Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8/4 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • SOAPnet has a preview of things to come in Port Charles for the month of August.
  • Here's an eye opening look at General Hospital ratings since inception from Wikipedia, courtesy of Tristan Rogers site.

  • By clicking below on read more you'll find the latest Scrubs spoiler and speculation detail. Note that spoiler refers to information which is most likely to be true and speculation is talk and discussion that should be taken with a grain of salt and is most likely false!

    What we know to be true ... Anticipated Scrubs Air-dates!

    Lisa's Spoilers (Thanks Lisa!) from The Scrubs Board

    Tuesday, August 4:
    Robin’s convinced Alexis wasn’t involved in Brianna’s murder and sets out to prove her innocence.

    Wednesday, August 5:
    Robin hopes she’s one step closer to proving Alexis’ innocence when she realizes Brianna’s killer was right-handed and Alexis is not.

    Thursday, August 6:
    Robin remains determined to prove that Andrea Floyd killed Brianna and clear Alexis’ name.

    Thursday, August 13:
    Robin’s on a quest catch a killer.

    The media doesn't lie ... (yeah right!)

    Hot Sheet Spoilers for Week of 8/3
    Elsewhere, Alexis finds herself officially charged with the murder of Brianna Hughes. You know, the mayor's mistress? But Robin still firmly believes Andrea did it ... she just needs to prove it. Watch out, Robin -- because an Andrea backed into a corner is a dangerous woman indeed.

    Soap Opera Source Teasers for Week of 8/3
    Robin sets out to prove Alexis' innocence.
    Spinelli asks Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage.

    CGS, Week of 8/10
    8/13 Episode: "Dominic Rescues Morgan"
    Robin thinks she's on the right path in solving Brianna's murder case.

    Latest Scrubs Speculation @ the Dish ... which is quite possibly false and should be taken with a grain of salt

    Tuesday, August 4th: Robin sets out to clear Alexis.


    k August 4, 2009 at 5:29 PM  

    I am just glad after a week of no Scrubs there's going to be some on this week!!!

    Anonymous,  August 5, 2009 at 5:13 PM  

    It's great to see them, no matter how briefly. Sounds like JT has a cold.

    Something is better than nothing, huh? We're grateful for anything.

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