Monday, April 6, 2009

Soap Scoop - week of 4/6

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Sarita April 6, 2009 at 9:11 PM  

Is anyone else sick of Liz? Besides what has become of her character I mean. Since her first day on GH as a teenager she wore and ENORMOUS amount of makeup, from the pancake foundation on up. And it has never gotten any better. She now also has giant layered hair that is always glam and fluffed like she is about to shoot a Prell commercial. Even in scrubs at work as a nurse she looks photo shoot ready every damn day. Not only is it unrealistic that she always look like this but it is distracting. So on top of EVERYTHING else that is wrong and annoying about Liz, seeing her hair flip and flirting with Emma in her arms yet again while Patrick fawns over her usually MIA kids all together on a "family" outing makes me way more furious than Robin.

I hate her being involved with SCRUBS! I hate how she is written as a Goddess Mother like Carly is too. They are both massive mob mistresses who constantly put their lives and their kids lives in the line of fire. Great parenting? I THINK NOT. And having Robin sidle back up to Jason and Sonny also makes me ill. She knows how dangerous they are, and she and Patrick even agreed to keep them out of their lives for Emma's sake. What ever happened to that agreement Guza? Plus they both shit all over RObin and that was never really resolved. Her loyalty to them is infuriating.

And that Patrick of all the men on the show is also swooning over Carly and Liz and praising them to everyone including his wife, ROBIN!, makes me ill. I hate Guza. And if this continues like the spoilers say then I will hate Patrick too.

The Liz issue is offensive enough to make me tune out. But if Carly's confirmed upcoming pregnancy is tied to Patrick in anyway I will never watch again. Spoilers say he and Carly hook up because she is mad at Jax about the Claudia secret and Patrick is upset about PPD and what did NOT happen in Rochester w/ the cute carpenter.

If he is ONE of the possible baby dady's for Carly's next nightmare child or miscarraige I will never watch GH again.

Sorry for the rant, but I am so disgusted and sad about what has become of SCRUBS and GH.

Sarita April 6, 2009 at 9:21 PM  

Sorry but I forgot this.....

Another reason I am so worried about the "makeup" issue. GH just went Hi DEF. In a few weeks GH will be in HD every day. Which means even more precise up close looks at the actors. And since Kimberly is often neglected by the hair and makeup and even wardrobe crew this makes me nervous. She is adorable and pretty and look great even barefaced in jeans. But on camera skillful makeup is a must. Especially since Guza is obsessed with what he thinks is beautiful. He has even been heard saying he doesn't like Liz since she is not good looking enough. Probably why she is so overly made up all the time? We all know he hates RObin, what will HD do to her? He trashes her any way he can already.

Plus, the HD move cost ABC 3 million dollars. Once again TPTB waste millions on things that do nothing to improve the show!!!! And the bastards even stole the wonderful sets from NS2 to remake the new GH sets.

Here's an idea Frons, steal the NS2 writers, producers, and cast as well and then maybe GH will actually rise in the ratings and become a top show again you dumb fuck!

Frons, Guza , and Phelps keep getting it all wrong and yet, nothing changes.

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