Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scrubs Flashback: September 19, 2008

Credit LiasonFan427
Matt is Patrick's brother!

R to M: Hello.
M to R: Looks like news of my family reunion has spread, not that its any of your business.
R to M: Maybe not, but you are my little girls uncle - the only one that she has.
R to A: Unless there is something you are not telling me?
A to R: What? Oh well I can't vouch for your father but you're my only living child.
R to M: See you aren't the only one with a crazy family.
M to R: Look, I'm not interested in Sunday dinners with the clan ok; I don't do warm and fuzzy.
R to M: Ok, well we're not talking about adopting a kitten here. All I'm saying is that you're blood and on a certain level that matters so do you need anything?
M to R: I need a break. Really, Dr. Scorpio you've never had any use for me before, so please don't start now.
P to M: Hey, treat Robin with respect.
M to P: Or what?
R to both: It's fine.
P to both: No, it's not ok.
P to M: What do you want from us Dr. Hunter?
M to all: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. See, that's what none of you people seem to get. If I wanted to come here and meet my .... Noah Drake or any of you I would have just walked up and introduced myself.

Ah, vintage Scrubs ... there's nothing better.

NOTE TO GH: PLEASE USE JASON COOK MORE! The character of Matt has much to develop and his relationship with Patrick, Robin and Emma is of great importance. Build on that foundation. I beg you!!


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