Monday, March 2, 2009

Jason Thompson at the RMHC Hockey game


credit to trgnurse

Link to pictures: Susan Fortune, trgnurse, kms2121, thorrad
Link to video: kms2121

From the Scrubs board
  • He said "Work is good, Home is good" & I asked him if his dog is good & he said, "yes, the dog is good".
  • As usual with this event, not too many Jason fans, mostly the hardcore fans of Michael Rosenbaum, who always manage to entertain me.
  • This was the first year that the players had to pay for their own expenses to the game, so it shows how dedicated he is. He said he loves doing this event for the kids (Ronald McDonald House).
  • JT's team was blue, they won by shootout. I think it was like the 6th or 7th shot that finally won it for them though.
  • JT scored the first goal for the team. Otherwise, he had at least one other assist.
  • He's good. If he was on the ice, he did all the face offs no matter where they were
  • I was surprised that he's pretty competitive. He was the always pumping his arms in excitment, always yelling, in the game completely.
  • Lots of bantering back and forth between him and M. Rosenbaum. There was a lot of "Thompson/Rosenbaum" jokes
  • When they went into a shootout, three people per team were picked to take the shots. (JT didn't make his, but was the third of the original three picked for to do the shootout - so assuming that meant he was good)
  • No Tom Arnold, so some other random announcer
  • They did talk to JT twice during the game, both times about the game.
  • At the end, MR was throwing off his jersey and padding and JT skated up behind him and pulled up his t-shirt leaving MR's abs visible. they were cute.
  • JT was really cute about talking to all these little boys around the rink. He would kinda talk to them all.
  • There was a silent auction going on during the game where you could bid on an autographed JT jersey. Not sure who won but the last bet I saw was $125


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