Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/8 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • Nelson Branco's weekly 'Suds Report' is out and its full of information regarding AMC's move to Los Angeles and includes daytime ratings for the week July 27-31, 2009.

  • Despair in the Afternoon talks BEST GH WEDDINGS and among their favorites are: Robert and Anna, Mac and Felicia and our own personal favorites ... Patrick and Robin!

  • By clicking below on read more you'll find the latest Scrubs spoiler and speculation detail. Note that spoiler refers to information which is most likely to be true and speculation is talk and discussion that should be taken with a grain of salt and is most likely false!

    What we know to be true ... Anticipated Scrubs Air-dates!

    Lisa's Spoilers (Thanks Lisa!) from The Scrubs Board

    Thursday, August 13:
    Robin’s on a quest catch a killer. Robin thinks she’s on the right track in proving Andrea Floyd murdered Brianna Hughes.

    Wednesday, August 19:
    Andrea confronts Robin, who holds back from coming out and accusing her of murder. Patrick reminds Robin that Andrea is both dangerous and calculating. Andrea makes an excuse to check Robin’s schedule at the hospital.

    Thursday, August 27:
    Robin doesn’t realize the walls have ears.

    Friday, August, 28:
    Patrick warns Robin not to antagonize Andrea.

    The media doesn't lie ... (yeah right!)

    Soap Opera Source, Week of 8/10
    Maxie "accidentally" accepts Spinelli's proposal on Monday, August 10. Maxie's slip of defiance takes on a life of it's own when Kate gets wind of the development.
    Robin is on a mission on Thursday, August 13.

    CGS, Week of 8/10
    8/13 Episode: "Dominic Rescues Morgan"
    Robin thinks she's on the right path in solving Brianna's murder case.

    SOW, Courtesy of SZ via SB for Week of 8/10
    Robin homes in on Brianna’s killer
    Maxi Accepts Spin’s proposal

    GH Alerts, Week of 8/17 - Courtesy of Soap Opera Source
    Robin is playing with fire when she targets Andrea. - ABC Soaps in Depth

    Latest Scrubs Speculation @ the Dish ... which is quite possibly false and should be taken with a grain of salt

    For Scrubs fans who asked about them, Robin is forced to go toe to toe with at gun toting Andrea at the end of the month. ~A Little Birdie

    Robin and Patrick, and Carly and Jax are the two root for couples from what I was told today, and the Jax's will be all about their family, as will the Drakes but also more of Robin connecting to her adventurous crime solving parents.


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