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Jason Thompson at the Boston Tremont hotel

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From the Scrubs board
  • He was a bit under the weather, so his voice was even huskier than usual.
  • One more thing: he had Debby pass out a raffle ticket to everyone for a free shot at a phone call with him. He picked the winning ticket then faked out the girl who had the ticket 512 when the winner was 511, so he gave them both a phone call in the future! Soooo nice.
  • someone asked him about the suddenly huge belly on Robin for the ultrasound, and he said they were both cracking up about it and that it's isn't necessary to see the jelly and the belly. He thought it was funnyyy.
  • And someone asked what character he would like play if he wasn't Patrick, and he said Luke, but that he could never compare to AG.
  • A preteenage girl at the table next to me was sleeping when he came around, so he just sat next to her and started playing with her phone. When she woke up, she was certainly surprised! tongue.
  • He showed us a picture of his dog on his deck with a view of the background, and it was spectacular!
  • He said they're going out tonight to celebrate Brandon's birthday. When someone asked when his birthday was, JT didn't know. And he thought Bradford was from MA, not NH because he's the one who knows where in Boston to go
  • CH (Diane) made an appearance at JT and BA's events. CH and JT seemed to get along really well.
  • Yep, he said the baby's name was not Hunter.
  • And he didn't know where they were all going to live. He joked about them all staying in the closet.
  • Someone asked about the turnaround from finding out NS2 was a go and actually starting to shoot. He said it was about a month.
  • He was veeeeeery happy that everyone loved NS2 because he said he didn't want to be booed again like last year
  • I asked what he thought of coleman being best man and he thought it is hilarious. He said we will understand why he picks Coleman.
  • Someone asked about his favorite scene, he said he didn't have a favorite, he had a few he liked. ASked us our our favorite scenes answers were Docks day, JAWS day(which he didn't remember) and the scene which was the actual 1st scene he taped(which was not the Robin walking in on Patrick scene)(I can't remember which scene that is) He was soo nervous the 1st day and he ran his lihnes about 700 times. His parents were visiting and his mom ran his lines with him. This is why him and Kimberly tried to be there for the new cast of actors on NS2 and lead by example.
  • He was not there when Sean and Tiffany taped the NS2 scenes and they will not be at the wedding. Wouldn't tell me who will give robin away and if they will have 2 weddings. Doesn't know when Noah will be back.
  • When asked which pics were sold of Jason at the PA: It was a black and white head shot of just his face and he had a serious expression on his face(sort of looked mad). I did not like it and therefore didn't buy it. The other pics sold were old pics of him and the Kim and Jason pics from FCW.
  • Talked about why patrick said no to the proposal and he joked b/c she said no the first time he asked so he had to get back at her.(HE was joking)
  • He talked about ASJ wearing his shirt in one episode of NS and how afterward he was "swimming" in it because ASJ is so much bigger than him.
  • Someone asked about where he would like to travel, and he said the next trip is going to be to the Scandinavian countries hopefully. And he said he is going to Argentina next year, but I forget when.
  • Also, he said that if you give TPTB two weeks notice, you usually can get your vacation approved, but that obviously he can't take any vacation until like February because of the baby.
  • More--someone at my table asked about what the best menu item is at Halo, and he said definitely the beef.
  • When asked about the bars, he said that when he goes there if they're busy, he'll bartend or bus tables.
  • Alsoooo--two girls from my table are originally from Canada, but are now permanent residents. He said he only has a visa and was mad that he can't vote.
  • someone asked how much his life had changed (i.e. participatng in AIDS-related charities) because of his storylines. He said it has impacted his life greatly and that he loves to do it. This is where he mentioned all the money going to AIDS Walk LA.
  • I forget the orihinal question, but he was talking about multiple recasts--for example all of the Luckys, three (?) Maxies--and when someone mentioned all the Carlys he was like "this happens A LOT" and he laughed. Mentioned that Kimber was an original and motioned with his arms "she was this small", then he revised that to bring his hand closer to the ground--making her realy tiny--saying, "no, she was this small."
  • He didn't know when RS is coming back.
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From SoapZone
  • Vacation? None for him till Feb
  • Jason has a new tattoo on his wrist.
  • He donated all his money from the PA today to the AIDS Walk.
  • No scenes with baby yet.
  • Upcoming photoshoot with baby
  • The baby must already be picked out Because per Lisa the photoshoot is after the baby is a month old. So they are waiting on the baby
  • They wanted to extended this NS season by more episodes but this season was written out.
  • NS3 is pretty much a go
  • Nice things to say about Kimberly
  • Non commital about a ring scene.
  • He said he knows the name of the baby. I asked him if it was Hunter and he said no.
  • He said Patrick likes the name and is Drake related.
  • More stuff with Matt/Patrick coming up. They taped some nice scenes on Friday. JC was away for a few weeks that is why he isn't onscreen. He is looking forward to developing that storyline
  • They asked if he gets jealous over the Stone mentions on NS. He said no, not at all. That it is part of Robin's history and they need history on the show and in soap operas and it is part of Robin's past.
  • SOmeone was asking him that he is good at emotional scenes. He said that he is sensitive, his mother said he was sensitive as a child and Kimberly would say he is sensitive as well. He said he is an emotional guy. He said that it is easy to cry when he sees Kimberly lying in a bed and when she has tears in her eyes
  • Oh, someone asked about the similarities and differences between KMc and himself--he said that they both like to surf, if she wakes up when he calls her. He said that she'll call him back like two hours later saying (sleepily) that she was still sleeping and then complain about not being able to go. And then he said that was one difference--she complains a lot more than he does.
  • When asked if JT said anything about Kimber -A direct quote: "I love that girl to death."
  • he likes his story and what is coming up
  • returning cast for NS3 would depend on how quickly the turn around for NS3 was. BEcause if it was too long the cast would have to look for other jobs, etc.
  • Or something like that. That was the gist of it.
  • No one asked about Kate's secret
  • JT said JC shaved his beard.
  • And Jason wasn't aware that the Noah scenes were cut. There were scenes about Noah leaving for Doctors without borders according to JT. He was surprised that we learned about it in Robin's blog.

From SoapDish
  • NS3 seems a go with Sri penning it. He said that NS requires more research than say GH so Sri will need more time before they start up again and needs a little break.
  • He said that Jagger and Patrick come to a understanding about each other in the last two episodes.
  • We are in for a treat with the NS finale.
  • He didn't tape any scene with the returning vets and Robert's dream.
  • SN asked them for more episodes of NS (I think he said 5) but they could only do one additional as the series was already written out.
  • As usual was very complimentary about Kimberly and working with her.
  • Jason said he was jealous of the Jagger/Robin moment but Patrick wasn't. He said he didn't watch it or something like that.
  • They could ask for a retake on NS if they wanted it because they had more time to film.
  • He hopes they start filming sooner than later.
  • Sri and Lisa and ABC exec met up with Jason and Kimberly to talk about what they were execting and wanted from NS and their concerns, ec.
  • I don't think there is a ring scene filmed. When asked he was non committal and said scrubs don't things the traditional way.
  • He think the rings looks great on Kimberly. Said the ring is really nice.
  • New photoshoot with the baby coming up. Waiting for the baby to turn a month old.
  • Donated all the money to the Aids walk.
  • Came in on the red eye with Bradford and Julie at 7:30 this morning.
  • He hopes Patrick is portrayed as real dad.
  • Jason loves it when Kimberly calls him stupid.
  • Went to JT's PA today and when he was at our table I asked him about Sonny's baby secret and why he needed to know. He said they still don't know why and have asked writers several times about it - Patrick is still the only one who knows.
  • I asked if he could share anything about the end of NS2 and whether the Robin/ Jagger moment was ever brought up again. He said Scrubs are in a really good place at the end and the moment was never addressed. Also, he thought ASJ may be back if they did NS3, but couldn't say for sure.
  • He seems to talk about them getting married as if it is fact, which I thought was sort of surprising, especially with the failed first attempt.
  • I also asked him if Patrick is the one who asked Robin when they finally get engaged and he hesitated and said yes. I think proposal may be sort of unorthodox because I wasn't sure he gave the full answer, but I could be reading it wrong.
  • From JT re KMC:He said alot about their friendship and how much she means to him and that they have shared things with each other that even lifelong friends don't know about them. And he thinks its funny when she calls him stupid.


diamond20 October 6, 2008 at 7:43 PM  

It seems to me like JT & Kmc should be a couple in real life. Luv them Scrubs, looking forward to the wedding & baby Drake.

Anonymous,  October 9, 2008 at 11:34 AM  

I second that...they are sooooo great together. they are what makes watching GH worth it...looking forward to Patrick being the Daddy to a little girl...since he is so sweet with Robin....

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