding
Robert and Anna share wistful moments as the father and mother
of the bride in anticipation of Robin's wedding day.
Get ready for a hospital crisis early in the new year.
New promo recap (credit Scrubs board)
Robert/Robin: I'm the luckiest dad in the world
Matt/Patrick: You're getting married
Patrick/Sonny: I promise to do everything in my power to make sure she gets everything she deserves
Patrick/Emma: In Robin's apt saying I'm going to marry your mom
Shots of Maxie, Mac, Robert, Anna
Robert and Robin walking down the aisle
Robin saying she will love Patrick as along as she lives
Patrick saying to Robin: She is everything he never knew he wanted (something close to it)
Voiceover was something like:
You're invite to the biggest event of the year..the wedding everyone has been waiting for...and this time its for real.
GH 2009 promo

credit to soapoperasource

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
Scrub fans are getting played. There is no third party being written in to their story for the near future. Patrick and Robin will deal with Robin's PPD the same way that they normally deal with their issues and that is together.

Patrick and Robin are both heavily involved in a hospital crisis which will last most of January.
Wait I thought Robin's PPD was the first half of January with the Hospital crisis where Jasam saves the day is the second half.
Hospital crisis lasts most of the month I believe. RObin's PPD will play out through a few segments in about three episodes after the New Year. The hospital crisis is the major storyline of January.

Can you give us anything on Scrubs?
Right now they have the highest ranking in focus groups as of early this year. In fact, they were the only couple tested that did well, which is why a lot of the current couples are being re-paired. Until they clean up the rest of the mess on this show Scrubs will not get trashed. The stuff will the parenting issues is considered minor "angst." If they can get TR to sign on to it Scrubs, Anna and Robert may get a storyline adventure in the new year.
Ok, have to run.
~Aces and Queens

Rebecca is a new doctor at GH but you wont know it right away because she doesnt behave like one, i mean she is dressed and act like a mysterious tough chick and she meets people, until the next day you'll see her at GH when she arrives to work. Monica, Patrick, Robin, Elizabeth will all be in shock. The story is: why is this new doctor looks so much like Emily Quatermaine?

Robin has PPD and its not as over as some think it is.
Patrick has his hands full with Emma and Robin.
Patrick is very taken with another woman who is currently on screen and
Long term wise it plays out that he will sleep with another woman while married to Robin.
Who that is yet i truly dont know.
Do you know who Patrick's crush is and is it the person he sleeps with?
Several woman have been tossed around but no one has been decided on yet.
The Hospital crisis is Mercenarys take over the Hospital. Its being orchestrated by Jerry but he is not actually at the Hospital.
Jason saves Elizabeth. Sam saves Lucky. Nik and Rebecca help each other. Jax and Carly are together during it. Sonny makes the decision to save Claudia and that leaves Kate on her own. Patrick and Robin help each other. Alexis is at the hospital but for some reason is not as tormented as the rest of the hostages. This causes Jax and Alexis to wonder if Jerry is the mastermind.
Thats all I know.

^^ None of this is happening at the hospital. None of it. Most of these "spoilers" are fanfic.

NS3 is a go so anyone saying Patrick is going to cheat or that Scrubs are going to be impacted by a third party are off about their info.

Rebecca will be a ''weird'' doctor in the sense she has her own ''techniques'' that Patrick, Robin and others wont like .

Rebecca is going to be with another man first either Matt or Patrick

Patrick and Robin notice weird things happening at the hospital on their first day back to work as husband and wife.
A new doctor arrives at GH.

What do you Scrubs fans think about third party angst in the form of an HIV+ guy for Robin?
*ducks under the desk*

THAT won't be happening. GTG

A large number of people will die in a very short time due to a lack of real medication. Patrick has a patient who will die on the table because his real anaesthesia runs out. Yikes! And if that were not enough, someone forgot to pay the electric bill and the back up generators begin to fail. Oh My!

The new year will focus upon revisiting of GH history with the return of NL; teases for recent couples, old and new; medical crisis; drug storyline; and return of veterans, temporarily.
Santa's Elf
Thanks!! Are some of the vets FH and TR?
Yes. Details are still pending as to whether another round of NightShift or General Hospital or a combo.
Santa's Elf
Any hint as to what is the medical crisis we are going to see? Will it be mob/Jerry related? Thanks!
The hospital will have multiple crisises. The drug storyline will be revisited to some degree.
Santa's Elf
How long does Robin's PPD last? How bad is it?TIA
The PPD storyline will extend beyond the wedding. Originally, the storyline was slated for the period between the two weddings.
You will have to judge for yourself.
Santa's Elf
Is Patrick going to support Robin in her PPD or do we have to deal with a third party so soon after the marriage?
Patrick is going to have his hands full. Think NightShift 2.
Santa's Elf
Matt will be explored more as Patrick's brother. He will also be tested with other characters including Maxie. The response to Maxie and Matt from Robin's dream was positive.
Santa's Elf
Matt will also be involved in the hospital crisis. Brothers and rivals to some degree between Patrick and Matt will be highlighted for the two characters.
Santa's Elf
If you prefer the word competitive as opposed to rivals as regards Patrick and Matt, it would be accurate.
Santa's Elf

What do you have when you have PIP? (and I don't mean Epiphany)
Think about it.
That's the new game plan from Guza.

The hospital crisis will carry over into February. Ric, Nadine, Lulu, Spinelli, Monica, are some of the patients. And there will be casualities. Nadine and Monica are critical patients. Robin will be treating Ric with an experimental trial drug, that takes a turn for the worst.
The medical cases will be different for the different patients because the drugs coming into the hospital are still being tampered with.

cu ~
I had no idea they (AMC) were close to cancellation.

Remember when I kept saying that Frons' attention was on AMC over the other shows, especially GH? That was why
What is going on at GH to ensure that 2009 does not bleed more revenue for ABCD?
There have been meetings but I'm not aware of any crisis or emergency meetings to address it. The business plan going forward is going to have to (or does) have contingencies in place to respond to any sudden changes in advertising or revenue streams. There are many companies that are being more selective with their advertising dollars than they were in the past. The pool of money available may not be smaller but it will be harder to tap in to.

QTC, do you still think Kimberly and Jason are doing NS3 and it's a go? Thanks so much
I was told NS3 was a go.


Anonymous,  December 22, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

So are you saying after all Robin and Patrick are going thru and finally are getting married....their wedding will just be a joke and he will be cheating on her and the baby...and all the things they are saying to each other is just bologna? when is someone going to have the guts to get rid of that stupid guza...I am so tired of his "teasing quotes" in the soap magazines....

Anonymous,  December 23, 2008 at 6:18 PM  

iknow right? that its so stupid to have them get married and then have patrick cheat on robin later on.

Anonymous,  December 23, 2008 at 9:34 PM  

please don't ruin the scrubs happiness by having patrick sleep with another woman. patrick and robin are THE BEST COUPLE ON GH!!! don't ruin their happiness and the fans!

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