Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Murder Mystery: Not so bad at all

This storyline, while it’s had its ups and its downs, has been pretty relaxing for me to watch. I like that there is no real Scrub relationship angst, no external threats to their coupledom, just a simple mystery adventure! Sure, it’s not the same type of escapades that Anna and Robert used to get themselves into but its something different for Scrubs. A nice change from recent arcs and it’s kept me entertained and completely unafraid in terms of their relationship or survival.

I’ve enjoyed watching Robin return to some sense of normalcy and behaving in a way that seems largely true to character, healthy, happy and in love again. Seeing Emma all sweet and adorable is something I live for! Those babies are just beyond beautiful. Then there is Martha Byrne’s fantastic portrayal of Andrea Floyd (a far cry from her role as Lily on ATWT), and of course our Scrubs; back to their bantering and flirty ways. Honestly, any storyline that keeps these two from the clutches of third partyville is fine by me. They've been the exception to the rule and it's a blessing to have a staple like that in Daytime, let alone real life. I know the entire arc hasn't been perfect. Sure the air-time is always an issue and there have been some holes in it like for example, where the heck is Matt? They should have him there in the midst of the story helping Robin and Patrick figure out this mess. It would have been nice to see his role go beyond the surgery and malpractice stuff. I want to see him bonding with Patrick more and how cute would it be watching Emma play with her uncle? That would have been a fun way to have Robin and Patrick working together in solving the crime and allow us to see some comedic errors with Matt taking care of Emma. This is probably my biggest issue with the whole storyline and I do almost feel a bit biased simply because I think Jason Cook is so talented. I had the chance to meet him last month and I think TPTB really need to take advantage of this actor, while they still have him. Another thing I’m wondering is, did they drop the ball or toss it aside in terms of Robin saving Alexis? I just feel like there should be more of a focus on that and follow up scenes with her and Robin. Something seems to be missing here … Finally, what’s with this whole using the baby thing to catch a killer? I know it’s a teeny, tiny plot point. But seriously, I’m sure Robin is trying to behave in a way she believes Anna would have years ago, with her, it just seems a little weird having a mother use her child’s presence to pump for information. (Give me a break on this one, I had to find more than one thing I didn’t like, o.k.?)

Bottom line as this story comes to a close is that I'd rather see this kind of material than some of the alternatives of the past. While I don't think as viewers we should have to be in the position of settling I do recognize that Patrick and Robin aren't the only characters on the canvas so I will take this over most of the other repetative plot points. It makes me grateful for loving these characters, their relationship and this arc because who knows what the future hold for them after this storyline is wrapped up.

So, what were your favorite parts of this story? What didn't you like? We want to know!!

Thanks to Beyond Reason for the caps.


Anonymous,  August 20, 2009 at 6:31 AM  

Oh, you are so kind on this story. I have been looking forward to it all summer. Hoping beyond hope it would be a REAL mystery.
I DO LOVE the Scrubs scenes-- love JT and KM, which is why I'm so mad.
They seem to have been shoved aside to focus on faux Mexico "On the run" junk and mobular bullets. Should I be surprised? NO... but I do think it was a waste of Martha B's time to only be shown a fraction of a second each week (if that).
There was a wonderful opportunity here too--get DR MATT on canvas!! Get him in there...but he's been more absent than Monica.
It's Karen, wubqueen btw! :waving:

Michelle August 20, 2009 at 7:52 AM  

Hi Karen :waving back:

Yeah, I guess my expectations have gone way down over recent years and I had a feeling this wouldn't be among the kind of mysteries we've seen in the past. I know there is a lot they could have done better (always is no matter what the storyline) but I think there is a lot more that I like about it. I'm sure Martha knew what she was getting into when she signed on (it is GH after all and if anything they do have a pattern with the delivery of stories) and with living on the east coast I can't imagine that she could be here that much more than she already was.

Love your points ... especially on the Matt front. Ha ha ha!

Anonymous,  August 20, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

I LOVE watching Robin & Patrick doing anything...together! Even if the murder mystery is silly and really not that interesting (who really cares who killed the Mayor's mistress?), I will watch anything as long as R&P (KMc & JT) are on screen, together, as a couple. Like you said, no angst (!) which is the best. BUT very disappointed they aren't on more than once or twice a week...come on writers, let us see them just puttering around at home with Emma and get Uncle Matt in on the action. More more more Scrubs & Scrubs' family!

k August 20, 2009 at 4:33 PM  

I loved the role playing scene where Patrick played Andrea and Robin played the mistress, too funny!!I loved that Scrubs was on even for the murder mystery, I mean if it had been a mobster's mistress, well we would not have seen Scrubs at all. I also hope the writers don't just put them in the back, but I guess unless one of them joins the mob they will be. Don't the writers get yes we like the action but we also like the love!!! I mean does everyday have to have something about the mob in it! I wish we could see more Scrubs, Matt and Coleman!!

Anonymous,  August 20, 2009 at 7:08 PM  

I love everything about the Scorpio Drake family no matter how silly the story is as long as there is no third party involved.So sad though that GH does not utilize the amazing chemistry of this two actors and the twins playing baby Emma.Viewers wants to see more flirty scenes between Robin and Patrick and hopefully we do get some in the next medical mystery.Shower scene and the role playing are a few of my favorites.Hope GH gives them more airtime than the one or two days that we see them.I only watch the show if I know that they are on.

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