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Kimberly and Jason at The Brokerage

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From the Scrubs board
  • Jason is in gray t-shirt and black jeans. Kimberly is in a cream shirt, black spandex pants and black boots.
  • Pics first. Q and A last.
  • Jason sounded a little raspy when she was with them, maybe has a cold?
  • Had fun doing Karaoke. Won't dance, sick and drinking coffee, not alcohol. Kimberly did jiggy dances for us.
  • Both resigned contracts meaning they are staying but don't know how long. Kimberly may perform on DWTS, not a contestant. Jason was asked to be on DWTS.
  • Jason thought costume looked sexy on Kimberly when she wore i
  • Jason talked to Greg and he is looking forward to spending time with his kid. He is optimistic and going to auditions. Greg came on set to say goodbye to cast and crew.
  • GNO ladies did a reality series. Kimberly wrote several pilots.
  • Can't tell us how long contracts are for and she tried to find out.
  • Just got a memo at GH re: facebook and twitter.
  • They hope Rick and Finola come back but they don't know.
  • They like being happy doing normal everyday things for Patrick and Robin
  • Some of Jason's favorite scenes are with babies. Kimberly's pants part of Halloween costume, flash gordina. Jason wore wedding ring home one weekend. Kimberly takes it off right away!
  • Regarding contracts, they said they would get in trouble if they said how long length of contract is.

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From Soapzone
  • They don't really do medical research, they just play the parts.
  • JT's mom read his lines with him for his first script.
  • Someone asked him to do the macho man dance. He said that was not gonna happen.
  • Kimberly imitated JJY's dancing during the karaoke.
  • JT is sick.
  • JJY said he waited 18 years for the episodes he had surrounding Spixie wedding.
  • JT's favorite part was Coleman's "Uno! Dos!"
  • KMc said the girls dancing on the bar didn't know how to dance.
  • They both *just* resigned.
  • KMc's reaction to space woman outfit was it wouldn't be what she'd wear if she were trying to get her hubby excited,k but it was supposed to be more funny.
  • JT had a very "eh" reaction when he saw it on the rack. Didn't think it was sexy.
  • When she takes the wig off, she's even more sexy. LOL.
  • Both liked the fishnet bodysuit.
  • On KMc the outfit was sexy. She could wear a bag and be sexy. LOL. Don't know who said that.
  • They probably won't acknowledge the anniversary or Emma's b-day.
  • Are both single, not dating in real life.
  • KMc likes Scrubs happy. Doesn't think they need to break up and make up, etc.
  • Louise is nothing. THey couldn't even recall her at first.
  • KMc had a friend who had ppd when she was playing it.
  • Patrick's always bringing Robin water in scene because they're trying to show she's still taking her PPD meds.
  • KMc thinks they should crossover AMc and GH. AT has been asking for years to do the crossover because Aiden and Robin are cousins.
  • To add more to this JT went up to Jill to tell her about signing their deal and she thought it was about GV being let go. That's how he found out.
  • I don't know if I made this clear or not but JT didn't like the outfit on the rack and KMc was kind of joking that it made her feel bad but when she put it on he loved it.
  • Finola's daughter Sadie has a crush on JT She's called him on the phone two times. She's 9 months old. Hee. It was funny because KMc was all "a man doesn't always have to call a woman can do it" and JT was all "the woman isn't even a year old." She doesn't. Sadie just hits buttons and twice he's gotten messages where it's just random conversation or the baby gurgling (which he imitated). She baby dials!
  • I get the sense from them that re-signing was a package deal.
  • I'm still laughing at KMc saying she needs to date him to know his size.
  • And JT joking around about how no one wanted to give Robin their sperm because she called it their "junk" (which KMc had just called it.)
  • Kmc's favorite storyline was getting PG. Said that they didn't even show the sex scene, they just kissed. JT joked he's just that good. LOL.
  • KMc liked that storyline because it went from her being so set to doing it on her own to Patrick wanting to be a father.
  • They're not doing much right now for a bit because of the contract thing and so much other stuff going on.
  • They told them they'd get a story when they did their contracts.
  • JT enjoyed the baby stuff the most.
  • JT said his favorite thing a woman wears is tights but KMc taught him in the limo the difference between pants leggings and tights.
  • JT just said they basically re-signed for the fans
  • KMc going as Flash Gordina for Halloween. Pants she's wearing are part of her costume.
  • Doing a CSI type story right now with Jasam. Hopes there's more payoff than with the Andrea thing.


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