Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soap talk across the internet

Check out what's happening on other soap blogs across the internet:

  • Blind Item: A veteran network daytime executive interviewing for a position with a network whose soap lineup is in trouble. (Daytime Confidential)
  • It's Guiding Light mania as Deep Soap reports on the show's Florida remote. Check out interviews with Otalia and half of the Four Musketeers. (Deep Soap at Fancast)
  • Michael Fairman's trip to the Sunshine State with the cast of Guiding Light featuring Otalia, Purple Power and James Spaulding. (Michael Fairman Soaps)
  • Recasts are often very hard to swallow. And with the latest recast coming to Pine Valley in the form of Liza Colby, things are sure to get interesting. Take a look back at some of the recasts that worked, and some that didn't. (The Pine Valley Bulletin)
  • The Serial Drama girls are characteristically ranty, including finding All My Children's awfulness absolutely baffling. (Serial Drama)
  • Check out the Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, and Scrubs-related recaps and pictures that came out of the 'Rock The Soap' cruise last weekend. (The Scrubs Hub)
  • Daytime Emmy winner Judi Evans reflects on her many years on the soaps and updates us on what she's doing now in his new interview. (We Love Soaps)
  • Sunday Surgery: It's the Extras that Matter!  (


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