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12/4 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Tristan Rogers suggests that daytime has lost its way in telling "compelling stories with interesting characters" and now's the time to go back to the basics in order to innovate the genre
  • is auctioning off Tristan's Stand Up 2 Cancer tshirt worn at the telethon, and it is signed by Tristan.  Proceeds benefit Project Cuddle
  • SOD explains why Robin and Patrick deserved 2008's Best Couple award (ljc99 at SZ)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 12/01 - W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
December 3 - An exhausted Robin has her hands full trying to calm Emma. Although exhausted himself, Patrick still pulls off a brilliant surgery but Epiphany sends him home when it becomes clear he needs sleep. Emma immediately stops crying when Patrick returns, much to Robin's frustration.
December 4 - Patrick and Matt take excellent care of Emma while Robin tries to return to work at the hospital. Kelly diagnoses Robin as having Post Partum Depression.
December 5- Patrick tries to comfort Elizabeth, who blames herself for everything that's happened.

Robin goes to work and ends up diagnosed with Postpartum Depression.
SOW(credit SZ):
Revolving Door
KMc and JT confirmed at SSW that Finola Hughes and Tristran Rogers will be back for Scrubs Christmast wedding. TR reiterated the news with a post on his website describing the scenes he's taped as "upbeat and intimate."

The SoapBox
Mala Bhattacharjee does this column and in this week's she reams soaps for actively trying to display the most questionable taste. First up, GH for their recreation of Maxie on the steps that Georgie died on. Who does that!?
She says the best part of November sweeps for her have been the family moments like Kay/Marges funeral on Y&R, Cole and Marty seeing each other for the first time since her death and Scrubs bonding with Emma.
That's the good stuff. Plain and simple soap.

Scorpio returns to GH article scan

Sneak Peeks:
Robin feels like an utter failure as a mother.
Next Week:Robin and Patrick make Christmas plans.

Sasha Slashes Olivia!
Olivia is eavesdropping on Sasha and Sasha stabs her in the gut.

LLC says that Olivia takes it like a man, IOW, pretty well. She's says it's more of a slash based on the fight that takes place.

Olivia is on the docks (LLC notes where all bad things happen) when she comes upon Sasha reporting to her mysterious boss. She overhears something about a kidnapping of a baby. She tries to just back out slowly without being noticed but Sasha sees her and they get into a bit of a scuffle. LLC says it's not a big brutal, fight. Patrick luckily shows up before anything too traumatic can happen.

Olivia wants to keep what happened, quiet, because she doesn't want to worry Dante further with more cries of being trapped in a fire or being stabbed by the Russian mafia. Olivia knows it's Russian mob business going on and you could certainly argues that it's along the lines of being Sonny's fault.

Which is why she insists that Patrick take her to Sonny's, rather than the hospital. Because she knows Sonny's place is a good place to keep things quiet and he won't go to the police. There's a history there and she knows Sonny cares whether she lives or dies.

Sonny is surprised to see her and Claudia is not very thrilled to have her there. Claudia doesn't know why Sonny gives a crap about Olivia. She wants to send her on her way, pretty quickly.

Olivia has no interest in staying longer than she has to. She tells them she's not there to be a bother to either of them, she just needed a place to be for a second so Patrick can make sure she's not dying and then she'll go.

Sonny, however, has no intention of letting her leave. In face, he has every intention of calling her son, Dante!

Er, make that their son...

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source and source):
Robin and Patrick share nice family moments with Emma, Msxie, Matt and Mac.

*The week of Dec 15th is all about:
Scrub scenes leading up to the wedding the following week mixed with more Robin depression.

The continuation of NB's appearances on the program relate to several items:-
1. Character featured on NS1;
2. Contract for actress; and
3. Compensation for Guza if character is maintained on the program or successful. $
It is well known that the actress is not well received by a portion of the audience.
Just a messenger (and because you asked),
I just noted it says Guza gets paid if the character is maintained on the program OR successful, not AND successful. so Guza is getting paid just for carrying her on the payroll.
The rational behind dropping the vets to recurring and keeping the newbies (despite quality) makes more sense now.
If the character was created under a HW, the contract for the HW often contains "compensation" for the creation of new characters.

HFA, you are a better teacher than I.
Incentives and additonal compensation are routinely in the contracts of HWs. DH, formerly with OLTL, received significant bonuses for characters created during her tenure.
Anything on Guza? Is he being monitored are the considering getting rid of him?
What is the feedback from this past sweeps?
A series of meetings is ongoing relative to the decline in ratings and revenues.

I have completely lost faith in NS3 because I think Guza will be writing it.
That is unlikely. Sri Rao still remains at the top of the list if the show is renewed.
Really? Because he said in an interview that he hasn't been asked at all.
I fear Guza's hands all over NS.

And at that point he hadn't - I'm not sure that he has now. But any talk I heard about NS3 involved his name and not Guza's. That being said, I haven't heard much of NS3 in a while.
I asked this earlier today when you were on the boards CU and was not sure if you saw it. Do you think that after the wedding scrubs will not have a real story until a decision is made about NS3?
I don't believe that. I also wouldn't take the lack of information as there being no story - things are changing quickly and information can be quickly out of date or unavailable.

So they have no idea what to do with Scrubs?
WTF? Why cant Kim and JT just leave?

lets see they get married and after the new year I hear good news is coming. BUT if I tell you here.....then I've have to kill ya!! sorry not into violence but DON'T WORRY about Scrubs. Safe for now.

The theme of this month is women are horrible mothers. Fathers are superior parents aka Jason determined to find his son while Liz assumes responsiblity; Robin is unable to bond with her daughter while Patrick is an extraordinary parent and brilliant neurosurgeon; Carly is responsible for Michael's shooting along with Kate (Sonny had to protect her); and Olivia is terrible for not divulging that Sonny is Dante's father.
Let us not forget that Kate is also maintaining the secret about Dante. Maxie will rely upon Spinelli to calm and comfort Emma.
why would anything like that ever be approved? It is insulting and ridiculous
The theme wasn't placed in these exact terms when pitching the storylines, of course.
Again, Guza the majority of your audience is WOMEN. He's such a hack it's ridiculous!
Guza and others have attempted to garner increasing male viewers and highlighting male viewership in order to support various storylines, plot points and characters, and direction.
For an extended period of time, male viewership of GH increased steadily. Recent ratings have declined across the board including male viewers.
The portion or portions of the storyline involving Alexis changed substantially with the untimely departure of SR.
I noticed a few weeks ago that GH was dead last in teen girl viewership after being first last year. Is this a concern? I would think young women would be a point of emphasis instead of men but that would be linear logic.
As you are aware, young viewers are a consumers which the networks are unable to coral (calculate, entice) at this time. Younger viewers have a wide array of entertainment to chose as well as platforms.
PA do you have any clue how long this PPD lasts and if Patrick is involved with it after the diagnosis. I am thinking it will magically disappear before the wedding. Would you say that is what is planned
The arc lasts several weeks (which is about as far as the available information). The arc does involve Patrick following the diagnosis.
Does this continue to go on after the wedding? Or is it just leading up to the wedding if you know?
I haven't been able to confirm the completion date for this storyline arc. Rewrites have been occuring for the entire canvas recently.
Interesting that you noted the veterans, someone suggested to me that the veterans may actually be "cheaper" in the long run (recurring, rather than contract players). The canvas may become sprinkled with veterans periodically, such as TR's upcoming short stint for the wedding.
1. The goal of the "product generators" is not to return to GH to its former glory, but to sustain the product.
2. I would not gamble savings on changes in the credits for the first quarter of 2009.
3. The finances of GH/ABC/DTG are being significantly impacted by the loss of advertising dollars due the decline in ratings. The general economy is also a factor in how GH will proceed in the new year.
4. The economics of GH/ABC/DTG will impact the entire spectrum of employees. The results may include some contract renegotiations, revisions of contract status (contract player to recurring), and minimum changes among the cast. The writing staff may also incur what is referenced as downsizing. Outsourcing is another potential cost savings being explored.


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