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5/29 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • By reading between the lines, the Port Charles Chuckles came up with a cute interpretation of what Emma really meant when she said, "Da-da"
  • In the next SOD, Jason Thompson talks hair care. He says, "Basically, I just wake up and it has a life of it's own [laughs]. Actually I use this thing called Tacho Stick. It's a green stick. It looks like a deodorant stick & it smells like lavender, but it works great. I think the key is not to condition it. I shampoo it, but I don't condition. I think maybe that's the key. It gets a little fluffy. Thank god, they're not too picky about it and fixing it all the time. That drives me a little crazy, so I'm lucky they let me go with the 'get out of bed' look [laughs]." - Credit SZ.
  • Check out Serial Drama's take on Patrick and Robin's reunion this week.

By clicking below on read more you'll find the latest Scrubs spoiler and speculation detail. Note that spoiler refers to information which is most likely to be true and speculation is talk and discussion that should be taken with a grain of salt!

What we know to be true ...

Lisa's Spoilers from The Scrubs Board

Week of May 25th

Tuesday, May 26 - Robin is released from her in-patient treatment facility and reunites with Patrick at the restaurant they had planned on meeting at once before. Patrick and Robin are a bit tentative with each other at first but both are clearly still in love. After returning home, Patrick watches anxiously as Robin reaches out to pick up Emma.
Wednesday, May 27 - Robin has no trouble bonding with Emma and is thrilled to have her daughter in her arms.
Thursday, May 28 - Robin cautions Ethan not to believe Holly so readily. Holly pays Robin a visit.
Friday, May 29 - A visit with Robin only serves to add to Holly’s guilt.

Week of June 1st

Wednesday, June 3 - Jason arrives just as Michael flies into a rage after Robin tells him he needs to take things slowly.
Thursday, June 4 - Patrick is worried when Robin says she doesn’t want to come back to work full time because she can’t be away from Emma.

Week of June 8th

Tuesday, June 9 - Patrick eases Robin’s insecurities and they make love, happier than they’ve been in a long time.
Wednesday, June 10 - Patrick and Robin answer Olivia’s distress call and arrive at the Metro Court to discover the Mayor’s mistress unconscious after she fell in the shower while having sex with him. Robin and Patrick tend to their patient while Mayor Floyd makes a quick getaway.
Thursday, June 11 - Patrick reluctantly agrees to allow Matt to perform the emergency surgery on Brianna Hughes, the Mayor’s mistress. Matt faces a crisis in the operating room while Patrick and Robin are enjoying themselves in the park with Emma.
Friday, June 12 - A defensive Matt spurns Patrick and Robin when they try to reach out to him after his patient dies during surgery. Diane lets Matt, Robin and Patrick know that the family of Brianna Hughes is planning on suing Matt for malpractice.

Week of June 15th

Monday, June 15 - Matt continues to push Robin and Patrick away.

The media doesn't lie ... (yeah right!)

SON, Week of May 25th
Robin and Patrick meet at a restaurant they had planned on meeting at once before after Robin is released from her in-patient treatment. Although their meeting is a bit strained, the duo are clearly still in love. Patrick watches on anxiously as Robin reaches out to pick up Emma after they arrive home. Robin has no trouble bonding with Emma on Wednesday, May 27 and is obviously thrilled to have her daughter in her arms. Patrick is ecstatic to have his family back. Holly shows up to confront Robin after learning she advised Ethan that his mother was more than likely being dishonest with him when she told him that Robert is his father. Holly's conscience takes over and she heads to the Haunted Starr where she finally tells Luke and Ethan the truth on Friday, May 29.

ABC Hotsheet, week of May 25th
Robin returns to Port Charles! Elsewhere, now that Holly is back, it's up to Luke, Tracy, and Co. to figure out whether they believe her when she says that Ethan's father is ... Robert Scorpio! Of course, Robin's back in town this week, and she has particularly keen insight into Holly's latest claim, which places Ethan as her brother. Thanks to Dr. Scorpio, we just might have the truth on our hands by the end of the week. ... All this, PLUS: Robin gets a brand new start with baby Emma & but what about with Patrick?

SOW, via SZ

Week of June 1st
Patrick worries about Robin. Patrick suffers from a case of "Be careful what you wish for" this week, when Robin takes to mothering like a duck to water. JT explains that Scrubs spend some together but it quickly becomes clear that Robin is really just focused on Emma. Patrick tells her he really wants to spend time with her and Robin tells him that she just really wants to be with Emma right now because she missed so much time with her. JT says Patrick looks at it like "Is this the way it's going to be now? Am I going to get shut out?"

Robin is so intent on spending time with Emma, that she refuses to leave her in daycare. Patricks asks her if she's going to come back to work and Robin tells him she doesn't know. Patrick is like "Why don't you talk to me about these things?" He starts feeling a little left out.

Patrick notices Robin is maybe just a little too eager to adjust to the demands of parenthood, which are challenges he has nearly mastered. JT says Patrick has been taking care of Emma the majority of the time. It's become like a routine for him, whereas she's just breaking in now, so every little thing is a big deal to her.

What's so wrong with that?

JT laughs and says there's a moment when Scrubs are kissing and Emma makes a sound. Robin gets up but Patrick tells her not to worry about it, it's Emma's happy sound. But Robin still gets up to check, because she's not aware of all these little things.

But little things have a way of adding up quickly...

Week of June 8th
Patrick and Robin share happy time.

SID Summer Preview via Scrubs Board
Meanwhile a mishap in the OR knocks Matt down a peg & he lashes out at those closest to him. "He'll come out of it stronger & wiser, thanks to the support of Robin & Patrick"

The Dish ... which is quite possibly false and should be taken with a grain of salt

Matt opens up to Robin after shutting Patrick out.

Both Kim McCullough and Jason Thompson have resigned. Their upcoming story arcs will all be related directly or indirectly to the hospital side of the canvas. Do not expect either Finola or Tristan back for any family time. Family rears its head in the beginning-- Ethan for Robin and Matt for Patrick--but, this is very brief. Pratt has openly challenged Guza in this arena by incorporating numerous recent hospital storylines on AMC. In response, Scrubs will hold down the fort in this endeavor.

Patrick and Robin adjust to life as well as they can but are pulled into Matt's drama

For the week of 6/1:
Robin drops a bomb on Patrick (figuratively ... this is Port Charles, so we had to clarify)

From GHH
Week of June 8th
6/9 Robin and Patrick make love,
things between them are better than ever before.

6/10 Mayor Floyd's career is in peril of being all washed up.
After responding to a call from Olivia, Patrick and Robin
find the mayor's lover, Brianna Hughes, unconscious after her tryst and
a fall in the shower. The mayor makes himself scarce.

6/11 Matt insists on performing the needed surgery;
problems arise during the operation. Brianna does not make it.
Meanwhile, Robin, Emma and Patrick enjoy some family time iin the park.

6/12 Diane delivers the news that the family of Brianna will be
initiating a malpractice suit.
Robin and Patrick worry about Matt's state of mind.

Patrick and Robin attempt to help Matt.


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