Monday, December 7, 2009

Scrubs Flashback: December 7, 2005

One fine day in early December, Robin Scorpio was on a mission: to find the best neurologist in the country so he could save the life of someone she cared a great deal about. She had attempted and exhausted all avenues through her drug protocol therapy and she was running out of options. Finding this doctor was the last and only resort. After tracking him down and arriving at the hospital, nothing could have prepared her for what was waiting on the other side of the O.R. door. NOTHING. As Robin Scorpio fought her way through and entered the room she got way more than the miracle she bargained for...

Fast forward 4 years. YES, you heard me right! FOUR YEARS ago, Jason Thompson debuted as the handsome, cocky and ego-centric Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital. He entered the world of Port Charles in a most unique way and it hasn't been the same since. The pairing of Robin & Patrick aka. "Scrubs" has become one of the most popular couples on General Hospital due to the phenomenal chemistry between the actors that portray them. The character of Patrick Drake has grown immensely since his debut, largely due to the influence of Robin, and I believe that Robin has become a stronger person with Patrick by her side as well. He has challenged her and supported her from the very beginning. The slow building of this love story with just the right casting has made this duo unstoppable. No matter the storyline these two seem to come out stronger than before and it's a refreshing and realistic change from the staple for couples on daytime.

So, four years ago Patrick Drake showed up and saved a life. More profoundly he saved his own along with Robin's. They saved each other from losing faith in what matters most and that is love.

You can catch the first scenes ever between Robin & Patrick beginning at the 2:43 mark. Credit to ScorpiosNDrakes for the vid.


Anonymous,  December 8, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

Jason Thompson is the best thing that could have happened to that show, IMO. I almost stopped watching - even when Kimberly came back, because I just couldn't get into it anymore. But then Patrick Drake arrived, and I was a goner. Jason and Kimberly have that rare spark, that classic, undeniable chemistry that has and will sustain them, no matter the storyline, as long as they are together. I'm such a fan and even more so, am indebted to I have found so many wonderful friends because of them. SCRUBS are made of awesome. Love this write up. :) ~ Court ~

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