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TSWC: Scene Three: Town Meeting.

TSWC: Scene Three: Town Meeting.

Mayor Floyduser posted image made his way to the podium user posted image as the members of the community of Port Charles all took their seats.user posted image He had called this meeting to dispel of some the nasty rumors and mythsuser posted image that were going around their fare hamlet. user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

user posted image“May I have your attention please? I’d like to call this meeting to order.” user posted image Floyd said. “I called this meeting so that we could let the proverbial catuser posted imageout of the bag. It’s time for the truths to be told.user posted image And since she is so good at it, I’ve elected our very own Dr. Robin Scorpiouser posted image to have that honor.” user posted image

“Thank you Mayor Floyd.” Robin said taking his place at the podium. “I’m truly honored to be the one that gets to set this town straight.user posted image I mean after all I did so well telling Michael and Spencer’s paternity secretsuser posted image that it is only fair I spill the beans on the rest of you.” user posted imageuser posted image

“What gives you the right you A moral harpy?”user posted image Carlyuser posted image asked surging from her seat. “All you are good at is ruining people’s lives.” user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

“Not true.”user posted image Robin told her. “I just believe that honesty is the best policy and most of you in this room aren’t strong enough to do it,user posted image so I will.” user posted image

“You think you are so high and mightyuser posted image user posted imagedon’t you?” Carlyuser posted image said. “You are just a big fat tattle tale who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.” user posted imageuser posted image

“Sit down and shut up user posted image.” Sonnyuser posted image said. “Let Robin say her peace.”

“Thank you Sonny.” Robin said.

“Can we get started please?user posted image I have some constituents I still need to piss off today.” Floyd said. user posted image

“Shall we start with you Mayor Floyd?user posted image I mean come on no one likes you.user posted image Not a single person in this room even cares that you are the mayor. user posted imageHell when Luke was the mayor at least we got results and that user posted imageuser posted imageyou pulled at the Metro Court during the hostage situation. Please my cousin’s dog could have done a better job. I so think that you deserved way more than the punch Patrick gave you.” user posted imageRobin said. “Now on to other things. Lucky, the night of the blackout Liz spent it doing Jasonuser posted imageuser posted image and Jacobuser posted image is his.user posted image Hence the initials J.M., and he’s known since the hostage crisis which is why he’s always lurking around.” user posted imageuser posted image

user posted image“Is that true?” Lucky asked as he stood up and glared at Jason.user posted image

user posted image“Yes.” Liz said as the tears started.user posted image

“Well hallelujah.”user posted image user posted imageLulu said. “At least I don’t have to keep that in anymore.” user posted image

“You knew?” Lucky asked his sister. user posted imageuser posted image

“Um yeah, Spinnelliuser posted imageuser posted image found out, but Carly user posted imageand Jasonuser posted image told me not to tell you.” user posted imageuser posted image

“Now there is a shocker.”user posted image Robin said. “Carly can you not stay out of other peoples lives? I mean it’s not like yours is out of its own drama.”

“Shut up you self righteous twit.” Carlyuser posted image said.

user posted image Carly.” Robin said. “How does it feel always getting Brenda’s leftovers?user posted image I mean she had Sonnyuser posted image and Jax first and now you’ve managed to marry them both.user posted image You do realize that there are maybe only a handful of guysuser posted image in this town you haven’t at one point or another slept with or tried to sleep with. I mean whose next Edward?”user posted image

“And Lulu, I can’t believe after everything you picked Carly to be your role model. 1261.gif Seducinguser posted image user posted imageDillon away from Georgie.” Robin said. “I’m sure Carly gave you that advice.user posted image Now you have three idiots following you around,user posted image but instead of actually going for one of them, you are going after Logan, because you think he’s what a hot bad boy? 1.gif Don’t think so.user posted image He’s actually the son of the man trying to take your mother away from your father.” user posted imageuser posted image

“What?” blink.gif Lulu says.

“Yes. Logan is Scott Baldwin’s son.” Robin said. “I mean you can tell just by looking at him.user posted image Oh and the way he acts.user posted image He’s as slimy as his fatheruser posted imageuser posted image. Oh and Logan you are so no where near bad boy enough to work for Sonny. No Sonny likesuser posted image them unresponsive,user posted imageuser posted image you can actually talk not just blink blink.gif , and you won’t work. Plus the job of borguser posted image has been filled for years by Jason.” user posted image

When no one made any sound of protest Robin continued.

user posted image, you aren’t seriously user posted image defending the user posted image that not only shot me, held half of the people in this room hostage, tried to poison Nik, set Emily up for treason and tried to user posted image Alexis are you?” user posted image She asked. “I mean come on. I know he’s your brother and all, but he’s user posted image. He’s not the user posted image natured man that almost user posted image user posted image; nope he’s a cold blooded user posted image user posted image that needs to user posted image. I think now would be a good time for you to let user posted image and user posted image do what they do best, kill people. user posted imageI mean who here doesn’t know that Sonny and Jason killed Lorenzo for Skye? user posted image Anyone? Didn’t think so.” user posted image

“That is enough.” Mayor Floyd said standing up. user posted image

“Um nope, not done yet.” Robin said. “Patrick, you know I user posted image you and all, but flirting with every user posted image that comes into the room is not the best way to make sure that I stay with you. You want me to move in with you and commit to youuser posted image; try being less user posted imagePatrick and more the man that user posted image over me while I was bleeding to death in the lobby. Ok sweetie.” user posted image

“Oh and Sam” user posted image said. “Amelia is not your friend, neither is user posted imagefor that matter, but Amelia wants you dead, seems as Angela Monroe, ya know the alias that Tracy found out aboutuser posted image, you killed her dear old daddy. So she’s here to make sure you pay. user posted image Maybe she will deflate your breast first and then shoot you with the same shotgun you used to kill her abusive alcoholic father. user posted image Who knows, and frankly only Spinelli user posted image and maybe user posted image would care. That is if you could get Jason away from user posted image and her suddenly genormous boobs.” user posted image

user posted image, Anything else?," asks Mayor Floyd .

“Let’s see” robin thinks. “Oh Carly, Sonny is user posted image Amelia. Just thought you should know. user posted imageI think I’m done now.”

“What about you miss user posted image?” Carly says standing up.

“What is it I have done Carly?” user posted image

“You ruined user posted image.” She said. “You took him away from his user posted image lifestyle and made him some whipped user posted image sick user posted image.”

“So in other words, I made sure he wouldn’t be your next victim?” user posted image Robin asked as she moved towards Patrick. user posted image

“Babe I haven’t slept with Brenda, she wouldn’t want me.” Patrick said with a user posted image.

“That is true.” Robin agreed with a user posted image as she took Patrick’s offered hand and led him out of the building. user posted image

“Ok before the user posted image I herby adjourn the meeting.” Mayor Floyd said before running from the room. user posted image

This Edition of TSWC was brought to you by:

Concept: drhottie23, lilsstr, and machereeves
Story: lilsstr (April)
Emoticons: drhottie23 (Erin) and machereeves (Michelle)
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Jackie June 7, 2007 at 1:57 AM  

DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN! You are my heroes!

LaVawn June 7, 2007 at 5:22 PM  

Classic!!! Great job!

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