Friday, July 10, 2009

7/10 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking below on read more you'll find the latest Scrubs spoiler and speculation detail. Note that spoiler refers to information which is most likely to be true and speculation is talk and discussion that should be taken with a grain of salt and is most likely false!

What we know to be true ...

Lisa's Spoilers (Thanks Lisa!) from The Scrubs Board

Week of July 6th - MediaNet Pics
Monday, July 6th - Andrea eavesdrops on Robin as she tells Patrick that she’s come to believe that Andrea is the person who killed Brianna. Spinelli overhears Maxie asking Patrick to get Coleman to abandon Karaoke Night so that Spinelli won’t embarrass himself with his horrible singing voice.

Tuesday, July 7 - Patrick tells Spinelli about pitch correction software that can improve his singing voice. After asking Alexis to meet her at the Metro Court, Andrea creates a scene to make her look bad in front of Patrick and Robin.

Wednesday, July 8 - Patrick grows suspicious of Alexis.

Week of July 13th
Tuesday, July 14 - Robin still thinks the Mayor’s wife could be responsible for Brianna’s murder.

The media doesn't lie ... (yeah right!)

ABC Hot sheet, Week of July 6th
Robin starts to suspect that maybe the mayor's wife, Andrea, DID kill her husband's mistress. But Andrea's no pushover, and when she senses she's under suspicion, she sets up a frame job ... on Alexis. And don't think Spinelli's the only one singing at Jake's; multiple performances are on tap, including a Robin/Patrick duet and a Maxie/Rebecca/Lulu number you really can't miss!

SOW from SZ via SB, Week of July 6th
Andrea Floyd sets up Alexis for a fall and it's karaoke night at Jake's!

SON SPOILERS: Week of July 6th
Monday, July 6th - Maxie and Spinelli, separately, turn to Patrick for help in avoiding a Karaoke night disaster. Andrea eavesdrops on Robin telling Patrick that she believes Andrea is the real murderer. Alexis becomes the unfortunate victim of Andrea's agenda to throw Patrick and Robin off her scent.
Wednesday, July 8th - Forging on with her plot, Andrea invites Alexis to meet her at the Metro Court and creates a scene which makes the D.A. look very bad right in front of Patrick and Robin. Patrick grows suspicious of Alexis.
Thursday, July 9th & Friday, July 10th - It's Karaoke night at Jake's!!

SOW July Sweeps Preview- Guza previews what's coming this summer:
"One of the most beloved characters will become the No. 1 suspect in the murder of the mayor's mistress. Robin will make it her mission to clear this persons name, and Patrick will support her every step of the way. The only downside to investigating a murder? The real killer might try and get rid of you!"

Latest Scrubs Speculation @the Dish ... which is quite possibly false and should be taken with a grain of salt

Nothing recent on Scrubs ...


k July 11, 2009 at 3:10 AM  

Just watched Scrubs doing their duet and can I just say it was great. I can not believe it an episode of just fun stuff. I think I have another great Scrubs moment to Youtube now!!!

diamond20 July 11, 2009 at 6:24 AM  

Scrubs were fantastic, love this couple, glad they're showing more of them , that's what I like to see a fun, sexy, flirty cool couple having fun and working as a team.

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