Friday, June 8, 2007

Night Shift Promo Challenge

Stacey (Clue) on the Scrubs Board has started a 'Night Shift' video promo challenge.

Here is what Stacey is looking for...

Make a promo for the Night Shift. Now promo's are generally not full music videos, however use your discretion and creativity. The promo has to be about Night Shift, however you can focus on whatever aspect you like.. whether it's "Check out GH's hottest Couple, Robin and Patrick on the nightshift" or just a general theme like the ones about "sexiness... for example "Check out the Passion on the nightshift" then show the couples of the night shift. It could even be about 3M, it just has to be about what you will see on Night Shift.

  • Entries are due by June 20th,
  • They MUST be hosted by savefile or yousendit.
  • It really does not matter what angle you go over.
  • You video must however contain, text or audio that says "Night Shift" and it must also contain the premiere date which is July 12th.
  • And of course- credit your clips, and do not steal clips from other videos.
  • The video has to be "new", meaning it cannot have been ever posted on this site before, or the Night Shift Board site before.
The winner will be probably picked around early July before Night Shift premieres. The winning clip will be featured on The Scrubs Hub and the Night Shift Board. Further details for the challenge and sign is sheet for the challenge can be found here.


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