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2/22 Heard in the Waiting Room

  • NASCAR driver Jeff Burton tells about his experience on the GH set with Jason Thompson and Blake Gibbons (Coleman).
  • Jason Thompson answer's SOD's question: What was the biggest goof you ever made during taping?
  • Tommy Garrett of LA Canyon News thought Kimberly McCullough was one of the top 3 female performers on GH
  • Jason Thompson will be NASCAR driver Jeff Burton's guest at the Auto Club Speedway today.  Jason will ride in the pace car around Auto Club Speedway and has been offered a seat atop the Cat Racing team's pit box for the Sprint Cup Series race, he'll listen in on the driver's instructions, and will be part of an autograph session

By clicking on ‘Read More’, you understand that you will be reading the latest Scrubs-related spoilers and speculations …some of which are pretty reliable and others may be designed to incite panic/false hope in a fanbase. Enter at your own risk!!

Special thanks to the Scrubbies relaying this information…here are the Spoilers and Speculations for the day:

Expected GH Scrubs airdates (breakdowns from Lisa)
week of 2/23 - M, T (spoiler pics)
Monday, Feb 23 - Robin is frustrated when Patrick would rather stay home with Emma than go out for dinner. Patrick’s initially resistant when Robin tells him she wants to hire a nanny and return to work but he finally agrees.
Tuesday, Feb 24 - "Maxie's Dream" - In the universe of Maxie’s dream, everyone’s lives take a drastic turn with Carly and Patrick in an unhappy marriage; Robin living as a lonely spinster still mourning Stone; Mac having sunken into alcoholism after Maxie’s untimely death
week of 3/2 - T, W, Th, F
Tuesday, March 3 - Meanwhile, Robin wonders why Sonny is keeping Claudia around.
Wednesday, March 4 - Maxie immediately regrets suggesting that Robin doesn’t want to spend time with Emma. Meanwhile, Patrick vents to Elizabeth about his concerns over Robin’s behavior. Robin goes to the Haunted Star for a drink and lies to Ethan, saying she doesn’t have any children.
Thursday, March 5 - Robin feels guilty for not being able to mother Emma. Ethan rubs Lulu the wrong way. Lulu assumes Ethan’s lying when he says Robin told him she didn’t have any children. Patrick vents his frustration about Robin to Matt. Patrick overhears Robin telling Sonny she’s going back to work fulltime.
Friday, March 6 - Robin and Patrick have a huge fight about her decision to return to work. Robin tries to justify her behavior to Maxie and wins her over in the process. Patrick gets an earful when he overhears Lulu talking to Robin.
week of 3/9 - W, Th, F
Wednesday, March 11 - Robin accidentally places Emma in danger.
Thursday, March 12 - Robin luckily avoids a potential tragedy.
Friday, March 13 - Robin’s behavior grows more and more unpredictable.


Burton spent most of Wednesday on the GH set preparing and then shooting a two-scene cameo for an episode appearing with Dr. Patrick Drake (played by Jason Thompson) and the neighborhood bartender, Mitchell Coleman (Blake Gibbons).
Burton engages in some small talk about racing with Dr. Drake, who fails to recognize who the driver is, but Coleman knows exactly who he is and affectionately calls him J.B. throughout the taping. (source)
Is there a doctor in the house? article scan

:: Pretty Reliable::
AIG none at the time of this post
TMI none at the time of this post

:: Could be Complete Fiction::
Daytime Dish/Backup Board (source and source):
Robin is not cheating.

hope robin and ethan share more scenes
i want him to be her brother

I'll be honest with you. I don't know who Ethan is. But I will be really surprised if he and Robin end up related. Two weeks from now, I think you'll say the same thing.
Any possiblity that Ethan could be Dante?
I don't know. I don't understand the Holly/Robert connection at all if he is. Or the Australian thing. So I'm thinking not. But, Dante was suppose to be an undercover agent who came into town to bust Sonny Corinthos.

Tuesday February 24:
Maxie is in an alternative universe. (Hint: What if B.J. never died?)
Everyone’s destiny takes a strange turn in Maxie’s dream.
Maxie is happy to be alive. (So, by the way, is Jason Thompson!)

Monday, February 23:
Patrick would rather stay home with Emma than go out on a date with Robin.
Robin suggests that they get a nanny.

Robin's PPD will dwindle out in the next few weeks.

Robin and Patrick have some heavy angst coming up but they are the safest couple

for robin and patrick fans; robin and patrick get to enjoy a day together as a family until she freaks out again at emma crying so she let patrick take care of the baby, afterward there is a cute scene where patrick and robin decide to work on fixing whatever is going on with her, and passionate kisses too, but no love scene yet sorry. i think they are waiting for the PPD to be cured and for what i have for the next week they are talking about the problem and finding treatment so it is good, sorry i dont have stuff for more than two weeks at a time.

BuB insider:
finally robin gets to do some explosive things
but do you think that they will survive it?

my friends - the plan is and always has been for them to survive it. I cannot speak to the long term vision for this pairing but I can tell you that the information available says they come through.
Hi "my friend," I appreciate the drop. Today is my birthday and I would LOVE to know when we can expect Robin on the road to recovery and Patrick and Robin getting a love scene!
happy birthday my friend. unfortunately I do not have news on a love scene - it is not part of what is shared with me.
my information says this story continues for another 3 weeks to a month.

The Robin accidentally places Emma in danger spoiler is being overblown on here like all of the spoilers. The phone rings when she has Emma on the changing table and she goes to answer it and Emma almost rolls off. Robin gets back in time to avert that.

Ethan reminds Robin of Stone

Pissed at Patrick, Robin flirts with Ethan at the Haunted Star.

Could either of you say what the Ethan/Robin scenes are about and why she lies about the baby? Does she lie about being married too? What is Patrick's reaction to what he overhears Robin and Lulu talking about? Is there anyone else at Jakes w/Patrick and racecar driver?
Ethan approaches Robin and knows who she is but doesn't let on that he knows who she is. He strikes up a conversation with her. A little while into the conversation he asks her if she has kids. She hesitates a moment and says no. I can't read a character's mind but my thought when getting that was that the reason she was at the HS was to get away from all things Emma and that includes talking about her. She doesn't lie about being married.
Thanks, what is the tone of the scenes? Are either of them flirty? Or does it seem that he will end up being her brother? Can you answer about the Patrick stuff?
I haven't watched the scenes so I couldn't tell you tone. Patrick is very upset she would lie about not having a baby and it plays into their fight later on about her wanting to work full time. He also is not happy that she went drinking at the HS alone.

Robin's intrigued
Patrick is worried
And if you think you are confused now, just wait. After a whole lot of secrets are revealed at the New Hospital Opening, you'll be more confused than ever.

A "New Hospital Opening" .. how many times have we heard that one!
I think this refers to the re-opening of GH after its remodeled and we know that is defniitely happening because Jill talked about it in a recent SOD.

Actually, and this should confirm the validity of my list when it happens. A new opening is in the works and is expected to premiere the same day as the new hospital opens. I'm not sure how different it will be. It may just be the addition of some new pics and a change of the ending scene with all the guys though. But it will be 'different'(Probably a better word than new) from that day forward.

Robin does not flirt with Ethan. She is flattered by his attention but she does not come on to him.

Liz confides in first Nik and then Patrick that she is jealous of the time Lucky is spending with Rebecca - even though she says she doesnt have the right to feel that way.
Patrick panics when Robin disappears and doesnt come home after their fight. After spending the night making calls trying to find her, Robin wanders in just as he is about to ask Mac to file a missing persons report. Robin claims her car broke down. Patrick doesnt believe her and accuses her of not wanting Emma or him.

^^ I can't speak to the rest but I know the Robin/Patrick one isn't true. They have their big fight on a Friday and we don't see them again until the following Wednesday

So what happens after the 13th? Does Robin attempt suicide? Does Patrick leave her for Liz?
Patrick and Liz are not on the table. Never have been. Patrick and no one are on the table right now. I know you won't believe that so why would I answer your other questions?

Also said about the 13th
think Jakes the day Patrick hurt his hand


Anonymous,  February 22, 2009 at 1:14 PM  

Can you clear up a spoiler. The one that says Maxie is glad to be alive and so is Jason Thompson

The Scrubs Hub February 22, 2009 at 2:42 PM  

I looked into that spoiler, and it actually came from - there was a link under JT's name that linked to the NASCAR scene:

I guess that they meant that JT was likely glad Patrick was alive to get that scene and opportunity at NASCAR with Jeff Burton...

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