Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6/20 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • A charity auction, to benefit Hailey Kent and her family for the "Luau to Fight Leukemia with the Kids of GH" has a shirt worn by Kimberly up for bid. There are other items worn by Becky Herbst and Nancy Lee Grahn for bidding as well.
  • On June 29th at 11:00 a.m. on ABC, Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson will introduce viewers to the night shift at General Hospital. SOAPnet's new 13-episode series, "General Hospital: Night Shift," goes beyond what is seen in daytime to reveal more about the lives and loves of "General Hospital's" favorite characters during the hospital's night shift. McCullough and Thompson will also reveal new faces and complications that arise in Port Charles. (source)
  • has a "new" old Robin and Robert clip up - It's Spring 1989 and Duke is testifying at Victor Jerome's trial. Robert has a heart to heart with Robin about the possibility of Duke, Anna, and Robin going into hiding. (click here)
  • Today is the deadline for the Night Shift Promo Challenge
  • Kimberly showed up on the 'Go Fug Yourself' list, but at least we know he's a fan after spouting all her character's history (source)
  • Soaphunks has candids and snarky commentary from the staging area inside the Kodak Theatre, including those of Kimberly and Jason (source)

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations…some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected Scrubs airdates
Week of July 2nd (source)
Patrick - W, Th, F
Robin - W, Th
New nurses - Th

Night Shift Episode Titles:
July 12 Episode 1: "Frayed Anatomies"
July 19 Episode 2: "Skin Deep"
July 26 Episode 3: "Paternity Ward"
August 2 Episode 4: "Keep the Change"
Airs at 11pm ET on Thursdays
re-airing Sat 5 pm. Sun 12 noon, Sun 7 pm, Wed 12 am, Thurs 11 am


ABC Media Net pictures for the week of July 2nd

:: Pretty Reliable::
SoapQueen: Scrubs are caught canoodling together by Mrs. Sneed who is ready to blow her stack. Noah covers for them and Patrick is not grateful to his father for interfering. The new Night Shift nurses will be on, they have been assigned to the weekend night shift at the hospital. The guy on the gurney's name is Eli Love. The rockstar and Noah are two separate people. Patrick learns that this guy has come into the hospital with serious injuries and thinks the guy is Noah but it is Eli. Wednesday July 4th Robin reins in her jealousy when some of the new student nurses catch Patrick’s eye. Robin later gives Patrick a sexy surprise on the hospital rooftop. (source)
none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Crap Fiction::
Soap Dish:
anything on scrubs? They move to the next stage in their relationship this summer. Robin decides to move in with Patrick. A lot of their story on GH will revolve around their parents and how they react to the situation, it's more light hearted. While Night Shift is dealing with more drama the hospital.
One more thing. There is a pregnancy coming. Sam, Carly or Robin. By November.
For Scrubs Fans...
July 4th is the day Robin decides to move in with Patrick.
Robin sees Patrick praising the 3 new student nurses on their work abilities. When Patrick sees that it bothered Robin, he's exasperated and doesn't know what else to do...he's frustrated that she doesn't trust him! Robin overhears the 3 student nurses talking in the locker room about the skirt chasing stories they heard about the notorious Dr. Drake in nursing school and how only one 'woman' has been able to tame him.... true love it seems.
Robin prepares a picnic on the hospital roof for Patrick and tells him that she's going to stop expecting him to fail her, leave her, cheat on him...that she is going to take a leap and fully trust him. And that if he will still have her, she would love to move in with him. (source)
6/20 Eli was recruited to spy on a drug trafficker who happens to be one of his biggest fan (source)
(week of July 2nd) Eli Love makes an appearance and he's a dead ringer for Noah. Robin has a surprise waiting for Patrick on the rooftop of the hospital. (source)


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