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12/25 Heard in the Waiting Room

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates
week of 12/24
Liz & Patrick
Liz & Patrick
Liz, Patrick & Jax
Liz, Patrick, Jax & Lucky
Kelly & Carly
Carly & Kelly
Liz, Kelly & Patrick
Robin & Liz
Robin & Liz
Robin, Liz & Jax
Robin, Liz, Jax & Lucky
Lulu, Epiphany, Eve & Day Player
Liz, Robin & Kelly
Week of 12/31
Liz & Epiphany
Liz, Epiphany, Cassius & Patrick
Liz, Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Regina
Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Kelly
Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Kelly

none at the time of this post

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen: none at the time of this post
SoapKing: none at the time of this post
AIG:none at the time of this post
Wizard: A little Christmas present from me and little Wizard:
- Nikolas experiences another rage episode, Patrick has no other choice but to sedate him.
From my family to yours, we wish you very Merry Christmas!
Wizard (source)
Script Insider:
Week of 12/24
Liz & Patrick
Liz & Patrick
Liz, Patrick & Jax
Liz, Patrick, Jax & Lucky
Kelly & Carly
Carly & Kelly
Liz, Kelly & Patrick
Robin & Liz
Robin & Liz
Robin, Liz & Jax
Robin, Liz, Jax & Lucky
Lulu, Epiphany, Eve & Day Player
Liz, Robin & Kelly (source)
week of 12/31
Liz & Epiphany
Liz, Epiphany, Cassius & Patrick
Liz, Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Regina
Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Kelly
Epiphany, Cassius, Patrick & Kelly (source)
Does Robin tell Liz that Scrubs had sex?
SI, did Patrick and Robin sleep together?
What prompts Robin to want to do AI?
Robin doesn't say what's behind her decision
What to Robin and Carly trade insults over?
Ancient history. Michael/AJ/Jason.How does Patrick react to Robin wanting to do AI?
Patrick doesn't know.
Does Patrick talk to Robin about the sex that they had?
Can you describe any P/R interaction? Do they talk bout what happened between them or anything?
They do not talk about what happened. It's primarily hospital talk.
In regards to the Carly/Robin stuff, who initiates the fight?
Carly but it's mutual and continues for a couple of scenes.
Also, does Patrick find out about the confrontation at all?
He doesn't. (source)
SI,Any details about Jax scenes you can share next week? (for my friend AA)
He and Robin discuss Georgie at the hospital and Patrick watches them jealous.
SI,What do the Patrick/Robin/Liz scenes have to do with on Wednesday?
Robin is talking about sleeping with Patrick to Liz and Patrick interupts to discuss a patient.
How do Carly & Robin get in each other's faces? Did they just bump into each other at the hospital and start arguing? What leads up to it?
They're both waiting to see Kelly. (source)
SI, is there any way you can tell us if you've heard of a human bomber story?
Yes I have but can't elaborate much more at this time. I can say someone who posted information today seemed to know what they were talking about.
Any longing for Robin on Patrick's part?
Not that is verbalized. I don't know the thoughts of the characters.
What is the last Robin Liz, Kelly & Patrick scene about on Thursday. Is Patrick eavesdropping?
He's not eavesdropping. Kelly and Robin are discussing spermbanks. (source)
SI, What's the gift to Felicia from Maxie?
It's never opened.
What is Patrick's reaction to Kelly and Robin discussing spermbanks?
He doesn't hear them. (source)
SI what are Patrick and Liz doing in that scene where Kelly and Robin talk about spermbanks?
SI, do you only get info weeks at a time? If so, is it a sure thing that Scrubs don't have that much airtime in January as some have said?
I don't get info weeks at a time. Right now I have information up through the week of January 14th. I don't push my luck out of respect for my friend's job by posting too much too soon. I'm lucky enough for them to share with me so I won't do anything to jeopardize our friendship or their career.
Scrubs airtime is consistant to what you're seeing now.
SI,do they explain why Felicia leaves town again?
She doesn't leave during this week.
So you mean to tell me we dont' even know who is involved? Scrubs might be involved. If they are...
I said I didn't discuss who is participating in those particular episodes. I will reiterate whoever was posting here earlier today seemed to know what they were talking about.
Why is Patrick jealous of Robin talking to Jax?
Because it appears like an intimate moment. (source)
There are certain things that can be slipped by censors and other times they crack down. This was one of those times they were cracking down.
What? Explain please.
If one actor is lying on top of another actor, there can be no movements that appear to be thrusting especially the person on the bottom. If that's how someone interprets it's removed. That's what happened in this case.
There are many rules like this and most of them are silly.
GH doesn't require their actors to do shirtless scenes. The men decide when they want to do them.
Are the women afforded the same option in re: to do love scenes at all.
Yes they can decide how much to bare in scenes.
there was thrusting?
Just to be clear. I didn't say there was thrusting. I said there can be no movements that appear to be thrusting. I'm not implying anything inappropriate between actors in their scenes.
Can an actor or actress refuse love scenes ?
Yes they can but that doesn't mean their requests are always granted. There are usually compromises put into place.
SI could you please tell us what the issue was that got the censors involved? This is the best item I've ever seen on this board!
Already answered. GH Editing Dept. censors themselves many times. If they think there will be an issue, they edit out the content before there is one. ABC daytime has many rules the programs must follow. Sometimes the programs can sneak things by sometimes they can't. For example, a woman can't wrap her legs around a man's waist if her top is off. If she's wearing a shirt, it's fine.
Suppose it is the female atop the male?
It doesn't make a difference.
SI do you know why they didn't show more with regard to Patrick and Robin having sex (i.e. why there was no afterglow, removal of clothing or any movement toward a bed or something?)
For whatever reason it wasn't in the breakdowns. The writers aren't going to write anything that isn't in their breakdowns. The temporary writers especially won't stray from the outlines they're given. (source)
You've intrigued me.
Are love scenes vetted by an FCC associate/rep or by a GHer?

The FCC isn't involved with the GH scenes. GH edits itself and then goes to ABC standards who can make further edits. It depends on the day the things they can and can't get away with by the network. For this reason, they edit themselves.
I thought there were some rules too about being on top of each other, like a time limit or something?
There could be. I'd be a liar if I said I knew all their rules. I can only go by what my friend has told me at different times when scenes and dialogue was been cut/altered. (source)
SI, if scenes were a little different from what we expected (like the scrubs scene this Friday where Robin cried and she initiated the kiss), is that because the actors make certain decisions and don't follow the script exactly or is it last minute script changes?
It can be either. I didn't ask about those scenes but I will make a point of asking my friend when they return on next week. I will answer this question for you next weekend.
SI, is afterglow ever censored? Scrubs have had a lot of those and I wonder if any of it may have ever been censored that you know of.
Not that I've ever heard about.
Just to reiterate, when I say things have to be censored it's not because anything inappropriate happens in the scenes between actors. Some of their rules are silly and they have to make judgements on whether or not certain things in scenes appear a certain way.
I never implied or tried to imply anyone did anything inappropriate in scenes.
Just to be clear, I did say there can be no movement that appears to be thrusting, especially by the person on the bottom.
SI, do you know if JFP is the reason there is so much violence and not enough romance and love scenes?
I'm sure it is. The violent aspect of the show seems to get the most response and that's what they want. (source)
OMG! SI! NYE montage, Scrubs kiss, yeah or Nay? TIA
There is not a kiss scripted
SI can you describe the scrubs scenes. Any touching? Any talking about their relationship?
No. No
What are Robin’s scenes on Monday about?
A patient who was hit by a car
SI -- do you have Patrick scenes for the week of the 31st? Thanks.
He's on Monday
Are they in the montage? What are they doing during the NYE episode. Thanks. (Scrubs)
Treating a patient who dies on the table
Who all is in the NYE Montage?
Epiphany, Patrick, Robin,Kelly & Cassius
Lucky & Sam
Carly & Jax
Sonny, Kate & Day Player
Nikolas & Emily
SI, are Scrubs mourning the loss of a patient they lost in the OR?
SI are Patrick and/or Robin ONLY on the one day the week of the 31st? (Monday 12/31)?
I know that you commented that you had scripts up to the 14th, can you answer if Scrubs have one to two days of airtime in those coming weeks, or more like 3 to 4.

That's their only day
SI do Patrick or Robin do anything or say anything that week that has anything to do with their feelings about eachother or their non relationship or anything??
If we're on the following week, the 31st, how many days is Felicia on? Thanks.
What is Jax doing at GH?
Talking to Robin
Does Felicia leave town the week of the 31st??
Is this a random patient or does the patient have something to do with the upcoming baby story? I guess what I am asking is -- is there a reason they are treating this particular patient -- does it have to do with their story?
SI I don't know if you can answer this but do you know when we will start seeing the scab scripts?
You've already seen them (source)
Chat up: none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish Anon:
Yes it is but it isn't much. They have dinner in January and sleep together. They just sort of drift back together. You can keep say it isn't happening but it is
You are an insider?
Can you give me a date? A week?
What happens to Robin's anon AI plans when she is reuniting with Patrick? What happens to Patrick's "no kids ever" mantra?

As I have said many times before that more often than not that more often than not the same people who get specfiic breakdowns do not get storyline information and vice versa. I know they have dinner and sleep together. It is part of their story. I know Patrick is the father. I don't have specifics but just because someone does not have scene specifics means they are fake. (source)

How often are focus groups done? Focus groups hadn't been done for a while and they started up again right after November sweeps.
How many in a group? There are 24 in each group.
Are they fans or non fans of the show? Soap watchers in general? Non-fans.
They're going to do them for entire episodes again in 2008. Two a month.
Canyou tell me what was the response to Patrick and Robin in the focus groups? They weren't in the episode that was used for the groups.
There is one at MetroCourt but no one attends. People just happen to be elsewhere. There is no other party
These scenes have not been added. Someone is having fun with you. I posted the focus group feedback and these scenes are not there. in response to this post scenes added patrick and robin together on new year's ever
Why is Joe the bomber angry? What's his deal? His child is being refused medical attention and sent to the county hospital.
Does the bomb go off? Turns out he doesn't have an actual bomb. He is bluffing.
How is crisis averted? Jason is able to talk him into giving himself up.
Robin is not involved and it actually takes place over 3 days.
Does this happen when Liz takes Jake in after the fire? Is that why he is there? Yes.
Patrick is involved but Robin is not.
Focus group insider here and I can tell you exactly who is in the scenes. Robin is not there. Patrick, Monica, Regina, Dr. Ford, Sam, Lucky, Jason,Edward, Liz and Jake are there just to name a few but Robin is not. I forgot Joe the bomber is there too.
Focus group poster here and this is false. They did indeed have sex. She and Liz discuss it a couple of days later. in response to From what I heard they don't sleep together. He literally just held her all night.
I'm not. I'm a Scrubs fan so if you think I'm fucking happy about this, you're nuts. Robin's not involved at all. Patrick is but he's not a focus. Scrubs aren't a focus at all in January. KMc isn't even going to make her minimums in January. So, no, I"m not baiting.
KMc makes her minimum in December NOT January.
JT only has a 5 episode minimum so he more than makes his minimum in Jan.
She's on a few times but she doesn't come close to making her 8 episode minimum for the month.
Not about any of the Scrubs stuff since they don't have a date at all in January. in response to Okay, based on SI's scene counts, do you think the anon who posted on Dec 9th is correct? They seem to be getting quite a bit right.
Patrick doesn't change his mind at all about kids in Jan at least to what's been taped. Jan so far is very Scrubs and Robin-lite.
So why would they show scrubs if there is no kiss?? what's the point?? To fulfill JT and KMc's minimums for the month
No, they don't. SI will tell you this when he or she returns to answer questions tonight. There is no kiss at midnight or any other time between Robin and Patrick in that episode.
No, there wasn't a kiss. They're just in dayplayer doc mode all episode. I'm not even sure why they're on but they're on but not doing anything. in response to Was there a kiss that was going to be shown but focus groups made them cut it?
There isn't a kiss. The scene ends with them sitting there depressed on NYE. That's it. Someone is trying to get your hopes up. They're all devestated that they lost a patient in the OR. There is no kiss. They're moping.
Scrubs are only on twice together but JT is on three other days with the human bomb mini arc in response to I have a hard time believing that scrubs are only on twice in the month of January.
I never said she was only on 2 times in Jan. SCRUBS is on two times together in Jan. But KMc doesn't make her minimums in January, that is true.
No, she's (robin) not. This whole thing is Jizamucky focused. Patrick's there but he's not a focus. in response to Robin is involved in the bomb story.
No, she (Robin) is not. She is offscreen. Period. She's not on and not involved in this arc.
No it's not. That's when the human bomb story is. in response to Yes they do. (Patrick/Robin date) I It's the 3rd week of January.
CONCURRING WITH “Focus Group insider”
Considering FGI and I have the same info, I don't think he or she is lying.
Yes she is stop baiting Scrubs fans. in response to No, she's not. This whole thing is Jizamucky focused. Patrick's there but he's not a focus.(Robin's involvement in the bomb story)
She is involved in the arc. Guess we will see who is right when it happens. in response to No, she is not. She is offscreen. Period. She's not on and not involved in this arc.
They (Patrick/Robin) are pretty heavily involved in the human bomb thing. IThey have their date after that.
Yes she is. (part of bomb story) They are also on together during the Nik mini-arc
Just remember you also heard they do kiss so decide what you believe but don't state either as fact. (Patrick and Robin)
Yes they do. People can ask SI and even if she says no I will believe my info because she doesn't get last minute tweaks
Yes they do. It's the 3rd week of January. in response to Not about any of the Scrubs stuff since they don't have a date at all in January.
The human bomb storyline is 2 days on screen and both Robin and Patrick are involved.
Anyone else? Who's in trouble, Patrick or Robin? Neither.
They do. Patrick looks at his watch and realizes that it's midnight and kisses Robin.
No, they do. It's a group scene but there is a kiss
I'm out now. Someone here (focus group insider) keeps discounting my info. We'll see who's right when those scenes air in a few weeks.
scenes added
Patrick and robin together on new year's ever
jerry and alexis with the girls plus ric coming in
sonny and kate in bed
maxie , felicia and mac thinking about georgie
They are on more than twice.....wait for SI. in response to I have a hard time believing that scrubs are only on twice in the month of January. (source)

The strike makes these things difficult. They had to cut short Leyla's involvement, but because of the strike, it made it difficult to create a new plan and placement for all three characters. So they did what they could with the three without taking them off screen completely for the months leading up to the baby story. That's why you're seeing these pointless little arcs. Come February, they should be starting up their new story. Robin's scenes with Kelly about her options are slowly setting it up.
I'm being called away now though so I'll come back another time. Merry Christmas everyone. (source)

TPTB at GH are not happy with the ratings for the past couple of months especially beginning with sweeps and the last couple of weeks. Since the scap writers have now taken over it's kind of hard to change things, but higher ups are considering some changes whether they take place soon or over the next couple of months is anyone's call. Frons is being pressured to bring up not only GH's ratings, but the other ABC soaps as well. TPTB realize GH's writing needs to be livened up across the board with stories, but are also very a where of a past couple that seems to not only bring in viewers, but ratings as well. This couples current pairings are not succeeding to the point of what TPTB thought they would. One pairing seemed to be doing ok in the beginning, but have since fell off the radar. There is hope that a new character coming to PC can liven things up and maybe even capture the chemistry shared once before with part of this pairing. The higher ups are not being very patient any longer and something has got to happen or heads are going to roll. TPTB know the viewers are screaming for good, strong, solid character driven stories and realize that is why MC worked so well, but also realizes which pairing was the central part of that story. Frons has been told to do something. (source)

All couples on GH are up in the air except for CARJAX and SCRUBS.
Are you sure Scrubs aren't? because GH isn't writing them like a couple that's going to get back together at all.
I'm not a fan of any couple. That is what I hear. SCRUBS is considered a safe bet for success regardless of the A or B or C storyline slot. CARJAX is a safe bet since the dropping of Jax's rape story. The only thing that would shake up CARJAX is if IR leaves. (source)

When are we going see the scab writers on screen? MSP is a shitty ass writer doesn't know what Christmas mean to her.
You are already seeing them. Fact.
What else you got?
I can't tell you when they started but Georgie's funeral was a result of the new writing.
That's what we heard. Is it true that JFP is personally copying the emailed scripts herself?
We heard that KMc, TG, and NLG have taken advantage of adlibbing their scenes. Anyone else?
What's with the recent cutting of scenes?

JFP is very hands on, yes. Things are tighter and leaks are easier to spot with her system.
I can tell you TG had a lot to do with what was on screen today including the singing and song choice.
Scenes are being cut, at least on today's epi, due to feedback as you have probably heard.
Does this have to do w/ focus groups as the other insider said? Are they doing focus groups on storylines or on couples or just individual shows?
As far as I know individual shows are viewed and a lengthy feedback process is a result, inclusive of questions about characters and couples.
Anything on Jason/Liz and Patrick/Robin?
Patrick and Robin continue into January together but not really together. They will have some good stuff coming up right before sweeps and into it.
Patrick changes his mind about kids and its not just random.
Jason/Liz will want to be together more than ever but it isn't going to be easy and that doesn't change in January. Expect more interaction though and many more confirmations that they are a real pairing now.
I'm sorry I can't be more specific at this time. There is something that is happening in the latter half of January that no one will see coming and no one has spilled yet. It's not safe to do so at this time.
Best Wishes to Everyone. (source)

when does patrick sedate nik
January 10th
Fact or spec?
And is Robin involved? Does she hold the sharps container for Patrick?

Fact and she's not mentioned. Just Nadine is.
hmm interesting. do we know anything about Robin that week
No. Nikolas is sedated right before the bomber comes into GH. Patrick and Nadine take care of him.
Thank you. Is Robin on at all that week and with whom? TIA

Not in the breakdowns. Maybe she's on but she's just not mentioned. That happens.
Insider, who is all at the hospital during this arc? Who is involved in the story?

It's not an arc it's less than a week. Liz, Jason, Lucky, Sam, Leo, Leyla, Regina, Epiphany, Dr. Ford, Patrick, Edward, Monica, Nikolas, Nadine and Jake. (source)

It Amazes me how everyone from the hospital set is pretty much involved with the bomber story expect Robin, I refuse to watch the bomber story because of No Robin.

Just popping in and was catching up from last night. What is the big deal? KMc left early for the Christmas break. She wasn't around for anything that was taped the week right before break. (source)


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