Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sabrina's Emmy pick for Jason

The same episode for June had a remarkable way of showcasing Jason's talent, but in a different way. Throughout the whole episode, Patrick drake was spouting about independence and freedom, and being overly convincing of his desire to "never" be a father.

The dialogue made him appear as any other guy who never wants children. There were no deep reasons expresseed to the viewers, and there were no hidden messages in the words. It was very basic dialogue about a normal subject matter.

But I think it was Jason's facial expressions and reactions that actually left the viewers with a hope that Patrick's feelings aren't set in stone. The minute he saw Robin holding the baby, Jason managed to convey three different looks. AT one point, he looked totally mesmerized by the sight as if he enjoyed what he was seeing. Then, you see a realization cross his face that he actually likes the picture that Robin created with the baby, and that look suddenly turns to fear at that same realization. His face in that scene said more than any words he said through the night.

For Jason Thompson, the epiosde was all about what the character of Patrick didn't say. He was left with the job of expressing his true feelings in non verbal ways, and I believe he managed to do so in a way to make the audience question what Patrick REALLY feels on the subject. It was Jason's acting that left room for the story to be explored further.


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