Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kimberly at Kent and Minae's Girls Night Out


From the Scrubs board
  • When talking about Karaoke scenes, Kimberly said that it was very embarrasing and that Jason slapped her butt really hard.
  • It seemed as though they had a really great time filming, even if it was embarrasing.
  • Kimberly was wearing a purple coloured top and jeans, the lighting was really bad
  • Greg Vaughan, Ethan and Dominic Rains ended up showing up, Ignacio was also he was hilarious, and made me miss Diego. Also Angel Wainwright (Regina) and her husband, Lisa LoCicero, Dominic Zamprogna, Ronnie Marmo and Keiko and his wife were there and also the actress who plays Alice.
  • Everyone had to take a shot everytime Minae said "vagina"
  • Truth or dare game-
  • Kimberly and Kent are very flexible! LOL
  • Kimberly was asked for 'truth' has she ever sucked someone's toes. She said no.
  • Kimberly was asked for 'truth' has she ever had sex with someone at work. She said no to that too.
  • Jason Cook was told to as a 'dare' to go to onto someone's lap and make cat noises. So he did. He purrrred right on the person's lap.
  • He was asked something else but I forget what. It was a funny question, but his answer was evasive. He was embarrassed to answer whatever it was. It had something to do with sex lol.


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