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10/15 Heard in the Waiting Room

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  • Kyle and Claire have an uncomfortable run-in in this new webisode

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Upcoming Night Shift Episodes
Episode 14 "Past and Presence - Part 2"
In the aftermath of the explosion, Patrick and Jagger rush to diffuse a second bomb, while Robin, Kyle, Leo and Epiphany fight to save Saira's life. Meanwhile, Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes), Robert and Jagger all make life-altering decisions and Kyle and Claire reconcile on the season finale of "General Hospital: Night Shift," Written by Sri Rao & Tamar Laddy

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 10/13 - M, F
Monday, October 13
Maxie is thrilled when Robin asks her to be her maid off honor but both are surprised to learn that Patrick has asked Coleman to serve as his best man.
Friday, October 17
Robin decides to deliver her baby by C-section.
week of 10/20 - M, W (spoiler pics)
Monday, Oct 20 - Patrick and Robin look forward to their wedding.
Wednesday, Oct 22 – Robin is touched by her surprise bridal shower.
week of 10/27 - T, W, Th, F
Tuesday, October 28 Maxie persuades Jason to go to Robin’s wedding. Olivia has some sound advice for Patrick.
Wednesday, October 29 - Spinelli gives Robin some distressing news about Patrick.
Thursday, October 30 - Robin has faith that Patrick won’t leave her standing at the altar.
Friday, October 31 - One moment affects Robin and Patrick’s wedding.

10/22 Robin is touched by a surprise bridal shower
SID: (credit MishyMashy)
Guza says Anna and Robert will be around for Robin's stuff. (article scan)
The Dante secret will not come out during November sweeps. Guza wants to stir the pot a bit.
Robin's Big Day - The wedding and birth will have major complications (article scan)
Patrick Gets Cold Feet! (article scan)
Set your VCRs: (article scan)

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
AIG none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
I also will only add for folks complaining about lack of scoops for Jax. The lack of story for Jax is nothing personal against IR. He is well liked and is a good guy, but I will say again that certain characters are just filler for B. G. and it isn't only female characters or vets. I will say like I've said since June that B. G. really has no interest in certain characters,
The Q's
The Scorpio's
and the late departed Georgie.
The perceived "Good" characters are just set dressing storywise for our head writer. Sorry I guess no one wants to believe that but it is true nonetheless. JJY is a great guy but has he any story? IR is a great guy but has he had any significant story for years? The Irina story was all about bringing Carly and Jerry together. Laura Spencer is not important to B. G. nor is Elizabeth Webber. The fans of those actresses are vocal though. B. G. plans the direction of the characters on the show. If you as fans are unhappy with the direction then I will only say to you what I've said numerous times, send your letters into Sweeny and Co, because BF isn't acting. If fans say they hate the violence, lack of positive female characters, lack of storyline continuity on GH then they need to direct their complaints repeatedly to heads of ABC and D.
Well I can only tell you, that what appeared on your scenes in late August and September wasn't what was planned for NLG or SR or the Jlex story. Sorry if everyone here would rather believe that all insiders are liars but it isn't true. I also told everyone in August that it was ridiculous for everyone to think that Elizabeth didn't have a story because of a re-worked MOC storyline. THAT IS ALSO UNTRUE. B. G. didn't want to write for "Elizabeth" and it was nothing to do with BH, he just doesn't find the "good girl" characters appealing, just ask KMc and GF over the years what he's written for their characters. NLG might leave due to what was promised and then not delivered, but she won't throw tantrums, she'll be professional and a class act as she's been for years. Unlike other actresses on set who do complain loudly and daily.

Do you know why they are throwing Patrick in the mix w/this s/line?

Its a good angsty story for them that doesn't involve a 3rd party, and keeps them in a front-burner storyline(Both per the Request of Papa Mouse.)
Who is Papa Mouse?
Well, actually its a nickname given to Bob Iger but in this particular case I'm referring to Frons. Maybe I should call him Papa Daytime Mouse.

Believe It Or Not....
- Things are GH are not good. Morale is low, promises are made but never kept and it's forcing some actors to re-evaluate their futures with the show.
- Guza's longterm stories aren't longterm. He writes them on a 5-6 week basis. There has been no lead up to sweeps this year and there isn't a real plan for GH post sweeps.
- Rumors of certain upcoming cast departures are greatly exaggerated. One definitely is leaving but the others are safe.
- Don't be surprised if one or two GH script writers head to AMC to work with Chuck Pratt.
- The rivalry between Guza and Pratt is currently being won by Pratt. Ratings are on the rise at AMC and internally things are much better there than they were before his arrival.
Believe It Or Not....
Didn't AMC's ratings tie record lows last week?

AMC tied a low rating but gained in total viewers. The HH rating will continue to drop for all shows in the coming years primetime and daytime because of the way they are calculated.
AMC's total viewers have been building and they're holding in the demos. AMC considers that a plus given the bleeding they have gone through over the past 2 years.
Believe It Or Not....
Will there be any changes behind the scenes at GH ?

At this time no. It is unclear as to why Robert Guza continues to be in charge. From what I'm hearing the powers that be are reluctant to replace Guza because they won't know what to expect with the new writer. Guza like him or not is a tested writer who can deliver at least in the eyes of the powers.
Anytime there is talk of replacing him the fear sets in and they back off. If GH doesn't perform well this sweeps there is no guarantee he will be replaced but it is making those who support him less inclined to do so.
Believe It Or Not....
Thanks for responding but Sri was found and I really love NS2. Do you think maybe they would look at Sri or someone similar for GH?
Also is there any info on KH as co-HW and anything on M. Conforti?

I have a tidbit on Sri I'd like to share but need more confirmation.
Believe It Or Not....

Lil Sharks Insider,
Anything on Scrubs and feedback for NS2? Is is true NS3 will be starting soon for 22 episodes?Will KMc/JT be on NS3?

Well KMc and JT saved the day with NS2. SoapNet exec's are very impressed with KMc in particular. The mail for both actors and the Scrubs mail has gone through the roof lately. And the talk about NS3 and SoapNet going out to larger audience is true. Also to be determined if NS3 will become the "star" for that network. Sri hit gold with character driven versus plot driven storytelling.

You've heard it many times before but it hasn't happened because Guza has had the support of Burton, Geary and Benard. Geary is (well, its a secret) so let's just say not an issue anymore. Burton says he's leaving within the next year. If Benard gets pissed off about storyline then Guza will have no one on the cast left supporting him. One of the reasons Frons has kept him so long is because those three have indicated in different ways that they will leave if he goes.
So its a little different this time than what you've heard before BUT I understand your skepticism.

As I told you all last week Patrick does get a mild case of cold feet. He talks about it to Olivia. Spinelli overhears and in his own special way makes it out to be worse than it is. Wacky hijinks ensue when Spinelli tells Robin that and Patrick is late. Robin has complete faith in her man and Patrick shows up only for Robin's water to break.
what advice does Olivia give Patrick? tia
Tells him to be sure of what he is doing because he can't undo it. It really is her referring to her decision about Dante while giving Patrick advice.


Anonymous,  October 15, 2008 at 9:25 PM  

Did you really think Guza would let things go well for Robin and Patrick...He has lied lied lied about them..They were supposed to have been married a long time ago..he said the baby would be in real time...and how long has it been? almost a year.. he is an ---...he is too stupid to know that if he looses Robin and Patrick, as the super they are's over for their he just thinks he's smart to torture all the fans and of these days he will realize "NO ROBIN AND PATRICK NO GH"...iT'S NOT WORTH WATCHING WITHOUT OUR SCRUBS"

The Scrubs Hub October 16, 2008 at 9:32 AM  

The conventional wisdom was that a groundbreaking storyline would delve into serious material at moments to provide Emmy-worthy material. What has been surprising is the amount of apathy the headwriter had in writing those moments...forget favorites, this should be a matter of pride in your work. Yet, Kimberly has very very few episodes to submit from GH, and she's in a groundbreaking storyline at the moment, and that should be a concerning issue for the network when daytime television is in crisis mode.

Thanks so much for your comment, I do believe that Robin and Patrick are the heart of the show.

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