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8/26 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • A Scrubs-centric episode of Night Shift will be airing tonight, be sure to watch!
  • Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada handicaps the 2009 Supporting Actor Emmy category and names Jason Thompson as one of the 5 contenders!
  • Jason Thompson talks in SOD about the worst trouble he got in school - " There are a lot things I could tell you [laughs]. I didn't realize how bad I was until I talked about it to my parents over dinner one night. I spent one whole year in the "boot room" with nobody around me. I had my own separate desk, where all the jackets and snow boots were kept. I was cut off from everybody in the class. I was just talking a lot and not paying attention. I think every teacher would say, "Has potential, but doesn't apply himself.' I hope my kids don't take after me." (source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Upcoming Night Shift Episodes
Episode 6 "Playing With Fire"
Patrick comes to a better understanding about Robin's HIV after he meets a couple who are quarantined from each other, despite their desperate desire to be together. Meanwhile, a jealous Leo tries to steer Jagger away from Saira, Robert struggles with another setback and Claire secretly signs Kyle up on an internet dating site. Written by Sri Rao & Tamar Laddy.
Episode 7 "Listen To My Heart" (spoiler pics)
Robin must make a painful decision about her father's future when Robert goes under the knife. Meanwhile, Leo and Saira team up to save a patient, Jagger joins an autism support group and Claire butts heads with a former schoolmate. Written by Sri Rao & Karen Harris
Episode 8 "Pay It Forward" (spoiler pics)
Jagger is forced to investigate the hospital – and its Chief of Staff Patrick – after the FBI discovers someone is illegally selling human organs. Meanwhile, Robert has a meltdown after he has had enough of the hospital. Elsewhere, Leo begins to feel the pressure of his "relationship" with Saira, Claire learns a hard truth about being a doctor and Toussaint and Epiphany reconcile their relationship. Written by Sri Rao & Emily Branden
Episode 9 "About a Dad"
Episode 10 "Brothers and Sisters"
Episode 11 "Love/Hate"

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 8/25 - W, Th, F (spoiler pic)
Wednesday, August 27
Patrick tears into Matt, saying he's too inexperienced to have operated on Spinelli. Matt defends himself and blames Spinelli's infection on bad medication.
Robin's family and friends thinks she's making a mistake by not accepting Patrick's marriage proposal.
Thursday, August 28
Robin makes it perfectly clear to everyone how much Patrick means to her but won't budge on her decision not to marry him.
Friday, August 29
Patrick won't give up on his quest to get Robin to marry him.
week of 9/1 - W, F
Wednesday, September 3
Anna questions Robin’s reasons for not accepting Patrick’s proposal.
Friday, September 5
The pressure of everyone wanting her to accept Patrick’s proposal takes its toll on Robin.
week of 9/8 - W
Wednesday, September 10
Robin might be having a change of heart about marriage after all.

Stuff We Know:
At press time no word on if TR will return to his old stomping grounds at Gh once NS wraps. "I'll be honest, it hasn't been put on the table as we speak," shares Rogers. "If it's happening, and I don't think it is at the moment, then it hasn't reached me. Is there a possibility? I don't know. If they want to do it, I'm always amenable to go back to that show. I've got a very strong, emotional connection to it. It depends on how I would go back."
What Will Happen: NS
Robin and Jagger commiserate on Stone's bday.
Robert and Toussaint share a bonding experience.
Claire and Kyle brave on-line dating.
ASJ article:
Originally asked to come back by Mark Teschner. They wanted to bring Jagger back. Teschner told him about the son Jagger was going to have and the storyline and maybe in the future Vanessa was going to come back and play Brenda.
Everyone keeps asking if he is going to GH. He says that he has NS until mid September and they haven't asked yet. He heard there is a chance Vanessa is coming back. If she does there could be something for Jagger and Brenda.

:: Pretty Reliable::
EMI: none at the time of this post
AIG:none at the time of this post
Chat Up:
Is Chat Up here?Is NS3 on the table?
Yes. As I said last night it is similar to last summer when NS2 was on the table at this time. There are a lot of variables and it's not a done deal, including the timing of it.
There were funding issues around NS2 because they were originally hoping to get it off the ground last spring so they may be aiming for a similar timing this go around but I don't know for certain
Would we have to wait until summer to see it?
Well that's not been decided yet so I couldn't tell you.
chatup, Since we have had to witness scenes with Leyla talking about Patrick, do you see that continuing or does it mean anything?
what you're asking me I think is if it means anything for Patrick and Robin.
if I could answer that I would tell you the answer is no but I can't answer it.
Hey Chatup, is it true, or have you heard anything about Frons selling Soap Net to a couple of more cable companies do that viewership could potentially double in 2009
I heard that last week and I thought, OH no, we're stuck with him forever if that's true.

I haven't heard about the sale but I know he's working double time on market penetration and believes original programming is a big part of getting a larger piece of the pie.
and yes, if he succeeds you can call him el presidente for life
Ok, can you maybe check into it because I heard he made the sale and that Soap Net would be in as many homes as lifetime currently is by the middle of 2009. That's huge if true.
Also, honest opinion? Is Pratt going to show Guza up big time? A friend of mine who is seriously in the know tells me that I'm going to be in despair thinking about what might have been at GH within the next month. What's your opinion? IS AMC really about to get that much better?
I'll have a look into the SN thing. Because shit - as many homes as lifetime - that's massive.
Pratt has been given a mandate to bring AMC back to its "once former glory" and he has a lot to prove so I don't think he'll leave any stone unturned and he's got Daran Little as an associate writer. Guza will no doubt have an eye on all that and sharpening his pencil
Aside stuff from the informed Anon:
Just interjecting here. Hope that's ok. Lifetime is owned or partially owned by Disney which of course also owns Soapnet. I heard about this deal about a month ago. I haven't heard its a done deal but if it goes through every cable company that carries Lifetime will also automatically carry Soapnet and Soapnet will be moved out of the premium tier and into the basic cable tier that carries Lifetime in most areas. Its complicated but it is in the works and is likely going to happen.

And yes, you're both right. If it does happen, Frons will get a raise and will have more job security than anyone at ABC.
Who is Daran Little?
The former coronation street writer

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish (source):
Robin accepts Patrick's proposal of marriage but with certain compromises being made. Both anticipate the birth of their daughter but Robin starts to show signs of the physical toll carrying her baby is taking on her body .

Afternoon little sharks,
Hope all the swimmers are still intact. I only worked this morning but thought I'd drop some information that was all the buzz in the back office today. B. G. is possibly going to have another rape on GH. One of the XY writers is not happy about it. B. G. thinks violence is bringing you guys back to your televisions, and if you aren't watching mobbies then maybe you'll tune in for a little sexplotation.
The mob is going to be all it all fall.
Scrubs fans should be dancing a little dance, because no matter what anyone tells you, your couple is going to have the love and romance that fans have been calling in for. Robin will continue on the writing path that NS part Deux has been carving for her. Her positive mail and fan response has been huge. No matter who implies otherwise she has outdistanced all the male leads in the last three weeks for mail.

Thanks can you say when Robin accepts Patrick's proposal?
Also why is the show talking of Leyla and Patrick's fling so much lately?

Sorry but the Scrubs proposal is getting to be big stuff here, with the NS3 negotiations (and no matter what anyone tells you they are already on the table) and NS2 continuing to show Robin and Patrick with a fully developed relationship, and not the childish superficial stuff of GH. Not just because of the success of NS2 but you guys can't imagine how many call ins have focused upon the lack of romance on GH and boredom with the MOB focus. This has been increasing in the last month, but at the same time B. G. wants to tell the MOB stories. With the stark contrast between NS2 and GH, B. G.'s lack in the love story telling has become painfully obvious. I'm sure 90% of SD will discount this but I can only tell you Scrubs is safer than any other couple on daytime.
The acceptance is going to be beautiful, but many aren't going to be able to tell you much because of what happens immediately before. Robin fans are going to love her more than ever before and yes Patrick fans are finally going to have a little validation. Anyone remember Felicia giving birth to Georgie, look for similarities with the Scrubs baby, just not so simple.
Nite all.

Hmmm...interesting information in response to actor mail count...Pickups have been noticed for KMc and JT, especially JT. and also KeMo and GV. Also JMB mail, noticably picked up within the last two months-speaking of JMB, she has some considerable Emmy buzz around her right now similarly in nature to the LW buzz after Michael storyline. But leaders in terms of individual fanmail: MB and BA. In terms of couples fanmail, Scrubs and Liason on top. I definitely wouldn't say RiH has dropped, in fact there has been a strong response from fans for more Ric. But NLG, surprisingly not in top three for female this summer.

Actually not true at all. KMc and JT are getting huge mail, most positive from NS2 as is KS, BA, BH and NLG. MB and SB and LW always get good mail. But oddly Guza's fav JMB and Jolu aren't getting big mail, tho' BB does. JMB getting some recog from the mags and industry insiders from her recent work but everyone agree's that this summer's storyline did not grab viewers interest. Many think that Genie and the upcoming story will hook the viewers and change that.

Wow. battle of the insiders, people's agenda's showing through. Interestingly enough, no one mentions more money was spent on promoting Spinelli/Maxie, especially interms of MTV and E! ads then the Johnny/Lulu pairing. But the wide exposure of Spinmax did not draw summer viewers either. In terms of actor's who have benefited in terms of fan support this summer: JT would be at the top of the list. KMc has always been up there, but JT's has really picked up. JMB and MW's fanmail are actually much higher than online fans seem to expect, JMB also had some wedding packages from fans including balloons delivered to the studio. BA is the highest individual reciever i would say of all actors and actresses. For the women, BH, LW, KeMo, KMc and NLG are all very close. KS's fanmail picked up a lot earlier in the year, but has now evened out. Scrubs and Liason are holding steady at the top for pairings, but Lusam was the big riser for the summer. The Spinmax/Jolu fancount has neither increased or decreased, both are pretty steadily strong. Carjax has suffered the most this summer.

How does Robin show friends and family she loves Patrick?

She follows his lead and uses the hospital PA system
sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but when is that supposed to be happening?
Next Friday.


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