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2/6 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • SOD interviews Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, and Tristan Rogers about the possibility of Night Shift 3
  • Port Charles Chuckles over who are the expendable ones on GH
  • Serial Drama asks why the GH sweeps story is about toxic balls...seriously.

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 2/2 - M, T W, Th (spoiler pics)
Monday, Feb 2 – Someone wearing a hazmat suit steals one of the spheres of poison from the operating room. Jason realizes that one of the spheres is missing. Everyone remains unaware that gas is still leaking in the operating room. Matt blames himself for what happened but Patrick assures him it wasn't his fault. Leyla's condition grows more serious.
Tuesday, Feb 3 – Patrick is deeply saddened when the catastrophe at the hospital claims another victim. Robin forces herself to touch a crying Emma and is horrified to discover she's burning up with a fever. Despite the storm outside, Robin decides to take Emma to the hospital and carefully starts driving through the snow. Patrick panics when he listens to Robin's message and learns she's on her way to the hospital with Emma.
Wednesday, Feb 4 – Tracy collapses after going off on Patrick. Robin's minivan breaks down while taking Emma to the hospital. Fearing she and Emma will freeze to death if they don't do anything, Robin decides to leave the van with the baby in the hope of finding help.
Thursday, Feb 5 – Johnny and Maxie find Robin in the snow but there is no sign of Emma
week of 2/9 - M, T W, Th, F
Monday, Feb 9th - Patrick and the others begin evacuating the patients from the hospital. Robin asks Maxie and Johnny to take Emma to Mercy for treatment while she pitches in at the hospital. At Mercy, Johnny invokes the Zacchara name to get a doctor to check out Emma. Maxie and Johnny learn that Emma is suffering from pneumonia.
Tuesday, Feb 10th - Robin manages to help Epiphany evacuate the babies but breaks down in tears over the fact she can't tend to her own daughter.
Wednesday, Feb 11th - Maxie and Johnny learn that Emma's condition is critical and a decision about her treatment needs to be made sooner rather than later. Johnny goes to General Hospital to get Robin.
Thursday, Feb 12th - Patrick takes charge on the rooftop overseeing the evacuation process. Maxie is greatly relieved when Johnny brings Robin to Emma. Robin cradles Emma, who takes a turn for the better.
Friday, Feb 13th - Rayner wants to question Patrick.

Clues about the GH Biotoxin Crisis:
*Speculated timeline using SB spoilers, CGS, SOW, SOD spoilers of the "flashback" episodes (Soapdish/BuB)
*Accumulation of facts surrounding the hospital crisis, includes Winnifred's
compiled telephone conversations (Scrubs board)
*Patrick interrogation clips merged part 1, 2 (Skippy from BuB)

CGS: 2/17 an explosion rocks the hospital
Who will die article scan 1 and 2
Ethan blurb: (credit SD)
Have you been wondering why GH newcomer Nathan Parsons(Ethan) has been having so many scenes with Anthony Geary's Luke? So have we,and we've got a few theories as to who this hunk may be.While the accent could connect Ethan to fellow Aussie Jax,or his murderous brother Jerry,why would he be spending so much time with Luke? Which leads us to our other theory:Could Ethan be the long-lost son of Luke's best friend Robert Scorpio?Or even the son of Luke himself? Both men were involved with the lovely Holly,Who could have secretly raised her love child Down under! Stay tuned to see how Ethan's story unfolds.

SOW: for week of the 17th
Patrick fights fires!

Patrick tries to stop fires from claiming even more lives in the wake of the multiple explosions in the hospital this week.
"They're trying to make sure the fire doesn't get to the storage closets where all of the oxygen bottles and anesthesia are," warns Jason Thompson. "If it gets in there, it's just going to be like rocket fuel."

And, or course, roasting to death is not their only problem--the air is still thick with the deadly biotoxin.

"Yeah, there's that," sighs Thompson. "Patrick is not near the OR when it explodes: he's a couple of floors above it. He gets on the phone with Agent Raynor and says, "There's been an explosion in the OR". THey are stuck on the 10th floor with the fire below them and burning upward and no one can get down the stairs."

Unfortunately, because of the Quarantine, no help is on teh way. " Everyone is trying to figure out how to get down on their own merti, because the firefighters can't get up," says Thompson. "Patrick and everyone are trying to get everybody out as quickly and safely as possible. People are sick, people are in wheelchairs, people can't walk; they're having to carry people, so its a little nuts." Then someone gets a bright idea. "Helicopter off the roof!" grins Thompson. Uh, anyone got a chopper?

A Closer Look: Johnny (Robin excerpts)
Johnny and Maxie get schooled in childhood illness this week after agreeing to care for Emma. Brandon Barah explains what happens when Robin says, "Take my Baby" please!

Weekly: Robin wants to help with the crisis at GH, but EMma is sick, so she presses JOhnny and Maxie to take the baby?
BB: She feels she needs to be there so she can offer whatever doctorly skills are in need, so Johnny and Maxie put the parenting hat on for a second; try it on for size.

Weekly: After finding a frantic Robin and Emma in teh snow earlier, it's almost like Johnny and Maxie are parenting both Emma and Robin

BB: A little bit (laughs). There's definitely some regulating that johnny and maxie need to do.

Weekly: With the blizzard and the crisis at GH, the other hospital, Mercy, must be hoping!
BB: Mercy is definitely busy. One major hospital is shut down, so the spillover goes to the other. They walk into the hospital and they get the runaround. And they are told that they can't be seen for a while. They didfiently meet another roadblock. February is the month for roadblocks for a lot of people.

Weekly: So Johnny decides to drop the Z name into conversation to open a few doors?
BB: Let's just say Johnny pulls a little hypocrisy out of his back pocket. But at the end of the day, it's for the greater good.

Weekly: Good thing he does; Emma is diagnosed with pneumonia!
BB: Yes the baby is pretty sick.

WEekly: Do they immediately call Robin?
BB: Robin is kind of indisposed, so they ahve to think on their feet. Johnny leaves to go find Robin and bring her back to Mercy. So Maxie is faced with a choice for Emma. A very agressive treatment, or a more conservative option.

Weekly: Isn't that decision better left to the mother?
BB: Defintely (laughs). Not two people who really know nothing about the world of parenting.

Weekly: So Johnny had better find Emma's mommy!
BB: He finds way to drag Robin by her ears to MErcy. His biggest obstacle is convincing Robin that her baby needs her more than this hospital where she can't really do anything, anyway.

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG none at the time of this post
TMI none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
Insider 1
-Robin breaks down in Jason's arms.

Insider 3
Can you explain why Robin breaks down in Jason's arms, instead of Patrick's? I'm just wondering why she won't depend on her husband to help her.?
I don't know anything about that one. Could be true, I'm just not aware of that scene.
What are the rewrites?
Oh, I don't know. They haven't happened yet. But there are rewrites on an almost daily basis. I just feel the need to mention that when I share spoilers that are more than a week in advance because you never know when the pink sheets are coming out.

Do you still stand by your scrubs love scene? And do you know if it is a FTB if it is still a go?

Yes but I don't know about the FTB
The rest of February is the aftermath of the crisis
Then March is *** heavy.
Don't make me say it, please.
Is Ethan related to Robin?
Ethan's identity is a secret.
You will catch various clues for the next couple of months.
But it will not be revealed
And I will not be revealing it.
Unless I already have :-)

Maxie and Johnny find Emma in good condition, but worry about Robin.


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