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Jason and Kimberly at Uncle Vinny's/Ferrara's Cafe

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The Backup Board
  • Kmc made some sort of gesture which she thought JT understood. He says he didn't and she told him she would tell him later. Which, he said that's not fair, share with the class (in a mocking tone). And, she said again- I'll tell you later.
  • He joked with her about this race car driver that Kmc did/didn't date in the past. I didn't really understand the whole conversation.
  • Sometimes, I feel like they know exactly what the other is saying so they speak in so little words, but it makes it confusing being an outsider trying to figure it out. And, i'm sure that's the point.
  • And, for all those who say JT needs to eat a sandwich. Um, NO. The man is fine the way he is. He is actually broader and a bit bulkier than I expected.
  • They said they re-signed. I am assuming GH. I don't think their contract is with ABC per se. Kimberly did say that she would love to direct on AMC but I didn't get the impression that was part of her deal. She looked surprised when the question was asked.
  • Based on Jason's answer to my question, they don't have alot coming up because of all the other stories currently going on -- and the little Jasam stuff they had is already done.
  • My impression is that JT wants to spread his wings a little bit and get out of his comfort zone. He talked about maybe doing some plays and Kimberly has been encouraging him to do stuff like that. She is extremely busy with other things. And I think that the way the show is using them right now allows them to do stuff they enjoy outside of the show. My impression is that they don't have alot of story right now, but if they signed on they would get a story. Being that they only just signed back on, and with all the other stories going right now and knowing that they haven't really been taping alot and didn't forsee that changing, that whatever "story" they have won't begin until after the first of the year.
  • She just finished a pilot GNO with Kent, Minae and Sonya. She is writing alot too. She sounds pretty busy despite not having alot of work on GH right now.
  • Not much to add that everyone didnt say. Kim said that Louise was leading somewhere she just didn't know where. They shot the opening two weeks ago. Kimberly quipped that Jason did his in two takes since he's a model and it took her like 50 tries. She finally asked them them to tell her what she was doing wrong.
  • The scenes in the penthouse where they caught Jasam walking down the stairs, Kimberly said that was the day that Kirsten took the picture of Steve without his shirt and she tried to get one of Jason without his shirt but he ran down the hallway. Jason made the comment "like I would want to stand next to Steve without my shirt".
  • Kimberly said karoke was more the actors acting like themselves and not their characters. Laura's dance was hers and not Carly's. Steve kept telling Jason not to look at him while filming the Karoke scenes but once they stopped filming he would crack up.
  • The crowd booed when Kimberly mentioned that Becky and Jason would look good together.
  • Couldn't say how long they resigned for.
  • Jason mentioned how they cracked up everytime they said the word "balls" in the toxic ball story line and Kimberly said Kemo got the nickname K-balls after that storyline.

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  • Probably not working with JF.
  • Told a story about working with Dominic Z. KMc said it seems all Canadian actors don't know you are not supposed to use tongue on TV
  • They were asked who else they would want to be with and neither could think of anyone.
  • They talked about why they don't do PAs in California. They don't think people would come.
  • Talked a lot about karaoke.
  • They are only filming on Friday this week.
  • Neither are doing the soap cruise because that's the weekend of Bradford Anderson's wedding.
  • I am pretty sure Lisa is coming to GH. We are in for some angst"
  • So I asked about Louise and what her point was...They were both hemming and hawing but it basically came down to there's a point and it's going somewhere in the long run.
  • Not with Louise is my impression. But there are more scenes along the lines if Patrick's happiness with his life at the moment and it's a soap and we all know how that goes.
  • No love scene on Monday. They just kiss on the couch.
  • Not working much at all. Sweeps is a big mob story.
  • They don't tape again until Friday.
  • If there's an L&L2 engagement party they're not at it. They didn't know anything about it.
  • Everyone booed when KMc mentioned she always thought she could see Patrick with Liz. And that BH and JT would look good together.
  • Yeah. KMc says GH can take a long time to make a point but in the longterm there was something to those Louise scenes.
  • They talked about Robin's insecurity and I had the impression it will rear it's head again.
  • Kristine asked when they will cast the third party. "I don't know." They really don't know anything about Louise, at the moment. Other than specualtion.
  • I asked about the opening they filmed a new one. Kimberly teased Jason about his model poseses and about how she had to do "50 takes"
  • Louise does come in and chat on Monday. Jason taped with Steve last week.
  • Steve cracks on Kimberly all the time. When she questions a line he chimes in with "you left your baby in a tree, bitch" and it's his favorite thing to say to her.
  • They aren't working with James Franco. Though they may come in and watch him tape. KMc clearly has a crush on him. She joked about his lips being great but she's already assured JT his are better. Later on JT joked Angelina Jolie was coming on GH and she has nice lips.
  • KMc considered kissing Brad cheating
  • They don't use men as the third party in Scrubs because Robin is HIV + and can't sleep around. And it's important to Kimberly that they don't do that. The point was brought up that Patrick sleeps with an HIV+ woman consistently so there's an isse there to, like the thing with Leyla that was never addressed. But they think it's differen because he's not HIV+. Eventually KMc got worn down and came out with "it's a soap."
  • I asked about love scenes and why we don't get them. They didn't seem aware of how many others get. Joked that now they felt insecure and they don't get them because KMc isn't in as good a shape as KeMo.
  • They also mentioned how they've barely done any photoshoots.
  • They shot the new opening two weeks ago. JT got his shot right away because he was a model but KMc took a lot longer and she teasingly did his model face.
  • When Dominic came on and she ran into him she remembered him because he was the first Canadian to stick his tongue down her throat on screen. Canadians must have a tongue thing.
  • KMc is always late. They had to jump out of their car last night and run to the theater because of traffic. They really enjoyed the show.
  • JT watches his friend's son Johan all the time and he's a chick magnet. JT wants to get a rabbit and Kmc joked he can put it on his shoulder like Johan and get chicks.
  • Bantering about whether KMc dated a race car driver or not.
  • Neither are going on the cruise this year.
  • Talked about the whole hospital vs. mob thing. Too long to explain.
  • KMc is filming Soapnet's holiday promos this week where she's singing a jingle
  • JT doesn't think Patrick gets insecure about Robin with Jason like during the PPD story but the fact that she's confiding in another man. KMc tossed out the term "emotional cheating."
  • JT said to Patrick sex is just sex.
  • Robin has scenes coming up with Dominic where she tells him he reminds her of Sonny.
  • Haven't filmed with JJ yet.
  • Carly had her baby. KMc saw the twins that play the baby in the hallway.
  • KMc was in Hawaii and JT in Europe when they taped most of the carnival. KMc razzed JT about never inviting her to Europe and he doesn't because it's a guys trip.
  • There are scenes coming up where he's talking about how this is the happiest he's ever been.
  • And then they said "and you know what that means on a soap."
  • That Girls Night Out thing is a pilot they're taping.
  • JT doesn't do Twitter or Facebook. He likes that old fashioned thing called a phone.
  • KMc can see her nieces pics on her brothers Facebook since he's in Samoa (which is where she usually goes for vacation.)
  • JT was going to try to see another show but they'll probably just walk around and shop.
  • KMc took the macho man pic they were selling and JT took the pic of of KMc.
  • Neither can really think of anyone else they can be paired with though someone joked Spin. And JT said he didn't think Spin was Patrick's type.
  • It was JT who grabbed Steve in the background at the Spixie reception after Steve told him not to come near him (jokingly) Most of them were just acting like themselves.
  • JC ad libbed the jumping on the bar.
  • No Matt scenes coming up with Scrubs.
  • It took three times to tape Macho Man.
  • KMc patted JT's hair and said it was resilient and it was
  • To clarify, JT and KMc negotiated separately.
  • Kimberly's favorite storyline was Casey the Alien. Jason's was the transition of not wanting to be a father to becoming a father.
  • Just remembered JT has started boxing with Mo who always jokes with him that he wants Sonny to come after Patrick
  • Oh and the little boy's name is Jonah not Johan.

From the Scrubs board
  • There is some making out on the couch
  • Jason did not buy the rights to the book Cross my Heart
  • Kimberly is the one that said she thinks that the Louise thing could have something to do with them in the future, Not in the short term, but she was speculating
  • she asked about Matt and family scenes and they said none are coming up, I asked Jason about working with John Ingle and he said it was wonderful, he is a sweet guy.
  • They are auctioning off t-shirts for the AIDS walk now
  • When the comment was said about Love Scenes, they both honestly did not know about other love scenes and thought they got the same as others.
  • Kimberly mentioned they had one in 4 years. Then both kidded about feeling left out because maybe they they were not in best shape as KeMo and SBu.( I myself think BOTH Kimberly and JT look better than KeMo and SBu). I saw Kimberly this weekend and she is very hot and very sexy in person as is JT. Pictures do not do Kimberly nor JT justice.
  • JT mentioned as a reason for signing that they like to work and mentioned they could do other things too. And he signed so he could work with Kimberly.
  • When mentioned about Louise and I could be wrong but I took it to mean Louise not Patrick's old hookup might cause problems. I never heard the name Lisa but I am not saying someone made it up, just that I didn't nor did the person who was with me.Maybe it is something that just got by us. My opinion is that if any story is to be played I think stalker might be it. However, with GH things change all the time. So who knows.
  • Someone asked why is Robin always made to look insecure. Kimberly said that Robin doesn't want Patick to regret his life and be with her and Emma out of obligation, not that Robin would be insecure. She said that is how she played/playing it. That is what I saw with Robin and Maxie the other day, when Robin asked Maxie if Patrick mentioned that.. She also said to watch tomorrow. I did not get the vibe that Robin will be written as insecure when Kimberly said that.
  • Kimberly did mention and said she has in the past that Brian Frons DOES read his emails.
  • As for them not getting airtime now, JT attributed it to them just signing which Kimberly confirmed at Sat's PA that they just signed. They both were told they would get story.


Anonymous,  October 11, 2009 at 9:07 PM  

What's with the GNO Pilot?

Is it GH related?
Like, a real TV pilot?
I don't get it. ):

Anonymous,  October 12, 2009 at 3:11 PM  

Today's episode...

foreplay only...

We always get more love scenes for them...

Last week's Jason and Sam scene (after wedding) was HOT!!!

Why don't they let Scrubs do that?

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