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10/24 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco interviews Tristan Rogers about Night Shift
  • Michael Fairman has video interviews with Adam Grimes, Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Carolyn Hennesy, Megan Ward, and many others from the Soaps In The City event
  • Ed Martin calls Night Shift 2 sublime

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 10/20 - M, W (spoiler pics)
Monday, Oct 20 - Patrick and Robin look forward to their wedding.
Wednesday, Oct 22 – Robin is touched by her surprise bridal shower.
week of 10/27 - M, T, W, Th, F (spoiler pics * updated with wedding photos)
Monday, Oct 27 – Patrick makes himself scarce when Robin, Maxie and Spinelli begin working on the wedding preparations. After a chance encounter with Olivia, Patrick realizes he’s getting everything he wants by marrying Robin and gains more insight into the decision Olivia made about her son.
Tuesday, Oct 28 - Later, Maxie tries to persuade Jason to attend Robin’s wedding. Robin is the picture of calm on her wedding day. Anna and Robin share a warm mother and daughter moment. Patrick insists on making his rounds at the hospital, certain he has more than enough time to get ready for his wedding.
Wednesday, Oct 29 - Anthony is rushed to the hospital, where Patrick decides to operate on him with Matt assisting. Jason and Elizabeth’s idyllic moment at the church is cut short by the arrival of Robin, Maxie and Mac. As the guests begin arriving at the church, Spinelli reports that Patrick is no where to be found.
Thursday, Oct 30 - – Robin is confident that Patrick won’t leave her at the altar while everyone else assumes the worst. Meanwhile, Patrick and Matt successfully wrap up Anthony’s surgery. A frazzled Patrick makes it to the church in the nick of time and the ceremony begins just as Robin’s water breaks.
Friday, Oct 31 - – Robin and Patrick’s wedding begins and ends with a twist.
week of 11/3 - M, T, W, Th
Monday, November 3
Kelly performs an emergency C-section on Robin, who delivers a healthy baby girl. Robin and Patrick name their daughter.
Tuesday, November 4
Kelly gives Robin, Patrick and their loved ones news about the baby. Robin suddenly loses consciousness.
Wednesday, November 5
Robin's loved ones hold a bedside vigil as her life hangs in the balance. Matt is supportive of Patrick, who doesn't know what he would do if Robin doesn't survive.
Thursday, November 6
Robin's condition remains critical as she's visited by Jason, Anna and finally Patrick, who feeds the baby for the first time at her bedside.



by Mala Bhattacharjee

Soap fans are increasingly unhappy with their favorite shows. Fractured storylines, high character turnover rates and a a lack of family drama and romance have people flipping away, deleting shows from their TiVos and just plain giving up on the genre. It seems like daytime is in need of rejuvenation -- or at least a refresher course in Soap 101.

Fear not, such a thing actually exists: General Hospital: Night Shift, which just wrapped its second season on Oct. 21. In just 14 episodes, NS head writer Sri Rao brought soaps back to the basics. Here are five examples of how.

1. Key into a core family.
NS has this in the Scorpio/Drake clan. Chief of staff Patrick and harried researcher Robin are the show's foundation, and vital bricks and mortar came from Robin's father, Robert, and his medical issues, as well as Robin's old friend, Jagger and his autistic son. No matter what else happenend on Night Shift, you knew everything came back to Robin, Patrick and their loved ones.

2. Have plenty of love in the afternoon.
Again, Robin and Patrick's love story is a featured aspect of the show; even when they fought, it was clear they're the "It Couple". Viewers were also gifted with new couples in Saira and Leo, Epiphany and Toussaint, and Kyle and Eric -- and reintroduced to old ones, like Robert and Anna. Kisses, hot love scenes, basic cuddling and comfort were all there, in just the right doses.

3. Stick to character-driven conflicts. No flash necessary.
The biggest drama on NS didn't come from its warring skinheads or explosive finale; it came from a health crisis and an infidelity story, respectatively. Robert's colon cancer and Leo and Claire's one-nighter spiraled out and gave material to everyone around them, and were both rooted in deep emotion. There was no need to embellish with bells and whistles. All the show had to do was pull from its characters' histories and relationships.

4. Reflect your audience.
NS boasts a cast of diverse men and women, mirroring a society populated by the same. Characters run the gamut from young to old, gay to straigh, white to black to brown. And there is no distinction made; just good, simple storytelling that is fair and balanced for everyone. Leo's Iranian heritage and Kyle's sexual orientation are a part of them but not the sum total of who they are. They're people, just like those who watch the show.

5. Respect your cast of characters.
No matter how many dumb choices the staff at GH made while working on the night shift (engaging in kidney auctions, falling for patients, cheating), there was never a question of how much the-powers-that-be enjoyed crafting every single one of them. From little Stone to dead Dr. Ford to fallible Claire, everyone was richly captured and treated like an A-lister when it was their moment to shine.

Every show on the day shift should have their moment to shine. Maybe then the stars will be back in viewers' eyes.

:: Pretty Reliable::
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:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
will be at Robin's bedside

Robin and Patrick do have a "Honeymoon" period coming. But there are going to be bumps arising again. And that has to do with other family complications.


Anonymous,  October 24, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

I am so glad NS2 happened. NS1 (with the exception of the relationship between Jason and Robin and possibly something else but I can't think of right now, and NO it is DEFINITELY NOT what they did to Robin and Patrick's characters and relationship!) was probably one of the worst, most aggravating, disappointing junk I have ever been exposed to in the history of anything related to GH (i.e. what they did to Patrick and Robin's characters), and every time I even think of season 1, I feel like vomitting. I know you can't always take soaps too seriously, and of course couples break up all the time on soaps, but NS1 and GH since the junk continued to spill to GH from NS1 after NS1 was over, was ridiculous and a clear insult to audience intelligence. NS2 gave me hope that the stories and characters in this genre called soaps, while not perfect, can still at least be comprehensible, relatable, and even be GREAT. Bringing back the real, meant-to-be character portrayals of Robert, Anna, Luke, Tiffany, Sean and Mac were a pleasure to watch. Seeing the kind of relationship between Patrick and Robin (which is what I thought NS1 was supposed to do) as a couple who goes through issues in a relationship was nice to watch as well - and I liked how the show came full circle with starting a show with a scene of the two of them and ending the show with a scene of the two of them. There was much more as you so well described. NS2 came just at the right time to help me through this sick feeling I had ever since NS1 and GH, especially in mid/latter 2007 through early 2008, approximately January or so. Now that NS2 is over, I am a little apprehensive about now only having GH. While I am - as any fan of the Patrick and Robin relationship would probably be - happy to see them back as a couple, however, I still don't feel fully at peace with GH's writing of their relationship even though Patrick and Robin are said to be in a good place and getting married because there was never any REAL accountability written after all that crap that happened on NS1 and spilled into GH. Neither Patrick nor Leyla were given/took responsibility or accountability for their bad behavior. The closest the writers came was Patrick's speech on the witness stand. Otherwise, they mostly dismissed Leyla's accountability. They have mostly written it as if Leyla was innocent and Robin is selfishly playing victim (per scene with Leyla to Robin about baby blanket or something) and much like season 1. It seems as though the writers really want the character of Leyla to be accepted by the audience. So if they write her as realizing how dispicably she acted (because it was clear to viewers that she knew exactly what she was doing) and is repentent about it, then it would mean that they (the writers) would have to admit that they were wrong. However, if the writers do indeed want the character of Leyla to be accepted by the viewers (that is if the writers cared about what the viewers/fans thought) then the writers having her sincerely apologize to Robin and even Patrick instead of always having Robin apologize to Leyla about how Robin has been supposedly treating her so unfairly (which the fans do NOT buy/accept) would be a great start. Hey, it worked for Leo. Leo cheated on Saira but in that scene on the last episode when he sincerely apologized to her and took accountability and responsibility, it made that character stronger, and that scene with Leo and Saira was stronger for it as well. I guess I just have to take GH for what it is, or should I say, what it is not - it is no Night Shift Season 2.

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