Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CSI:Scrubs - The Week's Most Quotable Moments

As the malpractice suit/murder mystery trudges along, we've been entertained by some great quoteworthy moments, here are some of the best:

Coleman: You don't have to drink alone, there's a lot of foxy chicks in here, man
Patrick: Well, they don't compare to what I have at home
Robin: Excellent answer!

Mac [to Robin]: Nice job of problem solving by the way. You're a credit to the Scorpio name.
Patrick [to Robin]: What about me?

Robin:Come on, if it wasn't for us, the mayor would have gotten away with murder
Patrick [smiles at Robin]: Pretty proud of your detective skills, aren't you.
Robin: Well, I have to say it runs in the family.
Patrick: Well, ok, give me something I was no slouch
Robin: Well, you were..great.following my lead. you know, like a Watson to my Holmes.
Patrick: [raised eyebrow]: really...

Patrick[to the mayor]:. As a man and as someone who's had a lot of shower sex...

Patrick [to Emma]: Goodnight Princess. [kiss].
Robin: And how about one for your queen? [kiss]

screencaps credit to Beyond Reason


court,  July 1, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

I'll always want MORE MORE MORE but this has all been CUTE CUTE CUTE! :P

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