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7/3 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Per TV Guide Canada, Sri Rao's (ex- Night Shift 2) first Bollywood film, New York, opens in theatres worldwide today. To see the trailer, go to Sri's website and click on Our Work. They're currently in pre-production for the second film and in talks with 2 other Bollywood studios.
  • Despair in the Afternoon lists the Scrubs scenes as the only bright spot in an episode's writing
  • I've added the slideshow of katluvsscrubs pics of Jason and Kimberly at Country Fest to the Soapnation post
  • Just a reminder - ABC soaps are reruns today

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!
Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa - in black, CGS)
Week of June 29nd - T, W, Th (spoiler pics)
Tuesday, June 30
Maxie is disappointed when Robin explains courtly love means not having sex.
Wednesday, July 1
Robin admits to Alexis she’s starting to think Mayor Floyd is innocent.
Thursday, July 2
Robin comes up with a new theory about Brianna’s murder, which Andrea overhears.
Week of July 6 - W (spoiler pics)
Wednesday, July 8
Patrick grows suspicious of Alexis.
Week of July 13 - T
Tuesday, July 14
Robin continues to have suspicions about the mayor's wife.

Soap Opera Source:
Spinelli overhears Maxie trying to convince Patrick to get Colemen to cancel karaoke night at Jake's, because she doesn't want Spinelli to embarrass himself. Patrick tells Spinelli about a software that could help him with his singing. Spinelli takes Patrick's advice and discovers the device has helped him with his voice. He doesn't reveal to Maxie his using the device but claims his voice is much better because he is singing to her. At Jake's, Spinelli panics when the voice device falls into a pitcher of beer.
After overhearing Robin's theory about who killed Brianna, Andrea hatches plans of her own. She sneaks into Alexis' house, unaware Kristina is still in the house. Andrea plants emails on Alexis' computer to make it look like Alexis is obsessed with Mayor Floyd. Kristina becomes very upset when she finds the emails Andrea planted, leaving her to believe her mother is lying to her. Andrea calls Alexis to set up a meeting at Metro Court, then makes a scene when they meet to make Alexis look bad in front of Robin and Patrick.
When Jason is brought in for questioning regarding the murders of two gunmen, Diane asks him to stay locked up to make it look good for Alexis. Diane informs Alexis that emails she supposedly sent to Mayor Floyd have been made public for all to see. In turn, Alexis is put on suspension as District Attorney baring an investigation.(source)

SON Alerts:
Wednesday: Patrick grows supicious of Alexis. (source)

SOW: credit to SZ
SOW: Write Stuff
A rep for GH had no comment on reports that Josh Griffith is reportedly joining the GH writing team on a trial basis.

SOW: Buzz... Doctors Of The Law
One might expect Alexis to look askance at doctors Robin and Patrick sticking their noses into the Brianna Hughes murder investigation, but the DA has no objection. "It's a twisty little murder mystery, and it's fun that they are in cahoots, trying to figure this thing out. Anyone who can help is welcome," laughs NLG. "Apparently the people who are supposed to be doing their jobs aren't, so if the doctors want to get involved - sure, no problem! It's the budget. Everyone's got to work double duty. Alexis will probably have to operate on somebody soon!"

SOW: Editor's Opinion
Hmmm, a mistress murdered under mysterious (non-mob) circumstances, a bunch of folks gather to sing karaoke. And Jake's doesn't blow up. These are actual stories on *GH*? Okay, sure Sonny orders Dominic rubbed out this week, and Jason and Johnny do some killing... but the mob machinations are not the only game in town. It's been too long since TPTB dropped the F-bomb - fun - on PC. It's refreshing to see characters letting their hair down and getting a little silly. I look forward to more stories in which the only hit is a song.

SOW: Andrea Sets Up Alexis For A Fall
MB says that Andrea is a very scorned woman and wants Alexis to be punished for what she did. Andrea wants this all to go away and why that is, remains to be seen.
Andrea sees that Alexis dismisses her tryst with the mayor as a momentary lapse in judgment while also learning that Robin suspect Andrea of killing Brianna. MB says this only fuels Andrea's disgust, hearing that she's now a suspect. She wants the focus off her and her husband and onto Alexis.
Andrea sneaks into Alexis' house, she knows exactly where her spare key is, which MB says you can read into any way you like. When she gets into the house she sees Alexis' laptop and gets an idea. The computer is on so she gets right into her e-mail.
She makes it seem like Alexis has been sending her husband stalkeresque e-mails. To push the envelope further with the obsessed theme, Andrea stages a meeting at the MC with Alexis where she puts on a fight with her in front of Scrubs.
MB laughs and says Andrea totally sets up Alexis and tells her that her behavior has to stop, she's out of control, her e-mails, her phone calls, she's got to stop doing this.
And Andrea makes sure Scrubs knows exactly how to interpret that by telling Patrick that Alexis wanted to meet her and she shouldn't have met with her. She tells him that Alexis is after her husband and wants to continue their affair.
Her plan works perfectly and Alexis is suspended from her job as the e-mails become public.
MB says that at that point she'd rather see Alexis take the fall and go to jail than either her or husband.
But who is actually guilty?
MB says that Robin's theory is interesting and you see hints of what could be happening, but then something else comes along, and it all takes a left turn...

SOW: A Closer Look - Spinelli
SOW asks if Spin thinks he'll impress Maxie by singing.
BA says that Spin doesn't know how bad he is. He's practicing an aria around the house. He's singing a song everyone will recognize. It isn't until he overhears Maxie on the phone with Patrick that he realizes that Maxie thinks he's terrible. Maxie is concerned that if he gets up and performs, people will laugh at him and it'll stifle his confidence and make him think he's less of a man which will erase whatever progress they've made in his confidence with her.
SOW asks if Patrick can help.
BA says that Scrubs come over to talk to Spin about the Brianna Hughes thing, trying to enlist his help. He tells them that as much as he'd like to help, he has more pressing personal matters and finally admits that it's about singing at karaoke night at Jake's and how awful Maxie thinks he is. Patrick remembers Eli Love talking about some pitch correction software and a mic. It's a bit fantastical because it's basically a magical mic. He doubts any such thing actually exists.
[skipping to end]
SOW asks if anyone else gets in on the action.
BA says absolutely. The cool thing is that it's karaoke night for everybody: Robin, Patrick, Nikolas, Lucky, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Lulu, Ethan, Coleman, Maxie, Diane, Max. So not only does Spin sing, but other people sing, too. It was a long day of shooting but really fun. It's fun to see the characters having fun and the actors having fun in turn. It's karaoke, so it can be silly. No one is up there taking themselves too seriously.

Highlight of the Week:
Friday, July 10 - See who steps up to the mic on karaoke night at Jake's.

ABC Hotsheet : For the week of 7/06/09
If you've ever sung karaoke, or witnessed it, you know it can be a fun (and often hilarious) experience. Now picture Spinelli doing it. The Jackal wants to impress his beloved Maximista this week with the beauty of song. It just might not be that beautiful. Patrick helps Spinelli with a pitch-altering microphone that will have him crooning like Justin Timberlake ... except it gets ruined right when Spinelli's onstage! Let's hope love lifts up Spinelli's voice to where it belongs -- because he's got a big surprise for Maxie.
Meanwhile, Robin starts to suspect that maybe the mayor's wife, Andrea, DID kill her husband's mistress. But Andrea's no pushover, and when she senses she's under suspicion, she sets up a frame job ... on Alexis.
All this, PLUS:don't think Spinelli's the only one singing at Jake's; multiple performances are on tap, including a Robin/Patrick duet

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction - Don't Believe Most of it::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
One insider can back and said from the above post that she posted the following:
poor mercedes. she is cuter than almost all the girls in her age group and she is the killer.
its mercedes...and start looking for "Mother Byrne" to start showing some vulnerabilities...thats all Im saying
if i were robin i would watch it it happens when you get THISCLOSE to the truth
but i would think mercedes got in over her head trying to protect her cousin who knew about a blackmailing and then got caught so what is a cousin to do

I haven't liked it at all. I don't see why Scrubs are involved in this at all. It's no longer a malpractice thing.
Because the woman that watches their child is the killer.
When's the next time Mercedes makes an appearance and will she do or say anything suspicious to clue in the audience? lastly, what is this tragic incident? TIA
I have no idea what the tragic incident is.

Mercedes. That is why Robin and Patrick are involved. Look for Matt to have a bigger role in the investigation. He has his own set of skills. Alexis loses her job. Kristina doesn't know how far Alexis would go to keep her image looking squeaky clean. Molly is scared she's losing her family. Alexis realizes she's being set up. Alexis confronts the Mayor about everything but they all realize he's basically just a manipulating jerk, not the person behind the setup or the killer. Alexis turns to Robin, Patrick, Diane, Sam for help. Sam and Alexis bond. Alexis and Sonny have it out, come to some kind of terms with the past. Alexis does some time behind bars. Alexis worries about her girls. Jerry offers his help, but Alexis shies away from him.
Andrea's deception is revealed but before they can close the chapter book, they realize she's can't be the murderer. Enter Mercedes. Whose way too close to Robin and Patrick's home.
There you go. Summer.. into Fall.
That's what I know about the scandal.

I blame Martha Byrne. Guza wanted her and came.
Not exactly. I think the story was planned. But like I said earlier, I was told they planned 4 medical mystery stories that were all suppose to last three weeks each. I think when they got Martha Byrne they expanded on this one and that always ends up sucking.
Who said it was only supposed to be 6 weeks?
Actually I think it was three weeks. They were supposedly planning 4, 3-week mini arcs surrounding hospital storylines. #2 was suppose to be a euthanasia storyline. I don't know beyond that but evidently they decided to extend this one.
So is the euthanasia story being put on hold or will it coinside with the murder mystery?
It was suppose to start the first week in July so I'm guessing its been postponed or maybe even dropped.

Robin comes dangerously close to the truth

The murder mystery is resolved in September.

Wednesday July 8:
Patrick grows suspicious of Alexis.
Coming Up:
An integral member of the cast is blamed for Brianna’s murder and Robin and Patrick set out to clear his/her name.


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