Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sabrina's Emmy Pick for Kimberly

The June 11 episode is a prime example of how wide Kimberly's acting range is. She does comedy really well, and brings the right type of chemistry with every actor/actress she works with.

She managed to capture Robin's inner joy with being in the presence of a baby, allowing the viewers to get a glimpse into Robin's inner most desires just by the look on her face.

And it was even more impressive when she managed to ramble on for a long time, perfecting the role of a nervous girlfriend trying to explain away a "scary" revelation for her boyfriend. The scene was not only funny, but it was relatable. I think just about everyone, man or woman, can say that they've been in the position where they've tried to explain away an awkward situation, only to make it more awkward in the long run.

Another impressive aspect of her acting ability is how well she works with others on the canvas. When Robin is with her friends, Kimberly always portrays her as fun and lighter, and she isn't afraid to let her guard down or be silly. Again, this is enjoyable as a viewer because this is how people in the real world act. They don't walk around saying the right thing all the time. Not everyone is completely confident or handle awkward situations perfectly. And women and men generally bring out different sides to themselves when they are with their friends in comparison to when they are with their significant other.

I think this episode captured Kimberly's versatility. She holds her own with every actor/actress she works with, and she brings out a level of interest in characters one wouldn't usually give a second glance to, and she does so without seeming as if she is being forced to step out of her comfort zone. And I commend her for knowing when to switch things up or do something different. It shows she is mindful of how her character should come across, and she is committed to giving off the right point of view for a particular scene. And more importantly, it's obvious she is having fun with what she's doing and has a passion for her work. That's very important for any actor to get across to the audience.


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