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10/22 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Upcoming Night Shift Episodes
Episode 14 "Past and Presence - Part 2"
In the aftermath of the explosion, Patrick and Jagger rush to diffuse a second bomb, while Robin, Kyle, Leo and Epiphany fight to save Saira's life. Meanwhile, Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes), Robert and Jagger all make life-altering decisions and Kyle and Claire reconcile on the season finale of "General Hospital: Night Shift," Written by Sri Rao & Tamar Laddy

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 10/20 - M, W (spoiler pics)
Monday, Oct 20 - Patrick and Robin look forward to their wedding.
Wednesday, Oct 22 – Robin is touched by her surprise bridal shower.
week of 10/27 - M, T, W, Th, F (spoiler pics)
Monday, Oct 27 – Patrick makes himself scarce when Robin, Maxie and Spinelli begin working on the wedding preparations. After a chance encounter with Olivia, Patrick realizes he’s getting everything he wants by marrying Robin and gains more insight into the decision Olivia made about her son.
Tuesday, Oct 28 - Later, Maxie tries to persuade Jason to attend Robin’s wedding. Robin is the picture of calm on her wedding day. Anna and Robin share a warm mother and daughter moment. Patrick insists on making his rounds at the hospital, certain he has more than enough time to get ready for his wedding.
Wednesday, Oct 29 - Anthony is rushed to the hospital, where Patrick decides to operate on him with Matt assisting. Jason and Elizabeth’s idyllic moment at the church is cut short by the arrival of Robin, Maxie and Mac. As the guests begin arriving at the church, Spinelli reports that Patrick is no where to be found.
Thursday, Oct 30 - – Robin is confident that Patrick won’t leave her at the altar while everyone else assumes the worst. Meanwhile, Patrick and Matt successfully wrap up Anthony’s surgery. A frazzled Patrick makes it to the church in the nick of time and the ceremony begins just as Robin’s water breaks.
Friday, Oct 31 - – Robin and Patrick’s wedding begins and ends with a twist.
week of 11/3 - T, W
Tuesday, Nov. 4 - Robin fears for the health of her baby.
Wednesday, Nov. 5 - Robin’s life is on the line.

::Golden:: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008:
Robin is surprised with a wedding shower. (source)
SOD ~ (credit SZ)
GH Surprise Wedding
Pic of Robin & Patrick: Not Exactly Happily Ever After
Scrubs Wedding: There are many more twists that I am not going to give away. Robin's HIV status will play prominently in the birth and the aftermath. We've researched this heavily.
GH's Robin & Patrick's Wedding!
Guza says "a ceremony does occur and it's wonderful. In this time frame, there is also a birth. We've been planning this culmination in their arc for over a year now. But it's going to be enormously complicated. You knew that. (Laughs)." FH laughs & says they are calling it the almost wedding. The weeks begins with Robin and Maxie working on the wedding preparations, and Patrick is clearly out of his element. Despite their efforts to help, Anna and Mac are both a little panicked about the nuptials. FH says that "Robin is the one actually keeping Anna calm. It's interesting how they wrote Robin's character because she really turns into a woman on that day. Anna just steps back and lets her daughter take the lead. Robin is incredibly together." It's a good thing too because when Patrick is unexpectedly called in to perform a last minute surgery-the entire congregation-except Robin-fears he's a runaway groom. Patrick comes through and then, Guza says "the ceremony is rudely interrupted when Robin's water breaks." FH says the wedding falls through and their off to the hospital. Anna is so excited for the baby to come and she drives to GH in a high speed chase to get them there. But then they run into complications with the birth and things take a much more serious tone. Guza says it's very emotional. But this is one couple who've proven they can handle a challenge.
TV Guide Canada: Future Emmy nominee Tristan Rogers (Robert) tells The Suds Report he's GH-bound after Night Sri's finale next week. "I'm back for at least three episodes for Robin and Patrick's wedding," he says.

:: Pretty Reliable::
TMI: none at the time of this post
Liason? Not done but I have grown tired of repeating that. I could tell you they stood in front of the altar together holding hands and it wouldn't be significant. I could tell you the real reason why Robin wants Jason at her wedding and you wouldn't say it was foreshadowing. So I just won't tell you
After all the stalling and crap can you really blame anyone for not believing anything positive about Liason? They are not togather as a couple ino because if they were, then that would be shown. What I see is Liz forever chasing after Jason. I'm ready for Liz to be allowed to move on.
IA and I still have no idea what that means. :oops: :oops:
What it means? I think it means this.
Robin tells Liz that one of the reasons she wants Jason at the wedding is so he'll see beautiful Liz and get ideas in his head. Liz doesn't know how to feel about that. Robin says that if Liason end up together, she'll be estatic. So she asks Liz to indulge her on her special day.
How's that?

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
- GH has gone a much better job of keeping sweeps spoilers under wraps this time. Partly because things keep being rewritten. Multiple versions of breakdowns are also being sent out to combat leaks.
Believe It or Not
Anything on NS3 yet?
Discussions held. It is expected there will be another season. SOAPnet is pleased. I'm sure you've heard this before I'm just sharing what I know.
Believe It or Not
Any reassurances that Guza and his merry band of hacks will not be invited to get their grimy paws on the last piece of GH that I still like?
Robert Guza's name has not been discussed in preliminary meetings regarding NS3. It is expected Sri Rao will return.
Believe It or Not

Morning SD,
Just popping in for a quickie ;)
Actually call in period. If you want to see certain characters, if you want to see romance, vets and adventure, CALL IN.
Oh and all the sharks are circling B. G. I tried to tell you this is the shakiest he's been at any point in his tenure. You should all be trying to take a "bite" out of him with letters and calls to BF.
Sorry will see you next week.

Patrick makes a medical decision for Robin.

QuitTheCrap wrote:
Ok… I asked some questions yesterday and got some answers late, last night.
JT and KiMc want to do Primetime and if Night Shift is around for what looks to be awhile they will probably drop down to more of a recurring status on GH and sign with Night Shift. Have not heard yet if NS3 is a go yet or not.

More from Lil Sharks..
No. You should call and call and call. And then write, write and write. I would question anyone who said that happened. Sorry but calls are monitored. And to verify my status, something that is known at ABCD and to other insiders, GH gets more calls 10:1 than AMC and OLTL combined. And that hasn't been broadcast to the outside as suits think it reflects badly on AMC and OLTL.
I believe you. This makes sense on all accounts, I mean this is part of a billion dollar conglomerate, not some free-wheeling start-up.
Anyone who thinks a business the size and reputation of Disney doesn't protect itself legally, doesn't understand business at all.
I'm out sorry I'll be back next Tuesday.
Bye SD.

Evening SD,
Traffic is horrible here in SoCal, and I'm going out but just to let you all know, even if you think I don't know much about anything, the one thing I think I've never mislead or misdirected you on is mail and calls here at Prospect. I have told all you little sharks for months to please call or write. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, especially now. If you've done so before, and you doubt the effectiveness of efforts such as these, I can only tell you that B. G. has always been given a great deal of leeway until now. Ratings are not secure, the show is more precarious in Demo's than it's been in years, and fans are becoming more vocal.
Not staying
Night SD

Watch, the primetime NS drop is a lie or something. Because I would LOVE that - providing Guza is not writing NS3, of course.
It isn't SnD. Discussions relative to NS3 are ongoing and have including conversations with the princpal actors as to the future.
Oh thank goodness.I really love the show and i want two on it preferably transistioning away from GH.
Part of the larger issue remains the market reach of SN - Frons would really like to extend that significantly so as to maximize funds available for original programming.
So, he wants NS3 to have a larger audience than what SN now has the potential to bring in? Am I understanding that correctly? Does that mean that Fronz wants to wait on production of NS3 until he has the audience of say a Lifetime show? Which in turn would be mean more money to produce the show?
He doesn't so much want NS3 to have the larger audience, he wants SN to be in more homes - if it's in more homes he has more revenue to play with for more original programming including NS3. Timing is going to be an issue, however, and they may need to proceed with NS3 prior to any SN expansion which would lead me to believe they will choose a 13 week option at that point rather than 22 weeks.
Thank you for clearing that up.
Do you know if Kmc and JT are wanting to do persue other primetime avenues other than just NS3?
From what I've heard they would both be open to other work but much of it is dependent on their contracts. Kimberly's interests outside of GH are expanding in to more behind the scenes initiatives.
Hey CU!
Are they any closer to nailing that down over the next six months?

There has been some positive talk on all fronts, last I heard but I don't know where it fits in terms of timetable at the moment.
Do you think Sri is still in the mix for a potential 3rd season of NS?

Yes I have reason to believe he is.
CU ~
Oh... So NS3 is probably gonna have the same look as NS2?
Do you know how NS2 did on DirecTV? Was that a sort of test?

As I said, it's a question of timing. If SN expands into more homes, a 22 week show with a bigger budget is feasible and a better investment. If it doesn't, it becomes costly with smaller returns than you would hope for.
NS, to me, has tried to be a bigger show than its budget allows for which has made the production values weaker (in my opnion)
I haven't heard about DirectTV
And I'm kinda interested in what you mean about the production values, if you don't mind elaborating a bit. Because I think it looks way better than NS1, but there are still problems -- particularly when they shot certain scenes with like a single-camera perspective, or whatever.
It made it look like a bad documentary when they tried it, which might have just been the camera they were using. I'm not sure.

this is my personal opinion (I feel the need to keep repeating that) but in the episodes I've seen, there have been continuity issues, scene transitions have been choppy and uneven and some of the camera work has been rather shaky. Much of that has to do with budget and what your budget allows you to hire and do
there is definitely a difference in look between the two shows but as someone not invested in either, I find this year's show to be biting off more than it can chew.
but, that's my personal opinion.
chatup, why would BF allow KMc to do outside work if it could potentially change the course of what they want for NS3? It can't be beneficial for him for her to be MIA for another season or not seen on GH either. I don't get the situation with her
I'm not sure what you mean. The work that she is interested in is primarily behind the scenes and given she is under contract, ABC/SN has right of refusal to any work she wants to take on. If she's given the go ahead to do something, then it's because there is time in the schedule.
Does calling and emailing help too? Or just letters?
Are campaigns more or less effective than regular letters? Postcards? Or are they given less weight due to association with the internet?
^^^ Very curious about the campaign & post card aspect ^^^

campaigns tend to be less effective than well written, articulate, individual letters. I wouldn't recommend a campaign.
Calling the comment line and Frons can help as well. Emailing is less effective
Hey Chat-up
Why is the GH cast so large? They keep bringing in these new worthless characters and the stories just get worse.

I don't have an answer but I can give you my opinion

Go for it.

My opinion is that the HW is easily distracted by shiny new things. I think he has been in the positon so long, he bores of the core characters and is always in search of something new to bolster a storyline, rather than taking a fresh approach to what he has in front of him.
Now, he has an expensive cast that isn't delivering and that's a problem whereas AMC and OLTL have smaller casts and in the end can do more.

Major players in sweeps: Sam, Jason, Sonny, Carly, Claudia, Anthony, Jerry
Minor players in sweeps: Robin, Patrick, Liz, Maxie, Spinelli, Kate, Olivia, Nik, Nadine, Luke, Laura, Lucky, Scotty, Alexis, Johnny, Lulu, Ric, Tracy, Jax, Matt
Fans that love the mob will love this sweeps. Lots of activity centered around the key players: explosions, marriages, shoot-outs, deaths, etc. Bob Guza expanded the budget to include all the action that was needed.
The minor players will have limited airtime devoted to their respective stories outside the mob.


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