Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/2 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Kimberly McCullough was on this week's episode called "Game Face" of The Shield, it aired last night but will repeats 10/4 @ 11p/10p, 10/5 @1:09a/2:09a, 10/5 @ 11p/12a. She reprised her previous role on the show. (Denny)
  • Deep Soap's Sara Bibel echoes our sentiment that 'Robin's Blog' is "written in a voice that sounds nothing like Robin’s. It’s dull and offers little insight into Robin’s psyche. And her blog "has the effect of making it appear that many of the interesting parts of Robin’s life are happening off-camera"
  • Rumors are still swirling about Jason Thompson being at the top of the list for the Ryan Walker character on 'Brothers and Sisters', however most of the rumors swirl around Jason Ritter (Joan of Arcadia) and Gregory Smith (Everwood)
  • Tristan Rogers will be on The View on October 7th

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Upcoming Night Shift Episodes
Episode 12 "Truth and Consequences" (spoiler pics)
Patrick puts the entire hospital in jeopardy when a notorious patient dies and Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) pays a visit to the night shift. Meanwhile, Robert reminisces about the past with Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes) before taking a turn for the worse. Later, Saira confronts Leo while Kyle and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) share a tender moment
Episode 13 "Past and Presence - Part 1"
While in a coma, Robert is visited by friends from the past including Sean, Tiffany, Mac and Luke (special guest stars John D. Reilly, Sharon Wyatt, John J. York and Anthony Geary). Meanwhile, Jagger is served with custody papers by Stone’s mother and Toussaint is rocked by a letter he receives. Later, Claire makes a bold decision about her career as a doctor while Kyle and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) come to a crossroad in their relationship. By the end of the episode, the lives of the entire hospital staff are put at risk on the explosive season finale of "General Hospital: Night Shift," Written by Sri Rao & Karen Harris
Episode 14 "Past and Presence - Part 2"
In the aftermath of the explosion, Patrick and Jagger rush to diffuse a second bomb, while Robin, Kyle, Leo and Epiphany fight to save Saira's life. Meanwhile, Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes), Robert and Jagger all make life-altering decisions and Kyle and Claire reconcile on the season finale of "General Hospital: Night Shift,"

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 9/29 - T, F
Tuesday, 9/30
Robin pops the question to Patrick.
Friday, 10/03
Patrick gives Robin an answer to her marriage proposal.
week of 10/6 - W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
Wed, Oct 8th
Mac gives Robin a shoulder to lean on when she confides about Patrick not wanting to marry her.
Thurs, Oct 9th
After arresting Patrick, Mac forces him and Robin to sort things out between them.
Friday, Oct 10th
Robin and Patrick set a wedding date. Patrick is torn over whether or not to keep Olivia's secret from Sonny.

SOW: Thursday, October 9th - Robin and Patrick reach a life changing decision (SoapZone)
SID: Chains of Love article scan
Cover story and a Kiss Before Dying article scan
And... a closeup of the ring (LizLove at SD)

:: Pretty Reliable::
Just wanted to let you all know that I have registered but now am hesitant to give scoops as I see someone else has given themselves the name "Trust Me."
I have not given scoops the last few days and will not at least until Friday or this weekend.
As for the TrustMe who posted in the IL - most of their stuff is true and I can confirm.
Patrick does propose in next week
AIG: none at the time of this post
Tracee at SZ:
It made me smile, though they changed the due date. LOL
I love how they come to the conclusion of when to get married. :-)

And we know ultimately the secret won't have a huge impact because they get married in December anyway.

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
Olivia asks Patrick to keep her secret.

Thursday October 2:
Patrick gives Sonny some good news
Robin decides that life is too short, so she proposes to Patrick.

Patrick looks so cute when he is down on one knee in the interrogation room. Too bad the handcuffs get in the way of pulling Robin in his arms.

cu, I may be naieve, but is Guza writing Scrubs story on GH or has the show brought a "ghost writer" on to bring love in the afternoon back to ABCD's most "famous" soap?
he's still writing....though I can see why you'd think otherwise.
glad you're so happy - you've been hanging in there for a while.
Chat Up why are they trying to bring non mob characters into the mob? I am thinking of both Patrick and Nik with his gun.
I don't really know BP. If I were to hazard a guess I would say it's to build some crosswalks between both sides of the canvas.


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