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FCW Scrubs event

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Individual recaps:

  • There are some Emma scenes coming up and a family dinner.
  • Kimberly modeled a jersey of JT's! I guess they were selling gift bags for charity (don't quote me on that) and JT's jersey was in the bags.
  • JT said that Kimberly is one of his best friends
  • Got a text saying the original karaoke song was "You're the one that I want" but it was too hard to sing!
  • When Kimberly and Jason walked in, the karaoke scenes were playing on a projector, and when they saw it, they both looked like they wanted to walk right back out. LOL. Kimberly jokingly said she was in a good mood until she walked in and saw that.
  • Apparently, Bradford, Kimberly, and Jason all had the same friendship/wish bracelets. At one point, Kimberly looked down at her wrist and noticed that her bracelet was gone, and said that meant her wish was going to come true and she said, "Wooh hooh!" and raised her arms. Jason asked what her wish was and she said, "Something that makes me go wooh hooh!"
  • Kimberly says Jason is always worried about what she's going to think when he cuts his hair. Then she proceeded to do an imitation of flusted Jason going, "Is it too short? What about the back? You don't like it do you? I can tell you don't like it by the look on your face" Jason (jokingly) didn't think it was very funny. He said she was exaggerating.
  • Someone asked why Kimberly hadn't signed up to go on the next cruise and she said that she wasn't sure because she was sick for about a week after the last cruise. Jason did an imitation of Kimberly swaying back and forth during work after they got back.
  • Someone asked if they had been surfing together lately and she said she surfs with girls because Jason and his friends are better surfers and he'll leave her behind. He said she doesn't listen. It was a cute bantering moment.
  • Kimberly is getting rid of her motorcycle because she's too short to ride it. Jason said he didn't want to say "I told you so", but he was very relived she's giving it up.
  • Jason said both his niece and mother asked if Kimberly knew the butt slap was coming during karaoke, because she looked so surprised. Kimberly joked that she did know, but she's such a good actress she pulled off the surprised look. LOL. The real answer, BTW, she knew there was a slap, she just didn't know when it was coming. She also didn't know about the thrusting. That was all on Jason: "We don't chicken**** around". LOL.
  • Blake G. ad-libbed a lot during the karaoke scenes. They said he's really good at stuff like that. When Jason slapped his butt, that one was definitely ad-libbed.
  • The fans wanted an encore presentation of the karaoke song. Kimberly said they would switch parts this time. Jason said, "You just want to slap my ass" LOL.
  • The best moment, we thought was when a fan asked Kimberly and Jason to describe each other professionally and personally. Kimberly said Jason was a "dude who could go there emotionally", to which Jason said, "Way to cut a man down! 'A dude who can cry'" It was really funny. Then, more seriously she said there were two kinds of actors, those who only play to the camera and those who are there with their partner, ready to go wherever the scene takes them. She said Jason was the second type of actor (to which he jokingly said something like, "I thought you were going to say the first kind") Personally, she said that he was handsome, funny, pays for dinner, and had a great sense of style (but apprently, she picked out his outfit for and red plaid). More seriously, she said that he always looks out for her and takes care of her (also he gets her to places on time) The funny part was, she kept going on and on and Jason was like, "Are you done yet?". It was really sweet. They were both kind of embarrassed that they were singing each others praises. Jason talked about what an amazing actress Kimberly is. He said they really connect emotionally in their scenes as actors and that it was really hard during the PPD because Robin and Patrick were on different emotional levels for so long. Personally, he said she was one of his two best friends. He said he can always count on her to be honest. If she says something negative, he knows she's doing it to be constructive and if she says something positive, he knows it's geniune.
  • They really liked the last couch scenes after karaoke. They said they were just very comfortable. They were just afraid that we might think they were boring. We assured them that they were not.
  • Jason joked about how laid back Kimberly is. He said sometimes when they go to lunch and he's supposed to follow her in his car, he wastes half a tank of gas waiting for her (she puts her purse inside, takes out her keys, checks her phone, etc). Kimberly said she was mellow, Jason called her molasses. LOL.
  • Kimberly said she doesn't like texts because there's no emotion in them. She said people try to add emotion by putting smiley faces. Jason said he has never texted a smiley face nor LOL'ed. Then he said, "No offense to those of you who LOL
  • "They talked about the Emma babies. They said they were both really cute and well behaved. They were filming last week and the babies were crying a bit, which was unusual. Kimberly said it was because they don't like to be in the stroller. They said fruit loops are lifesavers when they're dealing with the babies.
  • As far as spoilers, the only thing we really got was that there is a family dinner coming up. John J. York told CynicalCityGurl that there were some family scenes at the Scorpio house with Mac, Scrubs, and Spixie coming up so we think they *might* be the same ones. We're not completely sure, but that's what we're *guessing*.
  • They talked about how much they miss NightShift because this time last year they were filming it. Kimberly joked they walk through the hospital sets and get emotional thinking about Nightshift.
  • The food in the vending machine is not real. It's all written in German. Jason said they usually put in a bottle of water at the bottom to make it look like it came out of the machine.
  • When they are writing out stuff on their charts, they're usually just scribbling. Jason joked that he practices signing his autograph. He said "I'm just kidding" and Kimberly said, "No he's not" LOL.
  • When we see them in background scenes (like at karaoke), they're usually talking about what they're going to eat for lunch. Kimberly said everyone around the studio is always talking about what they're going to eat for lunch.
  • The day they filmed karaoke, it was a long day, but fun. Kimberly said they ate pizza in Kirsten's dressing room. She said they like filming stuff with all of the cast because it's fun hanging out with everyone.
  • They thanked everyone again for the best couple award. Jason still seemed very surprised by the best supporting actor award, but he was very grateful.
  • a young fan asked how they knew all of the words to "Time of My Life". Kimberly jokingly asked, "When were you born?" Her point was that most people from a certain age up pretty much know every word to that song. So basically, both of them knew all of the words. LOL.
  • When Kimberly was talking about the Emmas not liking to be in the stroller, JT said "Especially not when it's falling down the stairs" LOL
  • They talked about [the medical mystery]. They said they liked it because it is something new to do. They want to see more about scrubs relationship
  • They both like working with Marha Byrne and said she was a great actress.
  • oh...just remember something else. Kimberly was talking about the birthing scenes and how the director or someone told her they wanted her to get on all 4's...can someone else remember what she said....when it came down to shooting the scene she finally said no way, I can't do this and all the women on the set were anxious cuz they didn't want her to have to do it either. She said it wasn't something she thought we needed to see on instead they had her lying on her side.
  • Someone asked about the garter scene and how far up he went to get the garter. JT joked that it was on her waist. And Kimberly couldn't remember the scene that it must have been pretty short. And JT joked that she has a short leg so it would be a short scene.
  • Someone asked about the music and if they could hear the song playing when they danced at the wedding. And they said no. That sometimes they listen to the music before hand so they can hear how it sounds, but that is dubbed in later.
  • But the karaoke scenes were done live. And JT commented that they sang live on a karaoke machine, thank you ABC for that!

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From the Scrubs board
  • She said she got rid of the rings because she wanted to get out of the past and the nose ring because she wanted to grow up
  • Kimberly did model 2 of JT's hockey jerseys he wore at the charity hockey game. They were auctioned for charity. Charity: AIDS Walk LA.
  • Also the bantering is easy for them! And Kim knew about the garbage strike lol *Note: Toronto's garbage men are on strike! AND SHE KNEW!
  • they don't know if they are going to walk but Kimberly wants to raise $100,000.
  • They are adorable and Kimberly was very interactive and wore the jerseys that were auctioned off!
  • There was not many specific scoop. But I remember them talking about their karaoke scene and I think KMc's friend was asking her why they kept zooming at JMB? And why it seems like TC was not enjoying himself. KMc was asking JT has he notice that TC has veen lurking at other peoples scenes. He would watching2 or so scenes prior to his and just watch. I thought that was funny. I love when they were talking about the belly and how during the ultrasound the camera had to crane down from the ceiling or something like that because the stomach was HUGE
  • It was great. Good questions. Kimberly was unusually energetic. She was just great. Really cute.
  • When Jason and Kimberly walked into the room, the karaoke scenes were playing and they were both embarrassed! Jason looked like he wanted to crawl under a table! It was really cute! They were both laughing about it!
  • Jason mentioned asking Kimberly's opinion on a couple of auditions he'd done recently but not what they were.
  • They did talk about the babies and how good they are and adorable. Easy to work with. They worked with them this past week and said that it was the first time one of them was crying in a scene and they had to stop for a couple of minutes til she calmed down. The kids are kept well supplied with Fruit Loops.
  • There were about 12 tables of I think 10 at each...
  • My fave part was the q&a and the bantering that goes on between them. It's like watching Robin and Patrick! Adorable and hilarious!
  • There are scenes - a family dinner or something - coming up with the baby. Nothing more specific and no mention of the shower scene. All we could talk about was the karaoke I guess since it was so fresh in everyone's mind.
  • KMc said i think, that the twins don't like sitting in the stroller. Also during the delivery scene KMC would ask Becky Herbst if she was doing it correctly or how.
  • Both looked hot as always with JT in a plaid shirt (which Kimberly said she picked out for him to buy) and KMc in a gray/lilac maxidress.
  • JT said he was remembering the first time (really referring to their first Scrubs event at FCW) and how scared and nervous he was. KMc turned and quipped "Firs time... how was that?" That evoked some laughs.
  • When asked abou karaoke, JT said he was pissed about it at 1st and even asked an assoc. producer "Are you serious?" He said he tried to fight it but it didn't work.
  • They were supposed to originally sing "You're the One I Want" from Grease, but Kimber said that's a hard song to sing so they wanted to do something else. Bradford A. suggested 3 other songs including "Time of My Life". So credit goes to BA for song choice.
  • Kimberly said she wanted to cry at BA's performance (and Carolyn H. actually did) as it was so sweet. JT said "I was crying because he's a better singer than me." KMc assured him that BA wasn't a better singer.
  • They did somewhat rehearse a little for the movements (only a little because Kimberly doesn't like to do run-throughs too much - likes it to be organic, whereas JT likes to run lines and be prepared). The butt slaps were choreographed. Kimberly's "O" of surprise was acting. She was pretty proud that she had a lot of us fooled that it was spontaneously done. She is an ACTOR after all. LOL.
  • KMc remarked about all the air humping JT was doing. He commented on giving his all to the performance by saying "I don't run no chicken shit operation."
  • I asked about where the name Emma Grace came from and if they had any input into the name (thanks Resa, for the question suggestion). They said they really don't have much input other than they suggested that the name not be anything previously used on GH. Kimber said the writers originally suggested Georgie, but she "put the kibosh" on that. They both like the baby's name. KMc said she wasn't sure but she thought when she heard the name Emma that maybe Holly).
  • They were asked about how easy or hard it is to do the patented Scrubs banter (since comedy is supposedly hard to do). They said that it is typically easy for them to do the banter because of the relationship they have. They are typically like that with each other anyway and have that type of chemistry in their relationship with each other as friends. Kimberly said she has different chemistry with other actors. For example, she says she always feels like a little girl with Steve Burton. JT quipped "That's because he's twice your size."
  • Both would like to do a NS3, but they don't think it would happen. They miss it since this time last year they were working on NS2. Also, they sometimes miss it when they're on set since the new GH set is the old NS2 set. They enjoyed NS2 very much and loved working with TR and FH. JT said he recently watched the first eppy of NS2 and said it was really good and he contacted her about to tell her about it (they couldn't remember if they talked on cells, texted or emailed.)
  • They said the white string bracelet were friendship bracelets that they and BA each have. KMc just noticed hers was missing.
  • They don't know anything about upcoming storylines - KMC said we know more than they do! LOL
  • As for her bike...she says she feels like a failure cuz it's just not going well....they lowered it and she's still toooo short for it.
  • Kim: “Not many dudes have sensitivity like he does. His emotion is easily turned on and turned off. There's two kinds of actors, One that just shows up and then one that's a team player. And Jason's a team player. He's always 100% there in their scenes. He's good looking, loyal. He has a great fashion sense. He always makes sure she's on time and he says that he tries.”
  • That went into a story Jason told, like if they go to meet for lunch, he has to wait in his car for her. It takes her like 30 minutes to get her keys out of her purse and to get out of the parking lot. She was saying she could use her car because it doesn't use much gas.
  • Jason: Says “It would take him a while to talk about Kimberly.” He talked about how great of an actress she is because she's been doing it for 20 years. He went into this long explanation about how she is in scenes. “It's daunting sometimes how good she is. The PPD was a place they never been before. She had to be at a certain level with PPD. She would leave on the weekend and she would be right at that level again when she came back.” She keeps him on his toes. “The PPD was the whole different ballgame and she did such an amazing job with it. He doesn't have a lot of close friends, but she is one of his best friends.”
  • Jason was shocked about his supporting actor award and said that Kim is 75% responsible for it. They have support for each other. Their relationship just comes together. Every time he talks to her, he knows he can count on her. He trusts her. She speaks the truth. If it's constructive criticism, she won’t lie to him. She just doesn't say things to say them, she means them. She knows how to give a good critique. You don't get that value in a lot of people. Kim then cut him off and said that was enough.LOL
  • they want to raise a 100K for the AIDS walk this year.
  • in conjunction with the selling the motorcycle talk she was saying how when she drives she zones out and gets home and doesn't even realize she is which JT said there isn't a chance in hell that she is getting another one
  • she was joking while modeling his hockey jersey and trying to get the price up by saying that we could wear it at night and he said she should buy it
  • their set tour live auction and the jerseys went for a lot of money. I was at Tyler's event and his tour for 4 (scrubs had 2) were far, far less.
  • They did autographs and pictures first, and then did a Q&A that was pretty rushed.
  • When Kimberly put on the jersey she commented on how stinky it smelled .
  • They can tell Gianna and Jesse apart because one is "more mature and a bit bigger" than the other.
  • The air hump was improvised too (not just the butt slap)
  • Kimberly writes on her charts (when she's in doctor mode pretending to write on patients' charts) "I love...." and then puts a smiley face at the end. But neither really write anything
  • Carm gave JT his gift of Caramilk chocolate bars, Eatmore chocolate bars and bags of Old Dutch Chips (all Canadian brands) and he was so excited over the Caramilk bars specifically! He said it's the best chocolate bar in the world


diamond20 July 20, 2009 at 1:16 PM  

Thank You so much for the post, it was very enjoyable, It made me feel like I was at the event, Love my Scrubs.

k July 20, 2009 at 5:16 PM  

Thank you, I enjoyed reading the post about the Scrubs event.

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