Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rock The Soap Weekend

credit to buff29

In the interest of keeping things simple, I'll update this post throughout the weekend as information comes in from a couple sources

laura_810, luvscrubs2, rlplate, buff29,

Individual recaps:
buff29 (Scrubs board), laura_810 (SoapZone), laura_810 (Scrubs board), anon (SoapDish), luvscrubs2 (Scrubs board), rlplate (Scrubs board) , rlpate (pt.2),


From Soapzone

  • Here is a JT quote from the event when asked what is going down with Patrick
    " I really don't know. I honestly can't tell you. I imagine it is going to go somewhere, yes. To be completely honest I don't know how far, I don't know where. I don't know if she is going to be our nanny at some point. Kimberly is going to take a couple of weeks off and I'm going to continue to work and there is going to be some sort of separation for the 2 but I really think it is going to be a real growth process for the couple but in the end it will be better in the end for both"
  • When they were told about story KMc said they wanted to do it as realistically as the AIDS story so she knew it was going to be long. It hasn't changed but they stretched it out
  • JFP told JT last week that they consider Scrubs the emotional gold of the show and that they they trust them to help with the stretching out to show the underlying love between Patrick and Robin. If they don't show that, it won't work. He knows they are disconnected right now
  • Scenes coming where Robin and Liz are rivals and KMc had to remind them that Robin and Liz are friends and tried to play it like that. She said Robin Liz ARE NOT Robin and Carly
  • Robin must lose it with Sonny because she said she has emotional scenes with him where she is really upset and felt so safe going there with him
  • Scrubs start working on cases together so Robin is back at work with the PPD being underlying in their scenes
  • NS2 sets are now GH sets and will be used in taping this week
  • Michael wakes up and he is HOT according to Kimberly
  • When asked what the best part about returning to GH a few years ago, she said meeting Jason Thompson
  • On why Patrick didn't punch out Brad...he couldn't believe what he is seeing. He says he sees Robin but it isn't Robin
  • Both going into contract negotiations soon. Real soon, according to Kimberly
  • She has first 3 weeks off in April. He was off last week in Argentina. They went in to work today right off the boat
  • Was asked if the marriage was consummated she said they had a honeymoon so yeah.
  • They missed working together in the crisis and they miss the connection between their characters but know they are supposed to be disconnected right now
  • New baby is a preemie and a year old
  • Kimberly said more than once she doesn't write the show
  • Kimberly tells writers in scenes when they change show history that fans will notice and not to change it. They say to her her, nobody will notice this but she knows *we* do
  • JT notices that Patrick always runs to Jakes to drink after a problem. If they are going to go there, they should go all the way with it. Kimberly said we will be hearing very soon about her outside projects. They both have stuff going on outside of GH.

From the Scrubs Board

  • At all of their events, Piz ARE NOT coming.
  • From Jason: "Patrick and Robin are being tested now."
  • From Jason or Kimberly: P & R are at a disconnect but they will be reconnecting.
  • Jason is happy with the storyline. He said it more than once.
  • Jason is such a scrubbie.
  • Please stop freaking out. Piz is NOT coming. Even Lisa got a good vibe. THAT should tell you something.
  • Kimberly is on vacation now. They do not know what is going to happen with PIZ but JT says he thinks something could possibly happen (has not been written yet). He said he only thinks that because why else would they be going this route. Again, this has not been written yet, this is what JT thinks. He can not say anything for sure. There is going to be a story where Robin feels threatened by Liz
  • Kimberly is not on vacation until the first part of April
  • JT said he does not think they are doing a Scrubs event at FCW this year. They will be at the main event just probably not having their own event. (take that how you want) When asked by my Mom if they (Scrubs) are even going to be together by the time FCW arrives, JT said he does not know.
  • When asked when the PPD storyline was going to end they said the do not know. It could be 2 weeks, a month, 6 months, they just do not know.
  • Jason is going to be Robin's confidant and Liz, Patricks. My sister said it looks like the writers are going to tease the audience with both couples but she doubts they will put them together.
  • Kimberly said she has to constantly remind the writers that Liz and Robin are friends when they are writing this stuff. She said with Robin and Carly it easy since they hate each other but with Liz and Robin being friends she has to make them remember that when they are writing tensions between the two
  • kimberly said her vacation is in april; they are working today
  • PIZ is NOT happening. I got a very good vibe the whole weekend from Kimberly and Jason.
  • When asked about doing a Scrubs Event at FCW, Jason said "We'll see."
  • Mary Anne (carolinagirl92 on this board). She was really surprised that all this Piz talk is going on because she didn't get that vibe at all. She said she got the vibe that it would be angst for Scrubs and that Scrubs were being tested, but would be okay in the end.


  • 710am They said they were in re-negoitations. They were pretty tight lipped (probably a negoitation ploy). So good news ... They are re-negoitating together
  • 6:19am They said Jill sees scrubs as the "emotional boulder" of the show. But no news on when current storyline will end.
  • 6:12am JT said he has to work with somebody while she is away!
  • 6:10am Well no specifics were given... They kept saying "if patrick has an affair" with elizabeth. But kimberly's taking a 3 week vacation...
  • 2:30am So I'm not sure how happy scrubs and liason fans are going to be... :-(

To read the prior days' recaps, please click


From the Scrubs Board

  • this is Mary Anne here on the RTS cruise, and I can say positively I haven't heard any Piz talk... AT ALL!!!!! Plus, we've seen them hanging together for a lot of the cruise. So I wouldn't put any stock in what SD is saying. We'll probably have more to talk about after the Scrubs event later today.


From the Scrubs Board

  • I hate to bear potentially bad news... but a plaid shirt made an appearance at the Meet the Stars Breakfast Sat. morning. But, to his [JT's] credit, it was a lovely plaid with some pretty shades of blue in it. But the plaid was put away by mid-afternoon as he was in a black trench, tight dark blue jeans, and dark grey shirt. Plus he was rockin' some smokin' model poses for pictures.

From SoapZone

  • [In response to a SD recap that JT was pimping Piz] I wouldn't put much stock in this since they haven't even had an event yet where they have spoken and each time there has been time to greet the fans JT has been with Kimberly


From the Scrubs Board

  • Talked to my friend Ann from San Jose who is on the cruise, and she saw and talked to Jason, and he was so nice to her, and was looking all kinds of1.gif. Had on black pants, white shirt, and black dress jacket . She's taking pix and will send some out when she can. Ann hadn't seen Kim yet, but she was supposed to be there already

From mOOse35

  • 1:30pm - First JT siting. He was lost with us looking for the sign in desk! And he did confirm he had just come back from argentina! He looked tired but hot as always!


Anonymous,  March 20, 2009 at 7:49 PM  

Can you believe the coverage Carly has gotten the last three weeks? Un believable...
Robin and Patrick haven't gotten one single love scene since they got maried but Carly, Carly, Caly jammed down our throats...disgusting...
Robin was a beautiful bride and Carly had the mos unflattering, ill fitting dress possible....
But I guess if your
carly you get the coverage...with Sonny, With Jason, With Jax with anybody....
soon it won't matter...

Anonymous,  March 20, 2009 at 9:29 PM  

Was thinking the same thing...Carly is given the love scenes. Maybe KMC doesn't like to do love scenes - cause now that I think about it...Patrick has been with no-name nurses, Leyla, Carly (dreams), Liz (dreams) more than with Robin - in a truly love scene I mean. Robin and Stone were g-rated. Robin and Jason - also g-rated. Robin and Patrick - I can only remember one real love scene - the cottage. On the other hand; Carly gets all the love scenes.

Maybe I missed it - but, since when is Jax and Carly more popular than Scrubs??

Sarita March 20, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

Since Kimberly and Jason are both on that cruise I have a suggestion.

( the suggestion is obviously meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously, just my rantings as a depressed angry desperate fan )

All the Scrubs/GH fans should get together on the cruise and stage a coup. Once on land in Mexico they should lure our favorite TV couple to a deserted beach mansion where they hold them as very comfortable relaxed prisoners with plenty of margaritas and fresh guacamole. Keep them on isolated vacation in paradise until Frons meets our demands and comes to his senses, in other words pulls his head out of his ass.

1.) Guza and all his minions, wife and Phelps included, are all to be fired immediately.

2.) Whether the Labines and Riche or another talented dedicated GH loving staff of writers and show runners will be hired and given free reign.

3.) A few weeks worth of scripts and a two year story layout must be approved by fans/captors before Kimber and Jason are returned... tanned and happy and ready to work!

4.) Frons and the evil previous now fired administration must issue formal written and on air apologies to all GH fans for the disaster GH has become under their rule. Including specific apologies highlighting their recklessness in stories regarding HIV, organized crime, ghosts, the police, firefighters, fashion industry workers, PPD, high risk pregnancies, terrorism, plow patents, toxic balls, ALL violence, counterfeit medications, soup, heart disease and treating babies like Keebler Elves.

5.) Also all GH employment contracts will be revised to honor actors and their characters, especially the legacies that anchor and drive the show.

6.) A formal spiritual cleansing will have to take place at Prospect Studios to rid the atmosphere there of the evil hateful misogyny that infected the show so offensively under Guza. Burning photos of Guza and many of the characters on GH may be necessary.

When all of these demands are met Kimberly and Jason will be returned happy and relaxed from their "extended" vacation.

maxxie March 21, 2009 at 3:57 AM  

I shake my had daily when watching still LOADS fo mob time and Carly time and what 4 scenes of scrubs today. So now they figure "hey with no previews they'll come and watch knowing there is a story for scrubs"
WHEN will they see even if Scrubs are on for 2 seconds its THE MOB and the Carly feast that is making people tune out".

Anonymous,  March 21, 2009 at 6:34 AM  

I have a suggestion to all those cruisers...find out the real scoop. Did Kim and Jason ask for the split? What do they think about their characters? Of course, I know you can't say "Kim said she doesn't like the way her character is going...." BUT maybe you can find out on the down low if they get along in real life.

We'd love to know. Might be easier to take the latest horrific plots (the whole Robin is a lousey mother) if we knew they didn't want to work together.

Though, on second thought - there is no excuse for the whole "way Robin is treating her child" story line.

Anonymous,  March 23, 2009 at 9:27 AM  

So, if Jason and Robin get back together - will they have Emma - or will Emma be with her step brothers - Cameron and Jake....as one big happy family?? The only problem I have with this is that again Jason looses a "child".

Liz and Robin have been friends since they were 7 or 8....the writers have all lost their minds.

I guess it is true....the writers can't think of ways to keep Patrick and Robin happy together fighting something else (a medical plague - or biotoxin, someone they know dying - during NS1 - Staey; and NS2 - Robert, trying to wake up Michael, etc...) so they have them "fighting" each other and having a miserable wedding.

I have had it with this show....

Anonymous,  March 24, 2009 at 6:58 AM  

I think we should form a letter writing campaign to the writers that they need to be true to the character of Robin. You cannot change her character after 20 years....give the audience a break. Maybe they need to FIRE all the writers and hire some "long-time fans" or a couple of 24 writers. (The hospital scene was a rip off of 24's clock afterall.)

24 has much better storylines....about terrorism and biotoxins. Leave that to nighttime shows. Give us LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON....

GIVE US THE LOVE - WE HAVE NOT SEEN BETWEEN PATRICK AND ROBIN. The last time I saw love was when Patrick was telling Robert how he was going to love Robin - before the wedding. The wedding was OK - not great - some of those lines could've been better. But, we have gotten NOTHING since then.


If my marriage "started" out like this....I would pack it in NOW!!

And, finally - the Liz stuff - give us another break - Liz and Robin are best friends. Don't destroy that too!!

Anonymous,  March 24, 2009 at 7:57 AM  

maybe its JUST me but the more we complain I think they won't give us what they want. I mean PEOPLE wanted her to have a BABY and ranted and ranted and look what a stupid storyline that made her whiny and complaining. So I say silence is golden.

Carolyn March 27, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

I like Scrubs - doesn't everybody? - but am first and foremost a huge Liason fan. So like most people I'm already beyond irritated at how bad GH is these days.

"Kimberly tells writers in scenes when they change show history that fans will notice and not to change it. They say to her her, nobody will notice this but she knows *we* do"

That is not surprising to hear.

I hope they don't turn this PPD story into some kind of quad romance drama. So disappointing.

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