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Scrubs Speculation Summary and Opinion

At the request of some of my fabulous Scrubbie pals I have continued to review recaps from PA's as well as compile legitimate speculation & spoilers (SQ/SK) in an effort to create a timeline/summary for the benefit of our Scrubbie Hearts!

Read @ your own risk ...

SO Scrubbies, here is what we know:

~ Currently filming 3 weeks out would mean that during the week of:
July 9th through July 13th
they will be filming scenes to air during the week of :
July 30th through Aug 3rd

Note to all SCRUBBIES:

Watch OUT for ANON's claiming to know anything beyond July 27th!

In fact, I would say that ANY ANON post that is claiming to know something MORE than 2 WEEKS OUT is either a really good guess
Trust me here, you can USUALLY tell the difference.
Networks generally give out breakdowns 2 weeks in advance!


Week of 7/09

It's NS Premier WEEK and FCW has arrived!

*According to SK/SQ

Airdates are as follows:

July 9, 11, and 12 - Scrubs

Robin is on with Lucky and Liz - July 10
Robin and Anna - July 13

Noah is on July 9, 10, and 13

-Robin has a surprise visit from her mother.

-Noah is reluctant to impersonate Eli Love at a benefit concert.

- When Robin lays into Lucky, Liz says nothing. Afterwards she agrees with Robin and says she thinks Lucky arrested Jason out of spite.

-Robin tries to play peacemaker between Patrick and Noah who keep arguing.

-Patrick & Robin get into trouble after they operate on a poor patient and Dr. Ford punishes them by putting them on NightShift duty every Saturday for 3 months.


Week of 7/16

*This week's entry is listed in the insider's lounge at SD, but not sure if they are from ANON

Airdates are speculated as follows:

7/16, 7/17 and 7/20

-Patrick and Robin are not too sure about Anna transforming Noah into Eli Love for a pediatric/AIDS benefit concert. 7/16

-Anna convinces Eli to have the surgery he needs and is confident she can turn Noah into the rock star so he can be a substitute for Eli. 7/17

-A nervous Patrick and Robin look on as Noah takes the stage at the benefit concert. Noah seems to have everyone fooled that it's Eli Love. Patrick is worried that Noah has jumped off the wagon to continue the charade. 7/20


Night Shift
BEGINS Thursday, July 12th @ 11pm ET/8pm PT on Soap NET
Rumor has it they are airing at 5am on the 12th

*According to SQ

Episode 1

Did you hear that at the Emmy's, Frons confirmed what Jason had told us at his PA in May ... There is a shower scene in the FIRST episode!

-Robin is inspired when she treats a pregnant HIV patient named Stacey.

-Robin insists Patrick is admitted as they await test results after he is knocked unconscious by the ambulance explosion

Episode 2:


Episode 3

-Patrick is going to deal with some issues he has with Noah as he treats a rebellious teenager.

Episode 4:

-Robin and Patrick are forced to work through their own relationship issues as they try to help a patient in dire straits.

My Personal Conclusions:

In the interim

So, Night Shift begins this week and the media blitz has been underway for weeks. I know some of you have not been pleased with the verbiage used to attract us in for this racier new show. Keep in mind that these ads and promos aren't to attract the existing viewer, but rather to gain new viewers. They know that we can't resist tuning into at least 1 episode of Night Shift to see how are favorite couple is fairing, but they want new viewers so they can make a case for building this show. Sure sex sells, but so does intrigue and complications. The new viewer has no idea what the history of Patrick and Robin entails, and when they see a promo with a nurse flirting with the resident hot doc they are just simply that ....intrigued; whereas an existing scrubaholic is just irritated. No, it's not alright but in the effort to gain new viewers they are going about it the right way. Look for the flirting issue to play out on screen in a much smaller fashion. Remember it's only a promo! I expect that Night Shift will be setting the stage for the ever anticipated Scrubs baby storyline ...
Over on daytime's version of the Scrubs show, I believe the return of Anna and Noah's impersonation of rocker Eli are two facilitators for Patrick and Robin to take hard looks at themselves and truly decide once in for all what it is they respectively want for their future. Are past decisions about themselves, family members and each other much too presumptuous? Can father and son come to respect each other on not just a professional level, but personal one as well? Will a mother prompt a daughter to take a step back and realize that her future holds anything she truly wants despite her HIV status?
Come on writers, throw us a bone! Please actually address and air scenes when Robin decides to move in. (Which BTW is LONG overdue!)
Over the Long Haul:

It appears we are headed for a baby storyline Scrubbies ... sit back and relax because it's going to be a LONG & BUMPY road. I have thought about this storyline and I have made up my mind on how I think it's going to play out, but I'm going to refrain from posting that for a bit. However, I will say this much. Don't be surprised if this pregnancy is NOT planned.
Yes, I can be and often am wrong. This is why I reiterate ...
it's only my opinion


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