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Jason Thompson at GH Fan Club Weekend Luncheon

credit glamourgirls

Individual recaps:

  • Jason Thompson won as best supporting actor
  • Scrubs won as best couple
  • The Scrubs board won best tshirt and for having the best giftbasket

  • During JT's acceptance for best supporting actor: JT was very humble stating that everybody did such a good job and any of these guys up here could have won the award. He said something really sweet about Ric Hearst. The first year JT went to FCW, Ric told him that these awards were truly important because they came from the fans. JT agrees with Ric and he felt very honored to receive the award.
  • Best couple: JT said jokingly something to the effect that this is the longest relationship he's ever had, as bad as that it sounds. He thanked everyone and said that Kimberly will be very excited. When they announced Scrubs as the winner, the announcer lady called "Patrick" up to the stage. JT gets up and accepts the award saying that Robin couldn't be here because she's with Emma. Later on he said that he would tell Robin that they won, and he guessed he would tell Kimberly too. LOL!
  • When they were doing the Q&A - JJY went up to a little girl about 4 years old. The girl tells JJY that - She had a question for Jason THOMAS instead of Thompson. Everyone cracked up and JJY spent the rest of luncheon calling JT "Jason Thomas" The little girl asked the question about which wedding JT liked the best. Ever diplomatic JT said that he liked both of them. The first because they had little baby Emma and the second because they were able to say "I do." Maybe he'll like the 3rd one the best. Mary Anne thought in the back of her head "only if it's to Robin." 
  • JT shared a table with Stephen Macht - SM on the left, JT on the right. Table to the right of them was BA and KS. To the left of them was JI and NL.
  • One of the questions was "If you guys were stuck on a deserted island and you had to eat one of your cast members to survive, who would it be?" Many of the cast members pointed to Dirk who promptly stood up and flexed his muscles.
  • Blake Gibbons was asked if now every Thursday Night would be karaoke night. BG said at first that he had no control over that and then he said later that he would like that! He would love to see Jason (Morgan) come in and sing "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley. BG sang the first two lines of the chorus, quips that Elvis doesn't smile like Jason Morgan, and then asks everyone wouldn't you like to hear SBu sing it. Everyone yells yeah, and SBu gives a look that says "Hell no." Everyone laughs. Then SBu put on a pair of shades to look cool.
  • Long lines by length according to Mary Ann
  • 1. Ingo who left early at 2pm.
  • 2. LW
  • T-3: JT, GV, and BH
  • 4. Surprisingly SBu didn't have as long of a line as others above. SBu had his own cooling fan at his table and that it was said that SBu specifically requested his own cooling fan. He seemed to be in his own island in the corner by himself.
  • The Scrubs Board won the t-shirt contest! The little girl who called JT "Jason Thomas" was modeling the t-shirt that the board created and that the winner was determined by applause. There was only 3 t-shirts in the contest: One for GV, One for MinK, and the SB one. The MinK one was a white shirt with a woman's torso on it and there were ACTUAL pasties with tassels on it where the boobs should be. It was a little risky.
  • Minae said that if she (Kelly) had sang karaoke, she would have sang "Like a Virgin." Someone piped up with "What about Kent?" and Minae said, "Oh that girl just needs sex!" Minae says this while the girl who plays Molly was sitting next to her. 
  • Funny moment when JT was sitting down on the stage with all of his awards, he dropped one and there was this loud crash. And he turned so red. LOL. GV said if he won best couple, he wouldn't be dropping the award. LOL.

  • They asked JT which wedding he liked the most, he says both and he can't wait for the third
  • KMc had a wedding to be at, everyone had long lines but IR was the longest, Scrubs have scenes coming up with Spixie and Mac at the house - not sure what that's about


k July 19, 2009 at 4:59 PM  
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Amy July 19, 2009 at 5:59 PM  

Since inception, The Scrubs Hub has focused only on things related to Kimberly and Jason's professional lives, we'd like to ask that the comments be a reflection of our site's intentions. Thank you for understanding.

Anonymous,  July 19, 2009 at 11:34 PM  

Thanks for all of the recaps and the photo! I can always count on the Scrubs board! I am looking forward to the family dinner scenes with Emma! I hope her Uncle Matt is there too!

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